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Anzcies news012012


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2012 ANZCIES newsletter

Published in: Education, Technology
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Anzcies news012012

  1. 1. ANZCIES Newsletter Australian and New Zealand Comparative and International Education Society ANZCIES June 2012 Newsletter_______________INSIDE THIS ISSUE_______________President’s Report ….. p.1A Tribute to Christine Fox…. p.3IEJ …. p.4Upcoming Conferences ….. p.5Contact ANZCIESPresident,Juliana McLaughlin President’s ReportQueensland University of TechnologyEmail: Dear colleagues and friends of ANZCIES,Vice-PresidentDavid Small Thank you for your confidence in electing me asUniversity of Canterbury ANZCIES President at the 2011 Annual GeneralEmail: Meeting at The University of Sydney. David Small continues as Vice President. Laura PerrySecretary/Treasurer, also continues as the Secretary / Treasurer.Laura Perry Managing the records and finances of ANZCIESMurdoch University is critical, and we sincerely thank Laura for herEmail: excellent work. Natt Pimpa remains the Newsletter editor. There will be exciting timesNewsletter Editor, ahead for ANZCIES and I will count on yourNatt Pimpa contributions to work with the Executive toRMIT University promote the As ANZCIES President for 2012 - 2014, I know I am ‘walking in the footsteps of giants of the field’ and will appreciate your support. On behalf of ANZCIES members, I thank Nigel Bagnall for his stewardship of the Society over the last two years. The sustained and growing scholarly interest in comparative and 1|P age
  2. 2. ANZCIES Newsletterinternational education in Australia, NewZealand, the Pacific and South East Asia istestament to the leadership of ANZCIES. I wish 1. We should promote the relevance of theto also express our sincere gratitude to Elizabeth society amongst like-minded colleaguesCassity, Nigel Bagnall and Rose Amazan from interested in comparative andthe University of Sydney for organising what international education within oureveryone agreed was a stimulating and refreshing immediate universities.conference. 2. We should promote ANZCIES as a supportive environment in which theyThe conference was a success because of your can showcase their research tocontributions and interests in comparative and colleagues and higher degree education. With rigour and depth 3. We should invite them to participate inof scholarship, ANZCIES conference is a forum the annual conference and make surefor showcasing research and new ways of that we send them the information aboutunderstanding education in Australia, New themes and deadlines. As requested atZealand, the Pacific and South East Asia. I thank the last annual general meeting, ayou all for participating and contributing to postgraduate workshop will bescholarly debates and collegiality. scheduled in this year’s conference. Thank you Athena Vongalis-Macrow for accepting the role of theInternational Education Journal: Postgraduate Workshop Convenor.Comparative Perspectives Watch the website for updates on conference sponsorships.Elizabeth Cassity (University of Sydney) and 4. The gallery on the ANZCIES websiteLaura Perry (Murdoch University) commenced contains photos of current and previousin 2012 as Co-Editors for the International members. Please browse through theseEducation Journal. This journal is important to photos and if you can, extend thethe Society. Elizabeth and Laura are taking on invitation to previous conferenceintensive responsibility with their editorial task, attendees to return.and I appeal to all of us to support them in thisrole. I acknowledge the brilliant work by Brian World Congress of Comparative EducationDenman as the editor over the last four years, Society (WCCES)and for his care and development of the journal. A number of you (NSW and Victorian members) have shared with me some exciting insights forRecruitment of ANZCIES Membership the Society. The recent email discussions relating to ANZCIES hosting the WCCES inANZCIES is a professional association of 2016 generated interesting conversations inscholars who care deeply about education and terms of administration and funding forkeep in touch with similar societies around the conferences of such a scale. Our thoughts relatedglobe. For most of us, our affiliations with to the future of ANZCIES and its significance toANZCIES have extended beyond our research the World Congress, while we concentrate ourstudent days, when we were ‘tagged along’ to its work in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacificannual conferences with our supervisors. We region. Our neighbours need our insights andfound that we enjoyed working with a support in both policy development and practicecommunity of respected scholars in comparative of education; perhaps it is time to extend ourand international education, committed to policy professional engagements to colleagues indevelopment and education practice at both Pacific and local contexts. I attended the CIES conference in Puerto Rico inOur challenge is ‘to grow’ ANZCIES in the next April where I represented ANZCIES at thetwo years. Three straightforward strategies World Council meetings. My sincere thanks tocould be utilised, starting with promoting the the Director of the Oodgeroo Unit, Associate2012 conference. Professor Anita Lee Hong, and the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Suzie Vaughan (Teaching and Learning) at QUT in supporting and funding the trip. 2|P age
  3. 3. ANZCIES Newsletter Celebrating our colleague Christine FoxIn consultation with David Small, I registered anExpression of Interest for Christchurch (NewZealand) to host the World Congress in 2016. A tribute by Anne Hickling-Hudson onHolding the Congress in New Zealand would behalf of ANZCIESpromote ANZCIES through the World Counciland would give us a chance to contribute to the May 2012exciting and valuable Congresses of theWCCES. We have two competitors to our bid. This short note is to pay tribute to Christine Fox,The Chinese Comparative and International on behalf of ANZCIES, the professional societyEducation Society (CCIES) have put in a bid for of which she has been a member for over twoBeijing Normal University to host the Congress, decades.and the British Association for International andComparative Education (BAICE) have bid to Thank you Chris, for having played a key role inhost it at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. nurturing ANZCIES during two periods of yourThe Chinese Society has negotiated with and has presidency and many years of membership.the financial backing of the ChineseGovernment. This year, Chris stepped down as Secretary General of the World Council of ComparativeWe pay tribute to Christine Fox, outgoing Education Societies (WCCES), a post to whichSecretary General of the WCCES. Christine has she was elected in 2005. Chris has beenbeen outstanding in this role for a duration of exemplary in carrying out this role of immensefive years (see tribute by Anne Hickling-Hudson responsibility. The WCCES is an umbrella bodyin this issue), and her work does us proud. As comprising 36 constituent societies (includingshe anticipates enjoying retirement, perhaps ANZCIES) and involving scholars in more thancurrent ANZCIES members think of creative 50 countries.ways in which pioneering members can continueto contribute to the work on the Society. Diane It advances the field of comparative education byBrook Napier (University of Georgia, USA) was bringing together national, regional andelected as the new Secretary General of the language-based comparative education societiesWCCES. in a common forum. It holds periodic World Congresses, and facilitates research throughThe WCCES website is being revamped. It was publication, the provision of grants, and otherinteresting to note the re-design aspect, with activities. Chris as Secretary General has workedgeography given prominence. I noticed with with the WCCES President and other membersparticular interest that ANZCIES was referred to of the executive in organizing and implementingas ‘Oceania’. Perhaps we should give this some these complex activities, so that Comparativethought at the next AGM. and International Education has become an increasingly flourishing global field.ANZCIES Website UpdateThe ANZCIES website will be updated next Chris came to the WCCES post with a stellarmonth. I believe you all can agree with me the background in international education. Educatedwebsite definitely needs a ‘face lift’. I will begin at the University of Sydney, she has been anwith the basic information, but invite creative editor in publishing and a secondary schoolsuggestions in terms of both content and design. teacher. She spent several years in LatinPlease forward your suggestions directly to me. America, where she acquired fluent Spanish, and in the United Kingdom where she receivedMy best wishes for another productive and postgraduate degrees in educational planning andsuccessful year. I look forward to seeing you all development and in intercultural communicationat this year’s conference at the University of theory for professional communication.Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. After working as a trainer for AusAID, and thenJuliana McLaughlin overseas as a consultant lecturer in teacherANZCIES President education, she joined the University of Wollongong in 1991 and from 1996-98 was Director of Primary Education. Between 1992 3|P age
  4. 4. ANZCIES Newsletterand 2000 she directed first the Curriculum News from the new editors of IEJResearch Group and then the Learning andTeaching Research Group. Most of her researchhas concerned the development of policy andprograms for teacher education and curriculumchange, with an emphasis on equity in education.She won the UOW Vice-Chancellors Award forOutstanding Contribution to Teaching andLearning in 2004.ANZCIES is lucky to have had a member whohas during more than two decades played a roleof such brilliance in supporting not only theSociety, but also the field of comparative andinternational education in general. We Hello ANZCIES members,congratulate and celebrate you Chris! Laura Perry and Elizabeth Cassity proudly accepted the position of co-editors of the International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives at the 2011 AGM in Sydney. IEJ is the flagship journal of ANZCIES. We follow in the footsteps of IEJ’s past editor, Brian Denman, who brought the journal to ANZCIES from its former home at Flinders University under the editorship of John Keeves. IEJ is the only comparative education journal in Australia and one of the few English language comparative education journals outside North America and Europe. It is therefore poised to play a strong role in the comparative education field, especially but not only in the Asia-Pacific region. Our region is becoming increasingly important in the so-called 21st Asian Century, which will enhance the ability of IEJ to make a strong contribution to the field. Our goal as newChris Fox (retiring Secretary General) and editors is to increase the visibility, access andDavid Turner (Treasurer) of WCCES at the prestige of IEJ so that we can meet our potentialCaribe Hilton, San Juan, Puerto Rico as a high quality, high impact comparative education journal. We are investigating different publication options so that we can develop our access and reach. Please watch this space for updates! Two issues of IEJ will be published this year, one of which is a special issue on Indigenous Issues in Higher Education co-edited by ANZCIES members Julie McLaughlin and Zane Ma Rhea. We have put together an editorial team to help us manage the immense workload that is associated with editing any journal. Since we do not have editorial assistants, we believe the best way to sustainably manage the journal is through a team of committed academics. We have therefore 4|P age
  5. 5. ANZCIES Newslettercreated an Editorial Board to assist us withreviewing submitted manuscripts and providingeditorial advice, complemented by a large groupof external reviewers. The 4th Engaging with Vietnam Conference, co-As we all work in challenging environments with organised by Monash University and the East-multiple commitments, we appreciate the time West Center, will be held on 8 - 9 Novemberand dedication of our Editorial Board and 2012 in Honolulu. For detailsexternal reviewers. We currently have an see http://www.engagingwithvietnam.coopening on the Editorial Board; please contact meither Laura or Elizabeth if you would like toserve and are able to commit to reviewing up tofive manuscripts per year. The Australian newspaper has developed a fun interactive map showing international HEWe have also appointed Tom Griffiths to serve student mobility patterns -as Associate Editor and would like to appoint person as well to serve in this role. education/student-migration-mapAssociate Editors play the same role as membersof the Editorial Board, as well as take on othereditorial duties as needed. Please let us know if This is based on UNESCO data, so does notyou are interested. include overseas study of less than 12 months and does not include VET, ELICOS, schools,Cheers, etc. Click on each source country to see detailedLaura and Elizabeth data for each.Co-Editors, and The PIE (News and business analysis for Professionals in International Education) another excellent news aggregator, this one based in the UK - ConferencesFrom the Editor Finally, to all book authors: If you need to promote your new book in the next ANZCIESBelow is a listing of upcoming conferences that newsletter, please send a synopsis andyou may want to consider attending this year. information of your book to newsletter editor (Natt Pimpa).The 8th Asia Pacific Association forInternational Education Conference will behosted by The Chinese University of Hong Kongon 11-14 March 2013 in Hong Kong. For details,see conference in collaboration with the Asia-Pacific Education Research Association(APERA) and the World Education ResearchAssociation (WERA).2-6 December 2012The University of SydneyFor details, see 5|P age