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Mini UX Workshop: Creating Persona & Scenario


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Mini UX Workshop for SWU

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Mini UX Workshop: Creating Persona & Scenario

  1. 1. by Natt Phenjati MINIUXWORKSHOP
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Natt Phenjati UX Designer @ True e-Business Group
  3. 3. Agenda 1. Lecture 1 hr 2. Workshop 1 hr 3. Presentation 1 hr 4. Q&A ?
  4. 4. Persona Persona is a fictional character that represents a group of users. A good persona is clear and realistic so that we can use it as a reference to help us make a better decision.
  5. 5. MakingofPersona 1 2 3 4
  6. 6. ExamplesofPersonas Credit: live|work Credit: Wei Zhou
  7. 7. PersonaTemplate Persona’s name: Age: Picture Summary Quote Typical day App / Gadget Sex: Book / Movie Transportation Dress Desire Pain Point
  8. 8. Special Moments - Book Recorder ExampleOFPERSONA Context: Thailand
  9. 9. Persona’s name: Malee Age: 46 Sex: Female Picture Summary Quote “I want the best things for my son, but I don’t have time for him.” - Live alone with a young son in Bangkok - Saleswoman with high aim - Worry about her son being alone - Hire a nanny to take care of her son Malee’s son: Pangpong (5 Years old)
  10. 10. App / Gadget Book / Movie Transportation Dress Desire Pain point Malee has a hard time communicating with her son because of their lack of time together. Very neat and formal attire on weekdays. Opposite on weekend. Use her own car. Get stuck in the traffic a lot. - Email - Line - Microsoft Offices - iPhone - Late night TV shows - Bangkok Post - Romantic novels Malee wants Pangpong to be the best student among his classmates, so she can be proud as a mother. Persona’s name: Malee Age: 46 Sex: Female
  11. 11. Persona’s name: Malee Age: 46 Sex: Female Typical day 8 PM Get home 7 AM Get out to work 8 AM - 3 AM Work at office 4 PM - 5 PM Wait for her clients 2 PM Stuck in traffic 6 PM Meet with her clients
  12. 12. PRoductRequirement Based on the persona, the product needs to work, even when they are apart.
  13. 13. NEWConcept:TalkingClip Talking Clip plays recorded voice when children opened books. It will also notify their parents and let them talk back.
  14. 14. Scenario Naration that shows value and interaction between users and the product.
  15. 15. ScenarioPartI Nong Pangpong is left with his nanny. He misses his mom, so the nanny gives him a storybook with Talking Clip on. When he opens the book, he is delighted to hear his mom’s voice narating the story of the book.
  16. 16. ScenarioPartII While Malee is working outside, she is notified through her phone that her son is reading the storybook.
  17. 17. ScenarioPartIII When Pangpong finished, Malee compliments him by talking back to her son through Talking Cliping.
  18. 18. Componentsofagoodscenario 1 2 3 Show problem Show action Show value
  19. 19. ExamplesofScenarios Credit: Thinkpublic Credit: Xplane
  20. 20. YOURROLEToday You are a group of young and energertic designers working for a design agency.
  21. 21. Yourclient:BERG I want to sell Little Printer in Thailand. Who will be my customers? What feature should I add to my product?
  22. 22. Yourclient:CARTWHEELKIDS I want to sell Ubooly in Thailand. Who will be my customers? What feature should I add to my product?
  23. 23. Part I: Persona - Study the product - Build persona Part II: Concept & Scenario - Design new feature - Create scenario Part III: Presenation - Present your work Workshop:AGENDA 30 min 30 min 5 min each Total 2 hr
  24. 24. Workshop:GRADE&CRITERIA 20 pts 20 pts 10 pts Part I: Persona - Match with Product - Interesting & Realistic Part II: Concept & Scenario - Match with Persona - Creative & Realistic Part III: - Presenting Skills Total 50 pts
  25. 25. 1. Persona worksheets x 2 2. Presentation - Cover (1 Page) Title, Name, and ID - Persona (1 Page) Select one personal Highligh only important aspects - Product Concept (1 Page) How it solve the pain point - Scenario (Max: 3 Pages) Workshop:OUTPUTS
  26. 26. ExamplesFromPreviousClasses
  27. 27. Thankyou&GoodLuck creating-persona-scenario