The Dapper Cartoonist


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The Dapper Cartoonist

  1. 1. The Dapper Cartoonist Advice on dressing professionally for portfolio reviews and more.
  2. 2.  Doesn’t have to mean suit and tie Creative environments, while still professional workplaces, provide and encourage more opportunities for you to express yourself Does not have to be expensive Dressing Professionally in A Creative Environment
  3. 3.  Seek inspiration online: ◦ Pinterest, Tumblr, Lookbook, style blogs, Polyvore, The Sartorialist Begin by collecting photos of pieces or outfits you like Break down why you like it: cut, color, silhouette, fabric, functionality Begin adding similar pieces to your wardrobe Buy a few well made staples (nice dresses, good slacks) and work around that Familiarize with fashion terms, so you know what to look and ask for. Determining Your Personal Style
  4. 4.  Learn to shop sales on a regular basis. Slickdeals and RetailMeNot are useful sites. If you don’t have a car, shopping online can be a real boon ◦ Gilt, Ideeli, Modcloth, Emerging Thoughts, Shop Ruche, Plasticland, Fred Flare, Unique Vintage, Amazon, Overstock Shopping online can be a bit of trial and error, find out your measurements and read the descriptions and customer comments carefully. Plenty of local options on Broughton: ◦ Terra Cotta, Loose Lucy, Fab’rik Classic fabrics don’t go out of style, but cuts may- dark wash denim is always ‘cool’, khaki is generally business casual. It’s hard to go wrong with oxford and polo shirtsBuilding Your Wardrobe
  5. 5. Men’s Pant Cuts
  6. 6. Oxford Vs Polo
  7. 7. Women’s Pant Cuts
  8. 8. Different Skirts
  9. 9. Dress Silhouettes
  10. 10.  Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Steinmart, and Ross’s all carry some designer seconds Steinmart has a nice mens wear selection, including nice ties and dress shirts, for very affordable prices Marshalls on Abercorn often carries Calvin Klein for far under MSRP, and has a nice selection of purses Goodwill has always been very hit or miss for me, but I know a lot of people swear by it Civvies carries vintage pieces at the same price as new, but you may be able to sell gently worn clothing for cash or store credit.More Affordable Options
  11. 11.  Pick a theme, single piece, or accent color to work around Fun accessories can be procured cheaply, and can add a lot of personality to an otherwise boring outfit Try to keep your color palette limitedPutting Together an Outfit
  12. 12.  Neutral with an accent color Monochromatic ComplementaryColor Palette Options
  13. 13. Neutral Outfit with Monochromatic ComplementaryPop of Color (With Accent Colors)
  14. 14. YES NO Nice dresses  Pajamas  Sweatshirts, sweatjackets, Nice skirts sweatpants Nice blouses  Anything stained  Anything torn Oxford shirts  Anything wrinkled Ties  Tank tops Polo shirts  Shorts  Flip flops Belts  Anything halter, spaghetti Dress slacks strap, or strapless without a sweater or jacket Pressed khaki pants  Running shoes Dressing Appropriately for Editor’s Day
  15. 15. Ladies Gentleman Short hair- Combed  If you have long hair, make sure it’s brushed, and well maintained and consider pulling it away from your face Longer hair- Consider  If you generally have styling it, or pulling it short hair, now might be up away from your the time to get a trim  If you have a beard, make face sure it’s well maintained- not a neckbeard  If you don’t usually have a beard, now’s the time for a shave You Shouldn’t Be Hiding Behind Your Hair
  16. 16. Ladies’ Updos
  17. 17. Braids
  18. 18. Simple Styles
  19. 19. The Neckbeard
  20. 20.  Carry yourself well- shoulders back, head up Make eye contact Smile Be proud of yourself and your workMost Importantly- Confidence
  21. 21.  Consider carrying these in your backpack or purse at all times: ◦ Gum ◦ Floss ◦ Deodorant ◦ Optional: Solid or Roll-On PerfumeEditor’s Day Essentials
  22. 22.  Pick out your outfit Drink lots of water Prepare your portfolio Go to sleep earlyNight Before Editor’s Day
  23. 23.  Bags beneath your eyes ◦ Resting teabags over your eyes can help alleviate dark circles ◦ Hydrating the skin under your eyes is a longterm solution Dehydrated lips ◦ Burts Bees or any beeswax based lipbalm really helps Overnight zit ◦ A little toothpaste on the zit the night before will help dry it out Makeup ◦ Only wear it if you feel confident doing so ◦ You don’t want to look like you’re wearing makeup, only that you’ve refined some of your features ◦ Keep it simple, for many, tinted lipbalm and a little mascara works wonders Remember, you are talented, fantastic, and charming, so carry yourself that way.Little Extras
  24. 24.  buying-guide of-ladies-pants.html ent-Types-of-Women-Pants.aspx spotlight-styles/work-appropriate business-casual-september-gq-style#slide=1Links