Media coursework evaluation, question three.


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Media coursework evaluation, question three.

  1. 1. What have you learnt from your audience feedback? Natalie Goode.
  2. 2. <ul><li>Above is a link to the footage of our audience feedback which is our audience telling us whether they liked our product and what we could change. After observing this and also completing a PowerPoint based on our audience feedback with graphs, analysing what our audience said and comments, I am going to answer question three for my evaluation ‘What have you learnt from your audience feedback?’. </li></ul> To find out what our audience thought of our video we asked them six different questions based on our final product…
  3. 3. Q1. “ Yes, slow pace for a slow song.” “ The slow editing worked well with the slow song.” Q2. Q3. “ The video focuses on the artist and they work.” “ Yes, as it was location based and very simple with no performance. Etc.” “ Yes, very emotional, it made me feel sorry for her.” “ Yes, because there's a sense of individuality.” “ I enjoyed the part with the cars rushing past her as it shows she is stuck in that moment but everyone is just carrying on with their lives.” “ I liked the clip of her flicking her hair back repeated three times as it showed real emotion of the artists which represented the lyrics.”
  4. 4. Q4. Q5. Q6. “ Yes, get a better emotional response from the audience.” “ Yes, because a female artist sings the song.” “ Yes, it suited the style of the song.” “ Lip movements could have been more exaggerated.” “ Yes, they could have had more things going on because the artist walking round with the candle gets repetitive.” “ I think it would have looked a lot more realistic if their artist would have been able to play the piano in the piano shots and be in time to the song.”
  5. 5. <ul><li>As you can see after looking at the answers we got from the questions we gave to our audience about our final product, overall we got some very good feedback. I was very pleased with the feedback from our audience as one thing that they seemed to understand was our brand image and genre of the ‘singer/songwriter’ extremely clearly which was very important to us to put across to them because it is such a powerful genre which is all about individuality. This is one reason why throughout our video we used plenty of direct address between the artist and the audience. That they noticed this and mentioned it in their comments I felt as though our aim was very successful. </li></ul><ul><li>It was very satisfying that every single person who took the questionnaire answered yes to enjoying watching the video as that makes you feel as though you have completed a really good piece of work. However, I also liked how they were honest about what they thought of our product and gave us critical advice. Even though at a couple of times they may have given some negative answers we didn’t take it offensively and we found it helpful because it helped us to understand what some people did and didn’t like. It was good to hear what they thought could have been improved to make the music video even better, and this either reminded us what we had already thought of ourselves or taught us something new. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Early on at the planning stages of our coursework we created a questionnaire to find out what would be our best target audience for the type of genre we had decided to go for and whether people would actually like what we wanted to do. Here are the questions we created and the answers we received… 2. Do you enjoy the genre ‘singer/songwriter’? <ul><li>Would you rather a female or male being the main artist? </li></ul>3. Does it matter about the age of the artist to you? 4. Do you find it easy to relate to songs like this? 5. Do you like it when you can relate to songs by singer/songwriters? Female – 4 Male – 3 Yes – 7 No – 0 Yes – 0 No – 7 Yes – 5 No – 2 Yes – 7 No – 0
  7. 7. 6. Do you prefer when songs are fast paced or slow paced? 7. Do you think songs like this should be full of colour and busy or just basic? 8. Do you think direct address helps you to connect with the song? 9. What kind of music do you prefer to listen to? 10. Do you think this kind of music should be in the charts or just pop? Fast – 6 Slow – 1 Busy – 0 Basic – 7 Yes – 1 No – 6 Indie – 4 Pop – 2 R&B - 1 Charts – 5 Pop – 2 “ Any age of the artist will interest me, as long as the video is good.” “ I enjoy allsorts of music, and like to listen to new music, but my favourite is indie.” “ Oooh the singer/songwriter genre will be really good I reckon!” “ Yeah, a female will be much better for this video, you will be able to relate to her better than if it was a man.”
  8. 8. From the results we got from our ‘target audience questionnaire’ and the individual comments the people who took the questionnaire gave us we received some very different answers, however the answers made it clear to us what we needed to include within our music video. With what some people said it made us make a certain decision on some things, however we did do things different to what people wanted. Such as people do prefer fast paced songs but as we were doing a music video on this certain music genre we believed slow paced would fit much better than fast paced and this did show in our answers for the audience feedback questionnaire once our product was complete. Also as people said they enjoyed the genre singer/songwriter we didn’t want to spoil it for them. We decided to definitely use a female artist for a better brand image and how we believed a female would link better with the lyrics of ‘Jar Of Hearts’ and can also connect with female audience. This questionnaire was extremely helpful to give us a good indication on what people would enjoy to see in our product and what would sort of things would fit best such as the question on it being ‘busy’ or basic’. It also made our minds up for us on our audience being targeted at 16-35 year olds as we felt this was a great age range for the audience to be able to understand the song, connect with it and get the feel for what its about along with the brand image we created.
  9. 9. ‘ Demographic Profiling’ and Psychographic Profiling’ was used to determine our target audience and make it a lot more clearer for us. Demographic Profiling Gender - Female. We have decided that the main target audience is female. This is because we will be using a female artist, and a feminine song. Also we think that this song will appeal to the female population more because of how soft and slow paced the song is, and this is stereotypically known to appeal to women the most. Race - All races. The reason we have chosen to apply our music video to all races is because it is a wide audience, and the song doesn't appeal to a specific race as it is an all round song and isn't stereotypically known as a song that specifically fits a certain race, like reggae or mc. All different races like this kind of music. Age - 16-35. The fact this song and video will appeal to younger females is because we will be using a young female in the video and may be able to relate to the song. However the older females from 27-35 will like this song because it is a soft paced song with a slow video which is easy to watch and a beautiful song to listen to. Socio Economic Scale - C1. This group we think will enjoy the song the most because it is usually younger people in these jobs, and these people will enjoy the song more. It isn't an overly expensive video but this type of person will be able to relate to it the most.
  10. 10. Psychographic Profiling. Using Young and Rubicam's theory we have decided that this song and video will appeal the most to the ‘reformers’ and ‘mainstreamers’. This is because the singer/songwriter genre is more appealing to educated people who will appreciate the song for what it is and how much effort has gone into making the video and producing the song. It will also appeal to the mainstreamers because this type of genre is becoming quite big in the charts and is something different to listen to.  Secondary Audience. For this genre and music video our secondary audience would be the older generation because it is a heartfelt song that some older people can relate to and can enjoy. The artist is quite mature in what she writes about and her video is interesting to watch along with how much of a beautiful song it is with the lyrics and tune. 
  11. 11. Maslow's Hierarchy of Need. The basic human needs our text will fulfil we think will be love and belonging because of the song, and it talks about the male going round collecting jar of hearts, as in stealing girls hearts as if he has cheated on the female. It will fulfil our texts in the fact that people can relate to this, through the song and the video. Also our text will be slow and easy to watch, and will make people listen to the song and connect to it. The Uses and Gratifications Theory. For this area we think the basic human needs through our text will fulfil Personal Identity in the fact that people will be able to reflect to the song get something from it depending on the situation. They will be learning the values from the text which in this song will be independence to make the correct decision against the male. 
  12. 12. To make our text the best it could be and appeal to the audience, as you can see finally we decided on choosing a female for the artist and just having this one character throughout the entire video. We did this because we felt it would be a lot more effective to our brand image and what our artist is about. We were considering maybe on having a male character in the video at some points to represent he is the one who has broke her heart, however, using the metaphor for her being heartbroken with the jar with a lit up candle inside, we felt was a lot more powerful and very different to other things you see. We also chose on her being dressed in a white dress but with scruffy boots to emphasise how she is still very sophisticated but letting herself go a little with everything that has happened to her. With our artist in the video using direct address it allows the audience to connect with her and understand how she is feeling, especially other females. This was important to us because a female was a main person within our target audience therefore with all this they feel sorry for her as they may have been through what she is and even more from the lyrics having that extra effect. The reason we chose to film our artist outside at night was so we could have the low key lighting we wanted to created the haunted effect we were going for. Also while editing we changed some shots to the colour black and white to emphasise how she is lost because these colours are very plain and blank but represent something powerful. Finally, we made sure that we wouldn’t shoot anything which was going to be fast paced as we didn’t feel this would fit with the song and once again the genre. Therefore our final product was slow paced throughout and made it extremely serious with a solemn and delicate character. Linking this back to our final questionnaire we created of ‘audience feedback’, it seems that we made the right decisions on what to do with our music video because the answers from our audience made it clear that they enjoyed it very much.