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E book 061913

  1. 1. Mobile Audience. Everywhere. 10 Tips For Creating Effective Mobile Ads eBook
  2. 2. About this eBook Jumptap worked with Dynamic Logic analyzing data from over 800 mobile ad campaigns running through its network and with Celtra that analysed data from 230 campaigns running on its AdCreator in Q1 2013 to gain insight about what factors drive mobile advertising success. From this data, we pulled together ten topline tips to help marketers and agencies create effective mobile ads. Jumptap, Inc. is the leading unified audience platform, taking a programmatic and mobile-first approach to reaching audiences across screens. Jumptap reaches over 218 million mobile users in the U.S. and over 439 million mobile users worldwide. It has built an audience profile store with over 100 million unique, data-rich profiles, of which over 44 million can be reached across screens. Dynamic Logic (www.dynamiclogic. com), Millward Brown’s Digital Practice, is the world leader in digital insights. For marketers, agencies, and publishers alike, Dynamic Logic offers the most cutting-edge and adaptable solutions to make the most of every digital marketing dollar. Celtra Inc. is the global leader for rich media mobile ad serving and analytics. Celtra’s AdCreator 3 platform, which is used by world’s leading agencies, publishers and networks in more than 18 countries, is the only complete, SDK and ad server agnostic platform for rich media mobile advertising. Celtra’s unparalleled HTML5 ad products are designed to provide the best user experience, performance and reliability on distinctive mobile platforms with one single ad unit.
  3. 3. 10 Tips for Creating Effective Mobile Ads Design for size 1 Consider calls to action 4 Use video 7 Combine art & science 10 Don’t overdo it with colors 2 Go human 5 Use landing pages 8Don’t be wordy 3 Use rich media 6 Time Appropriately 9
  4. 4. Design for size 1
  5. 5. Design for Size The many size options in mobile can seem daunting. But don’t use this as an excuse to try to force online and print creative into mobile; it doesn’t work. Work with an ad platform or rich media provider to create units suitable for the smaller screen sizes in mobile. Create Ads Specifically for Mobile Most Common Ad Sizes Feature Phones 120x20 · 168x28 216x26 SMARTPHONES 300x50 · 320x50 · 300x250 480x75 (Android Only) iOS Android Tablets 300x250 · 728x90 600x800 · 600x90 (Kindle Only) 1
  6. 6. Original Creative Design for Size 1 GOODBAD Stuffing print or online creative into a mobile ad size doesn’t work. Design less cluttered ads for the small screen.
  7. 7. Design for Size Once you’ve created ads specifically for mobile, you need to think about all of the different screen sizes. Keep in mind that ads on bigger devices usually receive higher click-through rates. As our data shows, there are some exceptions. Apple devices tend to garner more clicks regardless of size. Advertisers should always factor in device size when deploying ad creative and shouldn’t expect similar results across devices. Bigger Ads Generally Perform Better 1 10.1” .53% CTR SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 9.7” .90% CTR APPLE iPad 7” AMAZON Kindle Fire 7” .36% CTR BARNES & NOBLE Nook 5.3” .58% CTR SAMSUNG Note 4” .84% CTR APPLE iPhone 3.5” SAMSUNG Galaxy S 2.5” SONY Xperia Mini Source: Jumptap Campaign Data 1.02% CTR .42% CTR .53% CTR
  8. 8. Don’t overdo it with colors 2
  9. 9. Featured Coverage Analysis of banner campaigns by Jumptap and Dynamic Logic showed that ads with fewer colors receive more clicks. On average, ads with 2 colors or fewer receive 9% more clicks than those with 3 or more colors. This supports the idea that keeping things simple on the smaller canvas pays off. Of all the industries analyzed, auto industry ads were most affected by the number of colors in the ad. Consumers want simple auto creative, without the distraction of a lot of colors. Use a Restrained Color Palette Don’t overdo it with colors 2 Auto Industry CTR above or below average based on number of colors. 19% -18% 2 colors or fewer 3 colors or more Jumptap/Dynamic Logic Ad Creative Study, Q1 2013
  10. 10. 2 GOODBAD Don’t overdo it with colors Adding too many colors can detract from the visual appeal. Clean, crisp creative performs better in mobile.
  11. 11. Don’t be wordy 3
  12. 12. In the same way that too many colors can be a detriment, too many words in a mobile ad can turn off consumers. Ads with 4 words or fewer receive, on average, 28% more clicks. Of all the vertical industries analyzed, consumer tech industry ads were most affected by the number of words in the ad. Consumers don’t want wordy creative when looking at ads for tvs, laptops or phones; just a nice image and a concise value proposition. Don’t be wordy 3 Get to the Point…Fast Consumer Tech Industry CTR above or below average based on number of words 4 words or fewer 5 words or more 50% -12% Jumptap/Dynamic Logic Ad Creative Study, Q1 2013
  13. 13. Don’t be wordy 3 GOODBAD Have the world at your fingertips. Combining the best features of a laptop and a tablet. Enjoy this ultra fast performing processor in all-new beautiful new design. Enjoy the world at your fingertips
  14. 14. Consider calls to action 4
  15. 15. Consider call to action 4 Calls to Action are Crucial in Certain Industries Surprisingly, when we analyzed data aggregated across all industries, ads with a call to action performed about the same as ads without. This goes against everything we’ve ever learned. The explanation; some calls to action are not strong or clear so actually detract from click-through rate. However, in certain industries like entertainment, a call to action led to a direct increase in engagement. Movie studios, tv networks and other entertainment advertisers should tell the audience where to go next and what to do. Entertainment Industry CTR above or below average based on presence of call to action call to action no call to action 8% -24% Jumptap/Dynamic Logic Ad Creative Study, Q1 2013
  16. 16. Consider call to action 4 Prepare Yourself. You’re going to wish you never walked into the theater... Prepare Yourself. You’re going to wish you never walked into the theater... BUY TICKETS GOODBAD
  17. 17. Go human 5
  18. 18. Consumer Tech Industry CTR above or below average based on human presence in ad 72% with human presence -3% no human presence Include a Person in the Ad Image Our analysis showed that ads that included an image of a person see 20% more clicks than ads without a person. Consumer tech advertisers are particularly successful when including a consumer image in a mobile ad. The takeaway; focus on how your product makes people happy, not on the product itself. Go human 5 Jumptap/Dynamic Logic Ad Creative Study, Q1 2013
  19. 19. Go human 5 Take 20% off on newest tablet models today! SHOP NOW Take 20% off on newest tablet models today! SHOP NOW GOODBAD A product image by itself is not as appealing. Images of consumers interacting with the product work best.
  20. 20. Use rich media 6
  21. 21. Engagement rate (Avg. 12%) Time spent on page (Avg. 12.8 seconds) Click through to destination (Avg. 6.4%) Use rich media 6 Advertisers using static media in mobile can measure clicks and sometimes conversions. But if they want to know more about how they engaged their audience, rich media gives them many ways measure engagement. There’s More to Measure in Rich Media StaticMobileAdRichMediaAd DESTINATION DESTINATION EXPANDED AD see CTR stats on pg. 7 Avg. expansion rate: .59% Click1 Expansion1 2 3 4 Conversion2 Conversion5 Celtra’s Quarterly Ads Performance report, Mobile Rich Media - Q1 2013
  22. 22. All of these features and others can be incorporated into mobile rich media using turnkey ad creation solutions like Celtra’s Ad Creator. Popular Rich Media Features Store Locator Gyro / Tilt Wipe Paint 360 Degrees Social Share
  23. 23. · Vibram worked with Jumptap to create a rich media ad that encouraged users to virtually “run” on different surfaces. · The unit achieved an engagement rate that was nearly double the network average · 3 out of 5 consumers that clicked on ad were driven to the Vibram online store. Use the rich media features that drive consumers to take action Static banners don’t take advantage of the interactions available in mobile. Use rich media 6 GOODBAD Our new sneakers are cool. Trust us! SHOP NOW
  24. 24. 7 Use video
  25. 25. Use Video Average Engagement Rate It’s no secret that consumers love watching video on their smartphones and tablets. Mobile video views grew 300% in 2012 over the prior year, and advertisers are seizing the opportunity. While some might think mobile video ads are only suited for movie trailers or other entertainment industry ads, the truth is that advertisers in every industry, especially financial and retail, are seeing great results. Every Industry is Using Mobile Video Use video 7 21% 63% Financial 53% 49% Entertainment 38% 39% Auto 21% 38% Retail 33% 24% CPG Celtra’s Quarterly Ads Performance report, Mobile Rich Media - Q1 2013
  26. 26. Use video 7 GOODBAD PLAY VIDEO Take a break! Static ads that don’t make it clear that there is video content after the click, are less effective. Using standard click-to- video means asking the consumer to make an extra click before arriving at the actual video. Advertisers should tease the video with in-banner animation. Use rich media click-to- video instead of standard, to drive consumers directly to the video.
  27. 27. Use landing pages 8
  28. 28. 94.5%of small and midsize business websites are not mobile optimized. No Mobile Site? No Problem Many advertisers wait until they have a corporate mobile site before they take the plunge into mobile advertising. But the fact is, some of the most successful mobile ad campaigns have been done by advertisers who don’t yet have a mobile site, but who use a mobile landing page. Most mobile partners like Jumptap can build landing pages for advertisers. So, remember these two simple rules: 1. No Mobile Site: Drive consumers from your ad to a mobile landing page 2. Have a Mobile Site: Still a good idea to use landing pages as they provide the flexibility to create campaign-specific destinations for consumers. Use landing pages 8 Source: MarketingCharts March 2013
  29. 29. 8 GOODBAD Use landing pages Stop & Shop has a great mobile app, but its online site is not optimized for mobile. Because of this, they’ve found great success driving consumers to mobile-optimized landing pages.
  30. 30. 9 Time appropriately
  31. 31. Sunset Blvd Time appropriately 9 Compelling mobile ad creative is only compelling if it reaches the right people at the right time of the day, day of the week, or month of the year. Below are some tips to keep in mind. Deliver Ads When They’re Likely to Be Seen Month: Jumptap data show that click through rates spike in the winter, and conversions spike in the summer. Consumers click in the early winter after getting new devices over the holidays, but are easier to convert in the lazy days of summer. Time: Advertisers should know they’ll reach different types of people in different locations based on the time of day they target. For example, the audience reached at LA’s swanky Hotel Marmount is very different at different times of the day. Day: Most day targeting takes place around an event like the Superbowl or Black Friday. Even on weeks without an event, certain days of the week can perform better than others. For example, restaurant advertisers see a spike in ad engagement on weekends. Hotel Shift Workaers7:00AM 10:00AM Tourists 12:00AM Lunch Crowd CTR peaks in January (19% above average) Conversion rate peaks in July (75% above average) 4:00PM Creative Professionals 10:00PM Nightlife Crowd Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Restaurant CPG Finance Retail Auto Entertainment
  32. 32. Time appropriately 9 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun GOODBAD Running restaurant ads at the beginning of the week only is not optimal. Run restaurant ads throughout the week, but heavy up on weekends when consumers are most engaged.
  33. 33. Combine art & science 10
  34. 34. 10Combine art & science Zip-Level Targeting 2.2x CVR Consumer-Level Targeting 3.5x CVR Hyper-Local Targeting 3.3x CVR Some advertisers spend a lot of time creating mobile ads that are engaging, but fail to get the ad in front of the audience its meant to engage. Using zip, hyper-local, and consumer-level targeting, advertisers can engage the right audience with their creative and increase conversions. Increase in Conversion Rates When Advertisers Use Each Type of Targeting Good Creative + Good Targeting = Engagement Source: Jumptap Campaign Data
  35. 35. 8Combine art & science · HHI: $30k · Urban renter · No credit history Jumptap Data Profile Jumptap Data Profile · HHI: $200k · Owns 4BR home · Excellent credit score BAD A beautiful luxury car ad may see impulse clicks from audiences with no intent of buying the car. GOOD Effective targeting helps advertisers deliver creative to the right audience, and then see details on which audience engaged with their ads.
  36. 36. Thank you. For more help with mobile ad creative, contact: To start your advertising program today, contact: Adam Chandler SVP of Sales +1.917.208.0145
  37. 37. Sales Inquiries Adam Chandler SVP of Sales +1.646.454.1133 Jumptap Offices and Locations Contact Us Boston New York Los Angeles San Francisco Chicago Dallas Atlanta Detroit Boston | Corporate Headquarters 155 Seaport Boulevard, 8th Floor Boston, MA 02210 New York 38 East 32nd Street 11th Floor New York, NY 10016 Los Angeles 2042 Armacost Avenue, 2nd Floor Los Angeles, CA 90025 Chicago 321 North Clark Street, 5th Floor Chicago, IL 60654 Detroit 628 East Parent Street, Suite 108 Royal Oak, MI 48067 San Francisco 20 California Street, Suite 710 San Francisco, CA 94111 Performance Advertising Ted McNulty Director of Performance Sales +1.617.301.4198 Support Please visit our support page at Press and Analyst Christina Feeney +1.617.301.4178