Thai Festivities Engagement


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Look into the ways brands and Thai stay connectted during the joyful moments of the year.

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Thai Festivities Engagement

  2. 2. engagementtalk SONGKRANCHINESE NEW YEARBUDDHIST LENT DAY LOY KRATONG CHRISTMAS ETC. How wonderful that Thailand is filled with such frequent festivities, because on a day-to-day basis it is rare for old friends and family members to get together due to distance, time constraints and inconveniences such as traffic. No matter what their personal circumstances, Thais value every precious moment of these festivals, allowing them to meet over long weekends and providing an excuse to celebrate. In addition, they feel connected to these festivities because of their rich culture and enjoyment of the simple pleasures of celebration. McCann Engagement is going to show you how a brands’ customers can stay engaged during these periods. Plus we will point out opportunities and ideas that inspire and bring more connections not only to the brands but also to Thai people as a whole during these joyful moments of the year. Neil/ Kit
  3. 3. aa ...Citibank Platinum Signature is for parking at shopping malls. ...AIS Serenade is for more discounts. ...Airlines’ frequent flyer Gold Status is for airport lounge access. Everyone knows that a brand can generate mass awareness and acknowledgement through traditional mass communication. In order to effectively do this, the establishment of brand association is essential. One way to establish association is privileges. The stronger the brand association, the higher the chance of consumers registering the brand in their minds. As a result, it gives consumers more confidence to carry the brand that brings such privileges. Especially during the festive occasions, when consumers’ purchasing power is relatively high, there is room for Marketers to explore and create such associations. Eventually, the brand and consumers will become inseparable. Furthermore, associating the brand to cross-product/ serviceBRING WITH YOU categories could expand greater privileges as well as brand exposure to new target consumers.PRIVILEGES YOUR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS It is a common understanding that marketing promotions or co- promotion campaigns need to be created by marketing team. McCann Worldgroup dedicates ourselves to be the “DEMAND CREATOR”. McCann Erickson and Webber Shandwick are respectively our marketing communication and public relations specialists who can assist you and your business to come up with Image from MasterCard and McCann Wroldgroup demand strategies. For internal use only, no commercial value
  4. 4. MARKETING: LOCATION -BASED & COLLECTIONS SPECIAL OFFERS During the past few years, a number of free location-based applications have been developed and gained more and more popularity among 8.2 million facebook users in Thailand. These well-known applications include Foursquare, Gowalla and now Facebook- Place. Without doubt, these free applications provide big opportunities for Marketers to understand consumers’ store-visit behaviours. With the knowledge of customer store-visit behaviour, wouldn’t it be nice for a brand to reward these loyal consumers with extra priveleges?“What about a simple free gift upon the 3rd check-in?”“Or a10% discount after the 5th check-in in a month?” Looking beyond the obvious, craziness over ‘badge’ is a part of their lifestyle whereby youngsters and trendsetters are competing to acquire cool badges on their profiles. The approaching festive seasons provide room for brands, products, and services to start offering special collective ‘badges’ for a limited period to generate excitement and preference. YOUR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS To create a special offering on Foursquare you’ll need at least four business weeks, whereas a partner badge requires much longer time. Come talk with our award-winning digital specialists at MRM Worldwide. They can do more than put your brand and business on Location Based marketing and mobile applications. Image from foursquare. For internal use only, no commercial value
  5. 5. SEASONAL-ORIENTEDDEVELOPMENT For Thais, a festival is associated with celebration; where family members get together with love and care, friends ceebrate together with joy and fun.NEW PRODUCT Offering a premium gift to the elderly is a common custom to expressi love, respect, and gratitude. On the other hand, for a friend, giving a gift is more than just showing love or care, but it represents “WHO I am and How COOL I really am!” And it doesn’t stop at the gifts they buy. Their involvement in activities or the way they celebrate those festivities also reflects an up-to-date self-image, culture, style and trendiness. Brands, products and services could take this opportunity to involve themselves during these festivities, letting consumers enjoy a conceptually “tailored” product as an expression of themselves, and even to express their ‘coolness’ to their loved ones. YOUR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS It is not true that effective communication requires a gigantic spend. Media relations and PR specialists at Weber Shandwick understand the art of persuasive communication and can create the best strategic communications for yourImage from McCann Worldgroup libraryFor internal use only, no commercial value business using their media connections.
  6. 6. JUST “SHOOT ME” WITH PROPS The competitive environment in telecommunication has forced mobile phone manufacturers to reduce production costs as well as to add more basic features to its products. According to ACNielsen’s data in 2009, more than 85% of the Thai population owns a mobile phone. Which adds up to at least 55 millions phones in use at the time! With the rise of social media, everyone can take the role of ‘digital journalists’– tweeting, wall posting and blogging minute by minute, what’s happening in their communities. In other words, they are now embracing the ‘show and share’ culture via their online social communities. “Here I am”“This is what I’m doing now” To create a higher level of consumer engagement, appealing signs, icons and props that link to a festive season will definitely attract consumers’ interest as well as create ‘real-time’ broadcasting among their communities. The “SHOOT” culture is not just limited to signage or decoration. To be more impactful, it can also be applied to a great iconic brand-space communication.This explains why a themed community centre at Plern Warn in Hua Hinor Mansion 7 in Ratchada is now so trendy and attracting long queuesduring the weekends. YOUR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Why just a prop? Momentum, our expert in experiential marketing can provide answers on the usage of empty rooms and tactics that make your brand truly (physically) connect to, and engage, with consumers. Image from Simafreestyle., ThaiBev and TheMansion 7 For internal use only, no commercial value
  7. 7. EVENTSTHE VIRTUAL Once we step into the era of consumer 2.0, there are no boundaries to the exchange of information. They can self-generate content and become part of a worldwide trend. No matter where they are physically located, consumers can enjoy the taste of festive events as if they were actually there! The splash of Songkran The peace of Loy Krathong’s Or even the 9-temple homage visit Thanks to the growth of online media; websites, social media, mobile apps and many more, festivities have been moved into the digital platform, allowing brands to enhance consumers’ participation by creating gimmicks and stories to create buzz. Even loners who love to isolate themselves from the crowd can also experience the sense of celebration! YOUR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Experience is the killer app. Come talk with Momentum and MRM, who share the same belief of developing the best idea – the idea that not only engages the consumer in the physical space but also in the digital domain. Image from Acer. For internal use only, no commercial value
  8. 8. THE BASIC BACK TO Although it is believed that digital media has a high potential for brands to create greater engagement, only 21% of the Thai population can access the internet. at the momentWhat about the remaining 79%?Is it worth leaving these people behind? For the Thai mass target audience, a ‘SPECIAL EVENT’ is undoubtedly one of the most classic and effective ways to stay engaged, especially when brands provide unforgettable experiences and special privileges. The brand’s sales volume or brand image will also be improved by the buzz around town, not forgetting brand participation and PR messages across offline and online channels .Free entry with the purchase of a product ...ORExclusive event for the selected invitees YOUR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS An great idea can make a good event to be truly memorable. At McCann Worldgroup, we work as one team, where marketing experiences and communication experts work together to deliver the best solutions for a brand.
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