Stomach cancer


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Stomach cancer

  1. 1. Stomach Cancer<br /> <br /> Natsu Matsumura<br />Stomach cancer is a hollow organ in the upper abdomen, under the ribs. Also a lot of people get this cancer. Especially men got this cancer more easily than women. The most popular cancer is lungs cancer and second one is stomach cancer. This cancer is part of the digestive system, the food moves from the mouth through the esophagus, to the stomach. Usually in the stomach, the food becomes liquid. If you get malignant tumor when your stomach digest food that you have eaten, that is called stomach cancer. Stomach cancers can spread in different ways. They can grow through the wall of the stomach and invade nearby organs. They can also spread to the lymph vessels and nearby lymph nodes. When your stomach cancer break out, your cancer is too small, (smaller than 5mm) so it is very difficult to find out. When your cancer grow up to 5mm then you can take surgery to treat your cancer. This cancer takes a long time to become 5mm. Usually in a early stage we couldn’t find out this cancer because the cancercells are too tiny, so we have to wait until your cancer become 5mm big.<br /> ←This is the photo of stomach cancer which found from a microscope. How and when this cancer can treat depends on your stage of disease and your health and location of the tumor. One type of treatment may be given before or after surgery, that is called chemotherapy. If you want to treat this cancer or not it depends on your mind. Treatment can make your good future, these are three famous medical treatment, which are radiation therapy, Laser therapy, and stent. Radiation therapy may help shrink the tumor that is blocking the intestine. Laser therapy is a concentrate beam of intense light that kills tissue with heat. Also laser destroys the cancer cells clocking the digestive tract. Also the doctor uses and endoscope to place a stent in your intestine. Especially pass through the center of the tube calles stent. There are many ways to treat your cancer.<br />Doctors couldn’t guarantee to treat your cancer but they will do their best, the length it takes heal after surgery is different for each person and you may be in the hospital for a week or more longer. Chemotherapy is for kill cancer cells but it can also harm your normal cells, also if you use radiation therapy you may be very tired, and your skin may be red, dry, tender and itchy. You have to be responsible or convince for your cancer.<br />What kind of environment or region affect cancer, the risk of stomach cancer is in Asia has the largest deaths more than in Europe and people who is living in the city has more deaths also salty food can cause stomach cancer. And the other facts are smoking and drinking alcohol. Why the Asian people get stomach cancer easily is most Asian food containing salt more than Europe’s one. Which are fish, soy sauce, noodles, etc.. Moreover if you drink too mach alcohol, smoke, and eat salty food, then you might get stomach cancer more easily. I think environment can control your health. It is not to mention that if one does these things at same time, we ill get cancer more easily.<br />↑This is incidence of stomach cancer. Data adapted from GLOBOCAN, international agency for research on cancer.<br />As we can see the graph tells us about currently stomach cancer is popular in Japan, china, Korea, and Hong Kong has a lot of patients of stomach cancer. Also Japan has the most deaths from cancer. And another report based on who mortality date base calculated that east asia, central europe and south america. Especially in this organization (Department of Farwilly medicine reports). In japan 30.4% of people died from this cancer, incidentally in England and Italy is 27% , America is 22.8%, Germany is 25.7% and France is 28.2% of people died from this cancer.<br />Treating or causing stomach cancer takes a lot of money. If you don’t have money you couldn’t treat your cancer and people who is large producer of alcohol and smoke spending money a lot will cause cancer easily. Also cancer foundation can help your treating cancer. For example if you are going to treat your stomach cancer you have to pay over $136,000.000, these are for medical examination, management, medicine, injection, treatment, surgery and anesthetic, inspect, hospitalize and meals also you have to bear expenses. In many country have poverty and wealth. So economic problem can control our life. I think most people thinks treating cancer takes too much money also it is hard to pay these money. <br />If you want treat your cancer or not it depends on your mind for your own life and you have to convince about that decision and treating cancer takes a lot of money and some people couldn’t treat cause of so much surgery cost. Also our environment affect causing cancer. Now there are lots of unhealthy food or things, which is smoke, drinking alcohol and junk food in our life. So, we have to take care of our health by ourself. I think we can try to less drink alcohol, smoke, and eat salty food.<br />