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  1. 1. Essay<br /> <br /> Natsu Matsumura<br />I chose pirates of the caribbean because this movie make me realize these happenings. <br />When they (between pirates and another pirates) fight each other there is a sound like fight and it makes us thump thump. Also we can feel we are in the story with those characters and we are going to fight too, so it makes us we are one of the character in this story. The music that “sounds like going to fight and going to win” makes us real happening also this music is important in this movie because if there is no that kind of music we couldn’t feel scary or thump thump etc,,, I think the composer used music that made me feeling scary is when the enemy came up to the pirates (attack the pirates) it came up the very loud sound and scary music also there is a sound like knives and guns. When the sound harmonized with character’s portray it makes more understandable and makes us feeling. I think sounds makes good effect for movie and also makes audience curious and fun. Because performance is makes us feeling but if we couldn’t understand what kind of performance do they do, we can understand from music and sounds. Of course we have many languages in the world so, sometimes we couldn’t understand each other but sounds and music are common. So music and sounds can help us to understand. When Jack and Will arrived at the land, the sounds made me elevation because when the scene and music matched there are sword sound and gun’s sound also it made me stiff. And when Jack and Will got on a boart the music sound was like ghost and wave mixed. Because that scene was like mystery and adventure also there were many skeletons. Also when Jack, Will and his group mates arrived at the treasure there was another pirates (Jack’s enemy) and they also wanted to get the treasure so first they quarreled between Jack and another pirates but when they couldn’t reconciled each other they were started to fight. At that scene’s music was like makes us frightened and the sound was very loud and made me more scary.<br /> <br />The other movie that I chose is Charlie and the chocolate factory because this movie has lot of interesting sounds. Also music makes good effect for us when we watching movie, because music makes us feeling, Of course performance makes us feeling but if the music match with performance it will be more good effect and makes us fun. Because movie is for fun and makes audience happy. So I think it has to have music in the movie. The movie that made me interesting, part was when the Willy Wonka invited to 5 special children for his chocolate factory there were Oompa-Loompas (who are worked in chocolate factory) and when they make chocolates they sang their own music, that music can not explain what the sounds and music like (I think no one can mimicry of that sounds), because the voice were not like human’s voice it was like an alien voice and the voice sounds like very deep. I think director and composer’s aim was makes us strange emotion and get something new imagine because this story was very unique also music and sounds too. And no one have imagine about that. When the five children looking around the Wonka’s factory, all of the things are eatable, (it can eat) and they are very curious about that also they would like to eat them all and there was a sound like going to have a happening and sounds like happy, when the boy who is the fattest in five of children eat a lot of eatable things it sounds like dangerous and feeling scary but when the girl who is the most rich person took some eatable thing it sounds like cute and fantasy. And when the fattest boy fall into the chocolate river because he didn’t listen to Wonka, and unfortunately he couldn’t swim and then a pipe came into the chocolate river and absorb him, and that sounds was like makes us nervous and powerful absorb. and when the rest of children got on a boart except the fattest boy the sound made me really uneasiness and Oompa-Loompas sound was like a march but it’s not sounds like fun. Because when we hear about this movie from someone we might interested in this movie but when I watched this, the movie wasn’t looks and sounds happy and fun. Because there were many happenings and sounds makes us scary and nervous. <br />I think these movie has fantasy music and also made me fantasy too. Both of them were interesting movie and those musics made me a lot of feeling. Those movies had a lot of frightened scene more than happy and laugh scene. Because those movies always gave me thinker.<br />Pirates of the caribbean:<br />:<br />Charlie and the chocolate factory :<br />:<br />