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Serverless for the Cloud Native Era with Fission


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Soam Vasani of Platform9 shares how makes use of NATS and Kubernetes for Serverless workflows

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Serverless for the Cloud Native Era with Fission

  1. 1. Serverless for the Cloud-Native Era Event-driven processing with Fission, NATS, and Kubernetes Soam Vasani Software Engineer Platform9 Systems
  2. 2. Fission Functions ● Easy lightweight services on Kubernetes ● Fast cold-starts using pools of ready containers ● Lots of languages supported (JS, Python, Go, Ruby, and lots more) ● Invoke functions using various triggers ○ HTTP for synchronous invocations
  3. 3. Fission and NATS ● Fission supports NATS Streaming triggers ● Reliable Async Function invocation using NATS Streaming ● Request / Response channels
  4. 4. Event-driven Function Systems ● Chain together functions using channels managed by a single NATS-Streaming deployment ● This lets you compose functions together in powerful ways
  5. 5. Ops: Difficult in event driven systems ● Monitoring and Performance? ○ How can you tell how long a whole “workflow” takes? ● Upgrades ○ Upgrading without disruption in a complex system ○ What are the compatibility constraints? ● Cancellation, Restarts, Tracing, etc.
  6. 6. Workflows: “Managed” event driven systems ● Create “flowcharts” of function ● Specify dataflow and control flow ● Workflow engine abstracts away communication
  7. 7. Sample workflow output: WhaleWithFortune tasks: GenerateFortune: run: fortune inputs: "{$.Invocation.Inputs.default}" WhaleWithFortune: run: whalesay inputs: "{$.Tasks.GenerateFortune.Output}" requires: - GenerateFortune
  8. 8. Simple Workflow demo
  9. 9. Workflows architecture overview
  10. 10. Workflow dependencies demo
  11. 11. Questions? Comments? ● ● Github: ○ ○ ● Slack: ● Twitter: @fissionio ● Fission is a project by Platform9 Systems and contributors