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Cmcl427 crosscult comm-fal2011_syllabus

  1. 1. 321 Fall 2011 August 29-Dec 19 CMCL-C427 Cross-Cultural Communication RW 211, TR 12:30-1:45pm Professor: Dr. Natalia Rybas Email: OnCourse & This is the most effective way. Please use OnCourse message system to communicate with me regarding the course matters. There is no need to copy the message to my email address. On weekdays, I will check these Course information messages at least once a day and will Course Description Learning Objectives provide a response within 24 hours. In this course, the students will During this course, students will: heighten their cultural awareness 1. Become familiar with the In person: Tom Raper 248 and intelligence as well as create study of intercultural You are welcome to visit me in the intercultural communication communication from the traditional office during the office hours or during competence. We will explore the social psychological perspective, other negotiated times. I plan to have notions of culture, identity, the interpretive perspective, and the campus office hours on Tuesdays and difference, and power. Our more recent critical perspective. Thursdays, 2-3pm. Please let me know discussions will focus on the 2. Discover the importance of if you plan to come to see me. reasons to study intercultural or the roles of context and power in cross-cultural communication, the studying intercultural popular culture representations of communication. Skype: nr_iueast cross-cultural contact, and ways to 3. Become more sensitive to If you cannot see me on campus, you develop intercultural the complexity of intercultural can contact me via Skype (make sure communication competence interactions. you introduce yourself “requesting 4. Recognize the influence of contact”); we’ll talk via video, voice, their own cultural group(s) on or chat. My screen name is nr_iueast intercultural communication (available from the university interactions. Phone: (765) 973-8376 bookstore and other retailers) 5. Become more willing, self- Please feel free to call my office during Martin, J. N., & Nakayama, T. K. reflective, flexible, and open work time. If necessary, we can (2010). Intercultural communicators in intercultural arrange a phone conversation, please communication interactions. Communication in Contexts, email me your phone number and the (5th ed.). McGraw-Hill. ISBN: Like other communication courses, best time to call you. 978-0-07-338512-9 this course strives to: - Investigate the knowledge, Voice Mail: (973) 506-0815. attitudes, and skills, and values that You can leave a voice message calling underlie competent Google Voice (973) 506-0815. When communication; you dial this number, it rings in the - Promote active critical thinking office. If I am there, I’ll pick up. about the role of communication in Otherwise, your message will be everyday life; transcribed and sent to my email. If - Improve your ability to analyze you leave a message on my office human communication interaction. phone (765) 973-8376, I will check it when I am on campus.
  2. 2. 21 Lorem Ipsum Cmcl-C427 syllabus Academic Academic Integrity Information *Each student is expected to uphold the standards of academic Teaching Philosophy honesty by submitting original and I believe that students learn by doing individual work in class. You must and active participation. Thus, I strive do your own search and research in to create a context of engagement preparation for your projects and through various activities where each assignments. student does meaningful work applying and connecting class *Plagiarism means using someone Course Structure activities and life outside classroom. I else’s work in your own academic We are scheduled to meet 2 times will utilize a variety of learning projects without proper credit, a week for 75 min. During these strategies and teaching methods in thus plagiarism is a form of meetings, we will engage in this class to best meet the needs of theft. Engaging in plagiarism shows different types of activities: learners – thus, you will probably that your lack of self-respect and • Summarizing the reading for never feel that you are idle in the respect for others. the sake of understanding in course. These methods of instruction the form of posters, slides, and will include small group discussions other; and activities, reflection engagements, analyses of various • Teaching each other about a sorts, hands-on activities. I do not do particular aspect of the topic – lecturing in traditional sense of the a jigsaw discussion; word. Rather, we all come to class • Analyzing and examining cases with the readiness to dig for studies, presented as knowledge! documentaries, speeches, or in In order to help you assess other form to seek the your knowledge and competence of application and analysis of the material under study, I will theories and concepts that we provide you with prompt and timely *Cite any work that is not your study; feedback regarding your performance own. Written work, such as papers • Talk with guest speakers who in the class. I will strive to provide and discussion forums, and other do research related to written feedback for your projects instances of your activity in class intercultural communication; within one-week of assignment should reflect original thought as • Working on your course completion (=after the deadline). well as cited resources. Tell your projects; peers and me what words and ideas • Discussing your questions; your have borrowed and where • Making presentations and they borrowed them from. facilitating discussions; The semester consists of 3 units *Cheating and plagiarism will not (you can see them color coded on be tolerated. The minimum the course calendar), each unit consequence is failing the includes a few topics and ends with assignment. In a case of more an application week. During the serious offense, a student may fail semester you will do a research the course. project, and make a poster presentation at the very end of the *I may use the services of semester. A portfolio will to check for systematically and creatively originality of your written work. assemble your work.
  3. 3. 3 ASSIGNMENTS AND GRADINGThis is the list of assignments and projects, which are planned to be completed duringthe semester. Changes are possible. Some assignments will consists of several steps, thedetails for each step will be provided separately.Weekly reading journals (5-10pts) = starting from week 2 of the semester, youneed to bring a write up based on your reading assigned for the week. The content willvary and we’ll decide in class what we want to do. The assignments may include:summarize the most difficult part of the reading; explain how one idea from the readingapplies to your life; choose a passage from the reading and explain what it means andwhy it is important; compose a conversation with a scholar or character; explain aspecific real-life use of the material; a high and low points in the reading or other. This Grading Scalepaper is 1-2 page long, double space and should include 2-3 questions you want to bringfor discussion that week. A+ = 98% and higherApplication week 1 (50pts) = Read, present, and discuss an article. This activity will A = 93% and higherhappen in 2 groups. Each student will present 2 times for each group. Then you will A- = 89.5% and higherhave to moderate a discussion on the issues raised by the article. A handout with B + = 87% and highersummary, 3 significant quotes, and at least 3 questions for discussion should be B = 83% and higherdistributed before the presentations. B- = 79.5% and higher C+ = 77% and higherApplication week 2 (50pts) = Watch a movie, summarize an episode, and analyze it C = 73% and higherbased on the theories and concepts we have studied. Each student in the group will have C- = 69.5% and higherto work with 1 movie, while in the group you will discuss a few of them. You will have D+ = 67% and higherto moderate a discussion on the issues raised by the movie as well as participate in D = 63% and higherdiscussing questions raised by others. A handout with 150-word episode summary, 400- D- = 60% and higher (lowest500word analysis, and at least 3 questions for discussion should be distributed before the passing grade for general educationpresentations. requirements)Application week 3 (50pts) = Produce a poster and make a presentation to share your F = below 60%research findings. Discuss your findings. Work that meets the requirementsCourse Project: Local and personal cultural history and communication of an assignment deserves a B. A(160pts) = The focus of this semester long project is to analyze how your family higher grade is awarded to work thathistories intertwine with local histories and influence communication patterns. The goes above or beyond the minimumquestion that you want to answer is the following: How the ways you communicate standards. You must complete allreflect (also create, depend on, differ, influence, construct, etc.) the histories of your assignments to successfully fulfill thefamily(ies) and your community(ies). You will have to study the ways you course requirements.communicate, the history of your family, and the history of your community. Therewill be 6 parts in this assignment. I will NOT round up your grade: ifPart 1. Identify your focus. (10pts) you have 88.5%, your grade is a B+.Part 2. Explore your own backgrounds and how these backgrounds influence your I do not assign projects for extracommunication patterns. (30pts) credit. Please work on thePart 3. Research the community in which you grew up or currently live to discover or assignments planned in the course.critique the communication patterns prevalent in the community. (40pts)Part 4. Interview an elderly member of your community; analyze the communicationpatterns emerging from the interview. (40pts)Part 5. Suggest a framework for analysis of what you have discovered about yourself,your community culture, and communication patterns – on the basis of studied theoriesand concepts. This will be the basis and the draft of your presentation (20pts).Part 6. Present your project. Discuss the projects of others (= application week 3)Course portfolio (30pts)– This activity is called to wrap-up the course. You have toassemble a portfolio to showcase your work during the semester, using a specialfunction in Adobe Acrobat Professional. Your portfolio will include a 1-page overviewof your work, a reviewed paper, and other elements of the work you have produced inthe course.
  4. 4. Cmcl-C427 syllabus Fall 2011 Writing Instruction for formal assignments Guidelines for written assignments All papers or projects should be formatted in MS Word version 2007 or 2010, available from IUWare. All assignments should be typed using Times New Roman #12 or Arial #11, 2-spaced. Submit your papers or any other work by bringing them to class on the assigned day and/or uploading via Assignment section of the site on OnCourse. I would appreciate if you do not email me your assignments because they tend to get buried. Accurate APA style documentation should be strictly adhered to. No assignments will be accepted for grading after Wed, December 14, 2011, midnight. Saving Materials It is imperative that you keep personal copies of all written work submitted in the course. If there is some discrepancy in your grade or submission for the course due to an online mishap or missing communication, I will ask you that you reproduce these documents. Writing Assistance While there is no teaching assistant or student instructor for this course, writing assistance is available through Writing Center, Whitewater Hall 206, I will provide its schedule as it becomes available. The help is provided online if you cannot come to the center. The staff of the Writing Center can assist you with writing style, grammar, and developing good study habits. Preparation: I expect you to be well prepared before each Course policies week commences. Being prepared means that you must read the assigned text and/or watch videos or listen to audios and Attendance = participation = complete tasks assigned. Be familiar with the details of each presence: Communication as a discipline and skills can be project and assignment. You will not pass the course by learned best when you participate in course activities and occasional appearance in class, scanning the texts, and actively evaluate your colleagues’ work. Thus your active completing assignments and projects off-the-cuff. Please plan presence - that is, productive, substantial, original, and critical your schedules accordingly. - is mandatory. Presence implies engagement in a dialogue with people and texts. Mere observation, or just marking your Late/make-up work: presence with an expression of agreement or disagreement, · All assignments are to be completed by the date assigned. does not count "by the end of the day." As a result, your Deadlines help switch your attention from one project/task to participation = presence = attendance will influence your another; and deadlines help me organize grading routines. grades. · I reserve the right to not accept any late assignments regardless of In other words, attendance is required. When you the excuse provided. In the case of an emergency or serious are resent, you will earn points for quizzes, classwork, peer illness, please contact me as soon as possible. Assignments feedback and other activities. Any student with more than one turned in late receive a 10% reduction in points for each day. (1) absence will be penalized 5 points for every absence after I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY WORK AFTER 5 DAYS PAST the first. THE DUE DATE, including weekends and holidays. If you plan to be absent from class activities for · Graded weekly activities that involve any kind of social longer periods of time because of a sport, school, medical, or interaction (e.g., weekly forums, peer feedback, group work, family event, please let me know and complete your work in etc.) cannot be made- advance. In case you miss scheduled events and do not up. negotiate, you will receive no grade, a zero. · The last day to submit Reporting attendance: A few times during the semester, I any work is Wed, Dec 14 have to report if you are attending the course regularly. I will use your most recent email or post on the discussion board as the evidence of your last visit.I