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Getting the whole picture


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Getting the whole picture

  1. 1. Getting the Whole Picturefinding a common language between digital preservation and conservation
  2. 2. Digital Capture
  3. 3. Archimedes Palimpest
  4. 4. Social Media
  5. 5. Common Principles• Assessment• Documentation• Treatment Approach• Stabilisation• Communication
  6. 6. UNESCO Charter key points• Access to the digital heritage• The threat of loss• Need for action• Digital continuity
  7. 7. UNESCO Charter key pointsWhat do we need?• Strategies and policies• Selection• Roles and responsibilities• Partnerships and co-operation
  8. 8. Knowledge Networks• Body dot points
  9. 9. Responsible StewardshipChallenges• Assess digital preservation needs• Long-term priorities• A digital preservation plan
  10. 10. Significance – It’s all gone !
  11. 11. Significance – It’s all gone !
  12. 12. Significance – It’s all gone !
  13. 13. Stewardship One size does not fit all
  14. 14. Policies• Selection, significance, etc. plus procedures and guidelines• Shared responsibility & knowledge bases• Support, trust and relationships• Network building, virtual teams
  15. 15. CuratorshipKodak Research Laboratory, Harrow, England.Gelatin silver print reproduction of JosephNicéphore Niépces
View from the Window at LeGras. 1826
reproduction March 1952.
Gelatinsilver print.
20.3 x 25.4 cm. Joseph Nicéphore Niépces View from the Window at Le Gras.
Gelatin silver print and watercolor.
20.3 x 25.4 cm March 20-21, 1952.
  16. 16. Moving ForwardUNESCO to NLA Strategic Directions• Models and preserving access• Implementation Principles• Research and standards development• Working with others
  17. 17. Mediapedia“there is nothing moreephemeral than long termmedia formats”Jean-Claude Carriere , filmaker
  18. 18. Relationships and Trust• Proactive, planning, documentation, selection and significance• Partnerships and cooperation• Off-site backup• Technical advice and support
  19. 19. Mediapedia
  20. 20. A Mixed Media Archive
  21. 21. Resources and LinksNational Library of Australia Staff Papers Behind-the-Scenes Blog Digital Archiving with theLibrary of Congress Curation Resource Guide