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Design your career workshop tef2013


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Design your career workshop tef2013

  2. 2. Unemployment in Poland  Unemployed registered in labor offices at the end of August 2013 constituted 13.0% of the working population (in July of 2013 13.1%, in August 2012, 12.4%). The highest unemployment rate still remained in the Warmia and Mazury (20.2%), the lowest unemployment rate in the region: Greater Poland (9.5%), Mazowieckie and Silesia (at 11.1%).
  3. 3. Young people starting career  Every third young person in Poland is unemployed. The largest group of the unemployed were people between 25 and 34 years of age (29%). Most of the unemployed have higher education (25,5%).  In Poland there are 445 public and private universities. Only 86 schools, mostly state-owned, is a type of academic institutions that have at least two powers confer doctoral degrees.
  4. 4. Workshop  During one week long workshop, the multidisciplinary team used the design thinking method to create prototype showing new, creative ways on how to make a living.
  5. 5. How can help people to start making a living?  QUESTIONS:  What kind of job do you expect? What type of education, qualifications do you need to get it? Why are you unemployed? Have you tried to find a job and what are your achievements in that field? What do the young unemployed, if they don’t have a job? What is your experience in all kinds of (eg volunteering, local school / university, hobbies, etc..)? What is your dream job?   
  6. 6. Interviews    young people from NGOs who have a lot of work, but that did not earn Young people who have found work without problem Career Services
  7. 7. Grouping topics 1. How to change hobby into profitable activity? 2. How to encourage young people to start their own business? Choosing cases 3. How to learn what one’s want to do in life? 4. How to provide young people with skill useful in professional life?
  8. 8. Ideas Developing program of studies by creating courses on how make business plan and run a company Enabling employers to have impact on program of studies Simplification of procedures related to starting one’s own business Creating co-working spaces, where young people can examine their business ideas and present them to eventual partners
  9. 9. Prototype Producing a series of reality show broadcasted in internet introducing young people to market situation and explaining procedures