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Student Agreement form


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Published in: Education, Sports
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Student Agreement form

  1. 1. ERINDALE SPORTS ACADEMY TALENTED SPORTS PROGRAM STUDENT AGREEMENT ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Erindale College Talented Sports Program was introduced to provide talented athletes with the opportunity to develop their academic and sporting potential to a higher level. To be in the Erindale Sports Academy is a privilege that brings with it certain expectations. The College will only support and provide resources to students in the Academy who meet the following commitments: 1. Enrol in a full academic program that includes Sports Development. 2. Attend all lessons – and provide a satisfactory explanation for all absences either through a note from a parent or medical certificate. A student with a total of 10 unexplained absences (across all subject areas) may be removed from the Program. LINK classes are also compulsory for all students. Please note that this is a requirement of the ESA/TSP in addition to other college requirements. You will be V graded (deemed unassessable) if you have 4 unexplained absences in a term unit or 8 unexplained absences in a semester unit. 3. Work cooperatively in class, submitting all set work. 4. Comply with the training requirements of their sport as laid down by the coaches, service providers and squad leaders. 5. Behave in a manner around the college and in the general community that reflects favourably upon the ESA. 6. Maintain personal habits of health conducive to sporting excellence. 7. Abide by the spirit and rules of their game, as well as accepting victory and defeat with dignity and grace. 8. Behave and dress in a dignified manner when representing Erindale College, both on and off the competitive arena. Wear the official Erindale College uniform designated for their sport when in competition and at other official functions. 9. Students who fail to meet the requirements of the program may be placed on probation, suspended or removed from the program. I AM AWARE THAT IF I AM UNABLE TO MEET ANY IF THE COMMITMENTS OUTLINED ABOVE, MY POSITION IN THE TALENTED SPORTS PROGRAM MAY BE REVIEWED AT ANY TIME. Student Name:__________________________________________Date:_______________________ (please print) Student Signature:_________________________________Sport:____________________________ Squad Leader Signature: __________________________________Date: ______________________ 29/01/15/mnt/temp/unoconv/20150129005500/studentagreementform2009-101031063648-phpapp02.doc