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Self evaluation term 1


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Self evaluation term 1

  1. 1. Self Evaluation – Term 1 Name:______________________ Weights Sessions: (Rarely, Sometimes, Mostly, Always) Prepared for class (Including Pen) On Time for class Do you push yourself to improve Fill out card correctly Behave appropriately Athlete Management: (Rarely, Sometimes, Mostly, Always) On time for class Prepared for class (including a pen) Completes classwork Listens to instructions Understands content covered Folder kept up to date Stays on task for whole lesson Training sessions: (Advanced, high, good, average, poor) Comes on time for sessions Prepared for class (including shin pads) Effort during fitness activities Ability for fitness Effort during skills / Drills Ability shown during skills/drills Effort during practice games Ability during practice games Listening skills Safety (including kicking ball at wrong time) Team Work Ability to work with all players Encouragement Use of appropriate language Overall Behaviour Skill Level / Ability Futsal Skill Level / Ability Outdoor Soccer What areas did you put a lot of effort into?
  2. 2. What areas did you not put as much effort into this term? Did you achieve your goals for this Term? What do you indent on changing for next term? What grade did you deserve Term 1 ______________ Explain Why you chose this grade…