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Glad Tidings March, 2011

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GT 03-11

  1. 1. Glad Tidings March 2011 A monthly publication of the church of the Nativity Issue No. 03-11 Come to the Celebration Your Attention Nativity’s 25th Anniversary Celebration And Brunch Saturday, March 12, service at 9 am Please Brunch at 11 am Worship Schedule for Lent, Bishop Curry and Bishop Estill will be present to help us celebrate Holy Week and Easter this momentous occasion! Childcare will be provided during the worship service for ages infant through 2nd grade.Tuesday, March 8 5:30-7:30 pm The children may join their families for communion.Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper Dinner is free Donations are welcome Help Needed for Anniversary Brunch March 9 Ash Wednesday Brenda Johnston, Brunch Committee12 noon Holy Eucharist with As part of the anniversary celebration on Saturday, March 12, brunch will be held in EstillImposition of Ashes, said service House from 11 am–12:30 pm. To make this a more festive occasion, we hope you will be-7 pm Holy Eucharist with imposi- come involved by donating a needed item. To this end, there will be two sign-up sheets, onetion of Ashes, with music in the Narthex and one in Estill House. These sheets will indicate types of foods and other items that are needed to make this day special. There are many different opportunities— April 17 Palm Sunday something for everyone! Please think about how you can contribute to this special day.8 am Holy Eucharist, said service Thanks for your help. Contact me with questions: bojjohnston@aol.com10:30 am Holy Eucharist, withmusic April 12 Maundy Thursday A Living Celebration of Stewardship at Nativity7 pm Service of Holy Eucharist Kevin Burke, vestrywith foot-washing ceremony The Church of the Nativity has a robust Christian Education Program that has remained an important focal point throughout the Church’s history. As we mark the official opening of April 22 Good Friday Nativity’s Education Building, I thought we should reflect on the significance of this event12 noon Stations of the Cross as an example of Stewardship in all its dimensions.with Holy Eucharist First and foremost, we must never lose sight of the end goal of investment in Christian7 pm Good Friday Liturgy with education. One of the fundamental objectives of Christian education is to nurture strongHoly Eucharist, with music values which become the building blocks to prepare us for future change and whatever life may throw at us. April 24 Easter Sunday Then in terms of time and talent, there have been so many groups and individuals who7:30 am Holy Eucharist, said ser- have contributed. The final structure is the culmination of tens of thousands of hours ofvice teacher lesson plans, class instruction, student engagement, healthy dialogue, committee9:30 am Holy Eucharist, with meetings, drawing revisions and contract Equally important it is the financial contribution of parishioners. The Build It Forward11 am Holy Eucharist with music (BIF) program was launched in 2008. Since that time, the program has raised approxi- mately $505,000 in cash and commitments with over 52% already received in-house. This covers about 72% of the costs incurred, which is a great position for the parish balance sheet. But perhaps with the opening of the building, we should have a quick revisit. Therefore, from March 6 to April 3, we will re-open the BIF program, primarily for those households who did not have the opportunity to contribute during the original campaign. Look for more written material and forms in the Church and Education Building. Contact: Kevin Burke, e-mail: or home phone 919-788-7774
  2. 2. Glad Tidings March 2011 Parish Life From the desk of the Interim Rector Lenten Season 2011 that is hard to stop. What do I stand for in my life? And who The liturgical calendar says March 9th is Ash Wednesday. are my companions on the journey that I want to stand with? Hopefully, you will find your way to a service to have ashes Lent is a time for hope and gratitude. Lent doesn’t have to be imposed upon your forehead. This practice reminds us of our a “downer” - a time of discouragement. The Christian life is, in mortality and our humanity. I don’t want to impose ashes upon part, a decision to keep looking at the One who went through you; rather, I want ashes to impress upon you the all we have to go through and then some, the One opportunities of Lent. who gave everything, including His life so that we Lent offers us time for discernment. It was a time could have a more abundant life. of deep introspection for our LORD. He had 40 Lent is a time to imitate Christ. Make an effort to days in the wilderness to sort things out and make mimic the 40 day journey of Christ through the some decisions. He had to wrestle with what kind wilderness. Then at the close of Lent, may we be of ministry he would have. Jesus confronted head- willing to travel the moral high road, willing to be on the temptations before him in order to make a sacrificial giver, willing to make choices that choices about what road he would travel for the consistently contribute to improved general health rest of His life. and well-being, willing to discover the will of God Lent gives us time for introspection. Am I becoming the kind for our lives and our ministries. Such is what Christ did during of person I want to become? Or am I letting things slide, giving that first Lent so many years ago. It would be of great value for way to the comfortable, the easiest way, and the popular way? each of us to take the opportunity to do the same. Am I simply taking the course of least resistance? When we Faithfully, Rev. Sara C. Batson “go along to get along,” we find ourselves on a slippery slope Letter from the Senior Warden Chuck TillI assume that by the time you read this, the Education Building this office will remain locked.will have opened. Child and teen classes are moving into the ♦The workroom will move into the former Rectors office.Education Building as quickly as the delivery of furniture al- There is already a convenience PC in this room. The photo-lows. Classrooms in the Education Building are numbered copier will move there too, along with some parish supplies.201-208. Adult classes will move (or have already moved) into The workroom will usually be open.the trailer; its three rooms will be numbered 301-303. Room ♦Portholes will be inserted into many interior doors of Estillnumbers help visitors and newcomers find their way around House to reassure people of safety. Sadly, all of us have readour four-building campus. They also simplify the process of that church buildings have been the sites of misconduct andassigning and making reservations for rooms. even crime—although I want to stress that there are no such Let me describe some further facilities improvements that allegations at Nativity. Nevertheless, portholes are becomingyoull see in the coming months: the norm for interior doors of church buildings. Our Nursery♦New exterior signage will help visitors navigate our campus. already has visibility from the hallway, and all classrooms in♦The remaining half of the old trailer will be removed from the Education Building have portholes. They also prevent our campus (if it hasnt been already). The area vacated by inadvertent disruption of meetings in progress. the trailer will be graded, and our playground will go there. ♦Rooms in Estill House will be assigned numbers from 1 to♦A wall phone will be installed in the Education Building so 14, and new interior signs with these numbers will be in- that 911 can be dialed in case of injury or illness. Three stalled. phones will be installed in the Worship Building for the same ♦After 20 years we have lost track of who has keys to Estill purpose (one in the Nursery, one in the Sacristy, and one in House. Therefore, all exterior and interior door locks for Es- the Music Office). till House will be re-keyed. Clergy, staff, Vestry members,♦A new floodlight will be installed on the rear of our campus parish officers, and designated volunteers will be assigned between the trailer and the Education Building. keys on the basis of their need to access specific rooms; there♦The lobby of Estill House will be rearranged so that one of will no longer be any "hidden" keys that open certain doors the double-doors into Corlett Hall is no longer obstructed. in Estill House. This plan is a balance of accessibility, con- The desk in the lobby will be taken out. venience, security, and confidentiality. Only the Rector, the♦The office volunteer will move to the workstation where Senior Warden, and the Sexton will have a master key to Jennie Herrick, the Parish Coordinator, currently sits. Estill House.♦The Parish Coordinator will move into the rear office, cur- Your Vestry believes these improvements will make our cam- rently a workroom. When the Parish Coordinator is not in, pus more functional, more attractive, and more user-friendly.
  3. 3. Glad Tidings March 2011 Parish Life Important Notice! Parishioners are reminded that it is a violation of fire regulations to obstruct exit doors in our buildings. Nativity can incur heavy fines or have our doors padlocked for repeat violations (no kidding!). A lieutenant from the Raleigh Fire Department made an unscheduled inspection of Nativity in December and found numerous problems that we have since corrected. However, we have a serious recurring problem in Corlett Hall; specifically, the rear doorway that now leads to the walkway to the Education Building. Parishioners often fill the short hallway to this exit door with tables and chairs from Corlett Hall. This MUST stop. There is a storage room in the rear of Corlett Hall, and it is the ONLY approved place to store tables and chairs. If this problem continues, the Vestry will be forced to dispose of the circular tables we have enjoyed so much. Please don’t make us do that. Seniors Luncheon Billie Hurmence Faith Connections Workshop A fresh-baked muffin awaits every diner at Mimis Café-venue of COTN Carolyn Kerr Seniors lunch/bunch March 13, at 12:30 pm. Co-hosts Marian Oswald,Faith Connections on Mental Illness is an inter-faith 862-8966, and Betty Smith, 848-1363, request early RSVPs. Mimis iscoalition of faith communities dedicated to increasing located at 6320 Plantation Center, just off Capital Blvd.understanding of mental illness though education, Questions? Billie Hurmence, 848-7011.advocacy and support. They are hosting a workshopentitled: “Mental Illness as a Spiritual Journey: Creat- Altar Guilding Caring Communities” on April 1, from 8:30 am-4 Marguerite Emmonspm at St. Thomas More Catholic Church, 940 Carmi- The Nativity Altar Guild is gearing up for the Lent and Easter seasons.chael St., Chapel Hill, NC. If you would like to regis- We are also looking for new members to help with this special service toter for this workshop the cost is $15 prior to March 12, Nativitys communal worship.$25 after. Brochures can be found in the foyer of Estill What does the Altar Guild do? We wash and polish the silver and/orHouse. If you would rather register online, go to: pottery vessels, keep the linens and silk hangings clean and pressed, and make certain all is placed and ready for the clergy during services. Wespiritualjourney2011.pdf are divided into teams who usually serve one weekend a month. If you are interested in this service, contact Marguerite Emmons at 848-9741 or email me at . Musings from the Bench Timothy Owens, organist“Lean into your discomfort.” That’s a phrase I learned from a out there and the challenge is finding something I’m able to playcolleague a number of years ago and it reminds me of the that is appropriate for the day. I appreciate Waltye’s efforts incharge from a recent sermon to do something new, or, like the choosing the hymns and those selections offer a good startingwise men, take a different road. Just over a year and point. Occasionally, I find something based on thea half ago, I took the plunge and started organ les- tune from one of the hymns. Dr. Lynch has steeredsons. It continues to be a challenging and rewarding me toward collections of suitable music within myexperience, and I appreciate the opportunity from reach; a frequent source is a collection of choraleNativity (and the gentle push from my mentor and preludes from German Baroque composers thatpiano teacher, Jim Clyburn). I am very fortunate to covers much of the liturgical year (hence the titlesstudy organ with Dr. David Lynch (organist, Christ in German that frequently appear in the bulletin).Church). The support of Waltye Rasulala as choir- I’m studying several Bach chorale preludes as wellmaster is invaluable. The encouragement of the as working through the eight little preludes andchoir and the patience and kindness of the congrega- fugues (attributed to Bach), but most of those aretion make the way brighter, too. not yet ready for prime time – coming soon, I hope. There are a As I approach the organ bench these days, my discomfort has few favorites that I fall back on from time to time, and I keepsoftened a wee bit. In addition to finding practice time and re- working to expand my repertoire.hearsing the hymns, one of the weekly challenges is selecting a The piano remains my real comfort zone. But for now, thoughprelude and postlude. To support the service, I try to match the my feet still trip me up now and then, I’ll continue my journeyselections to the appointed readings. There’s a wealth of music down this new road.
  4. 4. Glad Tidings March 2011 On Being Green I brought you into a plentiful land to eat its fruit and its good things. But when you entered you defiled my land and made my heritage an abomination. Jeremiah 2:7 Next Environmental Stewardship Meeting Wednesday, March 23 Wakeup Call on our Coast 7 pm in Corlett Hall Carl Sigel A series of articles in North Carolina newspapers recently warned that sea levels are likely to rise at least 39 inches in This Month’s Energy Saving Tips from Interfaith Power & this century. Some NC scientists like Rob Young and Orrin Light, a program of the NC Council of Churches. Pilkey say recent data indicate that higher levels may occur ∗ Reduce Waste-Reuse and Recycle More - Reduce Con- sooner. The oceans have retained much of the heat trapped sumption by greenhouse gases. That heat is causing expansion of the ∗ Shop with reusable bags. Look for products that use less water as well as melting of polar ice fields and glaciers faster packaging material. Did you know that recycling one than predicted by climate models. The wakeup call on our aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three coast is amplified by the variability and intensity of storms hours - or the equivalent of half a gallon of gasoline? throughout the world causing both unprecedented heat and Find recycling centers at cold as well as devastating flooding in Pakistan, Australia, and Brazil. The warmer oceans have led to increased evapo- ration of water that falls to the earth as rain and snow. Forty- Water, Water five years ago, President Johnson said the atmosphere was NOT Everywhere! being changed by a steady increase of CO2 from the burning Ailsa Tessier of fossil fuels. CO2 levels are now the highest in at least Did you know that we are currently in a state of drought in 800,000 years. The evidence of a warming world is clearly Wake County? before us, and it is morally wrong to delay action on the cli- The City of Raleigh has a rebate program related to a water- mate. saving upgrade in your home, in addition to tips and sugges- The Environmental Stewardship at Nativity (ESN) group tions for conserving water. There is still a lot of money left in meets at 7 pm in Corlett Hall on the third Wednesday of each this fiscal year for this program, so check out the requirements month to consider how we as individuals and as a faith com- on the website: munity can be involved in Care for Creation. While we alone cannot find a way to stop the current changes in the earths Articles/WaterMatters.html climate, we can be a model for our neighbors and a good You may also call the City’s Public Utilities department at 857- place to start would be for Nativity to become a truly Green 4540 to find out more. Congregation. Please join ESN and lets together see what we can accomplish. Outreach Honduras Health Mission Pete CrowPlease plan to attend intergenerational Sunday School class at 9:15, March 6, Church of the Nativity, Raleigh, to get the latestscoop on the Honduras Health Mission. Watch an eight-minute video of the trip just returned in January. Find yourself caught upin a humorous health skit just like the hundreds of people in Honduras waiting in line for a clinic. Get a first-hand report fromleaders Priscilla and Derek Shows, who after ten productive years are stepping out of that role, as well as from Cheri Janning,who will be making her first public appearance as the new boss in town. Cheri is a nurse who has excelled in many importanttasks during her three years with the mission and hopes to become even more involved in this kind of work when she retires fromDuke in five years or so. If you have ever considered going on this trip yourself, have helped with a pill packing, or just have wondered what the heck isgoing on with this mission, this may be the best chance you will get to find out. Just what goes on in those five days of medicaland dental clinics, as well as eyeglass fittings? What brings out those 1,800 patients, some of whom travel by foot over threehours to get there, one of whom arrived this year brandishing his machete? For those who cannot attend, the video will be available shortly after February 27. You will be able to link to it through theHonduras Mission Resources page, or by navigating through the websitesat St. Stephen’s (Durham) or Church of the Nativity (Raleigh).
  5. 5. Glad Tidings March 2011 Parish Life in Pictures Congratulations, Rite-13’ers! Michael Whitmeyer, Jillian Schuler, Julia Meyer, Patience Fojut baked beautiful Anna Widin, Tyler Magdanz, Wesley Carroll, Michael Norris, Darius Fojut Valentine cookies for Fellowship Assembling new tables for the Education Building went quickly with many helpers. L: Janet Alford, Charly Kerr Above: Gordon Christian, Liam and Mark Marotta Benjamin Longenecker helps with Fellowship YAC’s learn Nativity history through photo posters. Perry Schneider (leader) Morgan Burke, Alex Schuler, Galen Tim, Bailey Maloney, Sara NewmanFarewell old mobile classroom, hello new Education Building Come to the 25th Anniversary Celebration and see our history in pictures!
  6. 6. Glad Tidings March 2011 Have You Met What folks do, past and/or present church involvement We’ll put names to faces and introduce several Nativity parishioners each month. This is a work in progress, watch it evolve… We seek to spotlight both new members and been-here-a-while members. Becky Showalter. Member of Nativity 16 years. Engineer for elec-Harlan Hagge. Member of Nativity 12 years. Staff Mechanical Engi- tronics manufacturing company. Likes to travel and spend timeneer at Kidde Aerospace and Defense. Member of Society of Me- with friends. Previously volunteered in Nursery, taught preschoolchanical Engineers and Society of Automotive Engineers. Com- through 4th grade Sunday school, helped with Vacation Biblepetes in autocross events with Sports Car Club of America and School, was EYC leader for 7 years as well as YAC leader. NowTarheel Sports Car Club. Past activities: bell choir, Faith and Sci- serves on Altar Guild, organizes Family Foyer, teaches 1st-2ndence, Foyer, Education for Ministry. Shepherds, organ and architec- grade Sunday School and is on Rector Search Committee. “I love that my children are growing up in an environment that allowsture committees. Present activities: choir, LEM, Blue Candle Bible them to question the world around them while still teaching themStudy, Environmental Stewardship, Spirituality in the Arts. Fre- of God’s immeasurable love.” Loves that for herself as well.quently rings bell at start of 10:30 service. “Nativity has always feltlike home.” Liz Chi. Member of Nativity 15 years. Insurance Nancy Stoller. Member of Nativity 6 Pat Kenney. Member of Nativity 12 and financial business systems consultant. years. Design Director for Savvy Homes. years. Active in fishing, boating, golf, Joined Singles group similar to Foyer. Adopted Designs home plans. A painter, studies running and triathlon training. For- Annie 2001; Annie christened at Nativity 2002. with local artist Beverly McIver. Has mer Vestry representative, Sunday Moved to Virginia 2005 but always came back for helped with various receptions or sales school teacher, softball team. Cur- Christmas Eve service. Returned 2009 and re- at Nativity. Vacation Bible School. Many rently, usher and J2A leader. Likes joined Nativity. Involved in children’s programs. other activities at prior churches. Son family-friendly atmosphere, worship “It’s important for children to love their church and family has moved to Raleigh with services, children and youth pro- home and all it has to offer.” Works with VBS and first grandchild. Daughter just ordained grams, and summer softball season now Fixers (1st level youth program). Helped as priest and married to a priest. Single for fun and fellowship. “I’ve enjoyed group bake and donate goods to Raleigh Rescue son lives in Atlanta. “I like Sunday raising two children in Nativity’s faith Mission for Thanksgiving meals. Annie in chil- School book discussion classes best.” community, and am excited about dren’s choir. “The best job I ever had is being the new education building.” Annie’s mom.”
  7. 7. Glad Tidings March 2011 From the Parish Coordinator’s OfficeHappy Birthday to all those Aaron Israel 1 Gail Gyurek 11 William Conley, Jr. 21with March birthdays! If your Becca Israel 1 Bea Spence 11 Olivia Herrick 21birthday is this month, but not Dirk Barrett 4 Grayson Holmes 12 Jonathan Edwards 23listed here, our parish database Carson-Michael Register 5 Joel Haas 13 Dorothy Jane Youtz 23is incomplete. Please contact Olive Howell 6 Kyle Hankins 13 Phil Massey 24Jennie in the parish office Charly Kerr 6 Don Cariss 14 Tom Schuler 26(846-8338) to correct your Sue Young 6 Tyler Magdanz 14 Brad Stevens 27information. Jeff Farnham 7 Stephen Heagarty 16 Marina Garbutt 28 Joan Parente 7 David Ridout 16 Carol Meyer 28 Chris Christiansen Jr. 8 Mary Leah Singletary 16 Peggy Wade 28 Kerry Troester 8 Mary Whitaker-Sauls 16 Nick Gromow 29 Bruce Walter 8 Gay Davis 17 Jennifer Mulrooney 29 Janet OBryhim 9 Carl Gilmore 18 Charlie Wehland 29 Alan Hamm 10 Rachel Whitmeyer 19 Ginny Thompson 30 Claire Hester 10 Emilie Sigel 20 Marian Oswald 31 Gene Kimmick 10 Erin Burke 21 Births Tyler Thomas Wojton, grandson of Gail and Alfred Christensen Our congregation extends its sympathy and prayers to: The Brown family on the death of Ruth’s father James Reade Mayer May his soul, and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. What Does It Mean? Some of the acronyms and abbreviations you’ll see and hear at Nativity: ♦ COTN – Church of the Nativity ♦ LEM – Lay Eucharistic Minister (serving at the altar) ♦ J2A – Journey to Adulthood (youth ministry program of spiritual formation) ♦ YAC – Young Adults at Church (teens at last level of J2A) ♦ MON – Men of Nativity (men’s group open to all men of Nativity) ♦ WON – Women of Nativity (women’s group open to all women of Nativity) ♦ DOK – Daughters of the King (prayer and service group-see article in this issue, page 8) ♦ EFM – Education for Ministry (premier adult education program in the Episcopal Church) We’ll add more as we think of them. If there’s an abbreviation you’ve been wondering about, please email us at and we’ll include the explanation next time! Prayer Chain: To begin a confidential prayer request, or to have names added to the Prayers of the People list for Sunday services, please contact the church office. If you have an illness, hospitalization, or death in your family, please contact the church office. If you do not receive a response in 24 hours, please call back. If you have an emergency, please contact Mother Sara directly, home (477-0129) or her cell (397-2311). Her email address is
  8. 8. NONPROFIT ORG Address Service Requested US POSTAGE PAID RALEIGH, NC PERMIT NO. 2464 8849 Ray Road Raleigh NC 27613 Phone: 919-846-8338 Email office: Visit us on the web at: Glad Tidings Team Jennie Herrick Emilie Sigel Ailsa Tessier Brenda Johnston Glad Tidings Deadline for April 2011 Issue Friday, March 25 at noon Mailing date: March 30 An Invitation to Quietness Greeters Ministry Dinner March 1 Susan Garrison All are Welcome! Daughters of the King (DOK) Nativity Geyer Longenecker is the Jubilee Chapter. It is an order Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has open to ALL women who are communi- welcomed you, for the glory of God. Roman 15:7 cants of the Episcopal Church. The mis- In his letter to the first Christians in Rome, Paul instructed the con- sion of the Order is the extension of gregation to accept people of all nations into the early church. He Christ’s Kingdom through Prayer, Ser- reminds us that Jesus welcomed all to his table - the rich and thevice, and Evangelism. All women are welcome to attend poor, the healthy and the sick, the neighbor and the foreigner.the meetings on the first Sunday of the month following the Nativitys Greeters Ministry strives to offer a warm, friendly and10:30 service. helpful welcome to all that come here seeking Gods love. By mak- The Jubilee Chapter is sponsoring a Quiet Day entitled ing room at our table for all newcomers, we enrich the lives of all“An Invitation to Quietness” on Saturday, April 9, from 9 church members, and increase our understanding and love of allam to 1 pm in Estill House. A light breakfast of juice, cof- Gods people.fee, tea, bagels and cream cheese will be served. The Rev- Please consider giving of your time and talents to this vital minis-erend Nancy Titus will facilitate directed readings, medita- try. This is an excellent ministry for newer church members. Wetion, and journaling so please plan on bringing your Bible, need help not only greeting newcomers, but also producing publica-a notebook and/or a journal. Plan this as a time to rest, re- tions, updating our web site, maintaining a visitor tracking data-flect and restore… In quietness and trust, you will gain base, and distributing newcomer gifts.strength. Reservations are not required. If you have any To be part of this important ministry, please join us for an infor-questions, please call Gail McNally at 376-1869. mal dinner at Nativity: When: Tuesday, March 1 at 7 pm Motto of the Order Where: Corlett Hall in Estill House I am but one, but I am one. RSVP: Contact Kari Marotta at or I cannot do everything, but I can do something. 424-7714 by Sunday, February 27 What I can do, I ought to do. Feel free to contact me, Geyer Longenecker, at What I ought to do, by the grace of God I will do. or 271-9795 if you have any questions or Lord, what will you have me do? comments. Thank you!