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Lesson plan 4


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Lesson plan 4

  1. 1. TALLER DE PRÁCTICA DOCENTE Alumno Residente: Klein, Natalia Soledad Período de la Práctica: Nivel Secundario. Institución Educativa: Cem 24 Dirección: Calle Cerezos s/n, Colonia J. Echarren. Río Colorado. Río Negro. Año: 1ro. Cantidad de alumnos: 20 Nivel linguistico del curso: Elemental/básico. Tipo de Planificación: Clase. Unidad Temática: Lugares en la Ciudad Clase N°: 4 Fecha: 16/06/15. Hora: 10,20 a 11.50. Duración de la clase: 80 minutos. Fecha de primera entrega: 09/06/15  Teaching Points  Revision of the vocabulary related to places in the city.  Revision of verb to be (positive-negative-interrogative)  The introduction of the structure “there is/there are” (positive-negative)  Learning Aims During the lesson, learners will be able to:  Develop their reading skills by working on a description of an ideal city and an interview about a real city.  Develop their listening skills by listening to the descriptions created by thegroup.  Develop their writing skills by producing their own descriptions of their ideal city. Language Focus
  2. 2.  Teaching Approach: Communicative Approach  Integration of Skills: the reading and writing skills are integrated through descriptions and interviews which will be used to foster interaction among students and with the teacher. Also, the reading skills are developed through activities that include complete and correct sentences according to texts. Also, the writing skills are developed to encourage their imagination and become more independent.  Pedagogical use of ICT in class: no use of technology tools.  Materials: worksheets with exercises for each student, board, marker and flashcards related to the topic.  Seating arrangement: According to the type of activity, the Ss will be sitting in pairs or in groups of 5 students.  Cooperative work: there is no group work in this lesson.  Possible problems and possible solutions: the most important problem could be the time between when the bell rang up to the moment the students come to the class. There is a waste of time and it is very difficult to make them concentrate in the topic or to make them be silent. The possible solution is to wait them with a previous activity in order to make them finish it.  Assessment: The assessment will be focused on the final part of the class when the students check all together the tasks and I am monitoring all their activities. FUNCTION LEXIS STRUCTURE PRONUNCIATION REV Answering yes/no questions about the places in the city. Places in the city: Park, museum, hospital, zoo, shopping center, cybercafé, sports center, cinema, funfair. NEW Describing cities Describing location / existence There is / isn´t a museum. There are /aren´t two cinemas. Correct pronunciation of the new word: there.
  3. 3.  Routine (2 minute) T: Hello Students! You are welcome to our fourth class! How are you? Ss: Fine! And you? T: Right! I´m fine, too! Today we are going to keep talking about the places in Río Colorado which we learnt last class! Are you ready? Ss: Yes!!!  Transition: let´s start revising a bit from the previous class….  Presentation (20 minutes) T: Do you knowthat I have an ideal city in my dreams? Ss: No! T: My city´s name is “Ice Town”. It has lots of places to go! I will stick a flashcard with a picture of the city and a description of it. Let´s look and read it!
  4. 4. My ideal city is fantastic. There is a shopping center with lots of great shops. There are two beautiful hotels and a restaurant with delicious food. There are three small cinemas with famous films on. Also, there is a sports clothes shop where you can buy lots of special things. My favorite place in the city is the park because there are lots of games. There is a small zoo and here are some interesting animals there. The only problem is that there aren´t any cybercafés or museums. T: do you like my ideal city? Ss: yes! It is nice. T: let´s pay attention to the words in red. (pointing to the words in the description on the board). Let´s take two examples from the description:  There is a shopping center (I will write it on the board)  There are two beautiful hotels. (I will write it on the board) When you want to describe a city or you want to count things, you will use the following structure: THERE IS (I will stick a flashcard with the structure) THERE ARE (I will stick a flashcard with the structure) You will use “there is” for singular form. Can you give another example from the description?
  5. 5. Ss: yes! There is a sports clothes shop. . T: Very good! And, if you want to write it in the negative form, you will write: There ISN´T a sports clothes shop. (I will write the student´s example and the negative on the board) Is it clear? Ss: Yes! T: Ok, And, do you think the structure “there are” will be for the singular or the plural form? Ss: Plural! T: Right!!!. Can you give me anexample from the description? Ss: yes! There are lots of games. T: perfect! And if you want to say it into the negative form,you will say: There aren´t lots of games. (I will write student´s example and the negative on the board) Is it clear? Ss: Yes! T: Well, let´s check comprehension…. In Río Colorado there isn´t a … Ss: Shopping center! T: perfect! And, there is a big… Ss: Park . T: Right! And, is there any cinema? Ss: Yes! There are two! T: Excellent! And, are there funfairs? Ss: No, there aren´t T: Well done! Pre-Reading Activity (10 minutes) Activity 1
  6. 6. T: Yesterday, I was reading a newspaper and I read an interview made to a neighbor of Río Colorado( miming the words just in case they don’t understand them). I will give you a worksheet with the interview. You will sit in pairs and you will read it and find out what places he mentions. Reporter: Tell me about Río Colorado. What a lovely city! Neighbor: Yes!!!! It is great! There is a shopping centre with three shops. Reporter: Is it big? Neighbor: Yes, there are four beautiful parks and a zoo. The zoo is small but there are ten amazing animals. There is a cinema and a sports center. Reporter: Which is your favorite place in the city? Neighbor: My favorite place is the cybercafé. Reporter: Why? Neighbor: Because it has got many computers and there are lots of games to play with. Reporter: So, Río Colorado is a fantastic city! Neighbor: Yes! Reporter: Thanks for your time! Bye! Neighbor: You are welcome, bye! T: Well, Which are the places inthe city? Ss: there are parks, zoos, sports centers, cinemas and cybercafés. T: Are they beautiful? Ss: Yes, they are! T: Do you like your city? Ss: Yes!!!! While- Reading Activity (10 minutes) Activity 2
  7. 7. T: Now, I will give you a worksheet with 5 sentences. You will have to correct them according to the interview presented in the previous activity. You will have to pay special attention to the use of the new structure. Let´s doan example:  There is a beautiful park.  Correction: There are four parks. (I will write both examples on the board) 1. There are two beautiful parks in Río Colorado. 2. There are two zoos but there aren´t any animals. 3. There is a cinema and there are three sports centers. 4. There is a cybercafé. 5. There aren´t lots of games to play in the cybercafés. Key: 1. There are four beautiful parks in Río Colorado. 2. There is a zoo and there are amazing animals there. 3. There is a cinema and there is a sportsclothes shop. 4. Correct. 5. There are lots of games to play in the cybercafé. After- Reading Activity (15 minutes) Activity 3
  8. 8. T: Now, please, sit in pairs! I will give you a worksheet with 6 sentences. The sentences are about known cities such Bahia Blanca, Bariloche, Buenos Aires and Viedma. You will have to fill in blanks with the new structure, into the negative or positive forms. At the endof each of the sentences there will be a tick ( ) or a cross (x). The tick will indicate that you will have to complete the sentence into the positive form while the cross will indicate that you will complete it into the negative form. Let´s try an example: …………………………….a new cinema in Bahia Blanca. (x) The answer: there is a new cinema in Bahia Blanca. (I will write the example on the board). 1. ……………………………… five parks in Bahía Blanca. ( ) 2. ……………………………… a cinema in Bariloche. (x). 3. ……………………………… two sports centers in Buenos Ares. (x) 4. ……………………………… lots of museums in Bariloche. ( ) 5. ……………………………… a zoo in Buenos Aires. ( ) 6. ……………………………… seven cybercafés in Viedma. (x). T: Ok, let´s check the exercise! Who wants to start reading the first sentence? Ss: Me! T: Ok, let´s start! (The students read the sentences correctly. I correct some pronunciation mistakes by imitation after me). Activity 4 (18 minutes) T: Please, sit in a semi-circle. Let´s try to think about your favorite city. My favorite city is Salta! All of you should have a city you like best. Please think about it! Can you tell me some of the cities?
  9. 9. Ss: Bahía Blanca, Sierra de la Ventana, Monte Hermoso, Neuquén…. (the students continue naming the different cities) T: Well, perfect! Beautiful cities!!! Now, you will have to write a description of your favorite city. You will follow the description I gave you at the beginning of the class, the description of Río Colorado. The description should have at least 5 sentences. Please, pay special attention to the plural and singular forms of the new structure. I will give you 10 minutes to do it. Then, I will pass around the pairs and I will check your descriptions are correctly written! (Once the students finished, they start reading the descriptions. They pronounce some words wrong in some sentences, so I will correct them repeating the word or the whole sentence correctly. I will ask the students to repeat after me) Closure (5 minutes) T: I will give you a worksheet with your homework. You will have to complete a chart with the information of my ideal city, the interview about Río Colorado and the description you have made. You will have to read the three texts and complete the chart. You will do it at home and you will hang in next class. Remember, you have a copy of each of them! You will have to write any word referring to the place I give to you. Let´s do an example: If I say: Park In my ideal city: Games. Río Colorado: Four Your description: …….. (I will write three examples on the board) Museum Park zoo Funfair cinema Shopping center Teacher´s ideal city Interview about Río Colorado.
  10. 10. Your description