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Lesson plan 3 Klein Natalia


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Lesson plan 3 Klein Natalia

  1. 1. ALUMNO PRACTICANTE: KLEIN NATALIA SOLEDAD Períodode Práctica: INICIAL InstituciónEducativa:ESCUELA 90 Dirección:COLONIA J.ECHARREN Sala/ Grado / Año - sección:1ER GRADO Cantidadde alumnos: 10 Nivel lingüísticodel curso:ELEMENTAL Tipode Planificación: DIARIA UnidadTemática: ANIMALES Clase Nº:3 Fecha:7 de mayo de 2014 Hora: 9,30 a 10,30 Duraciónde laclase:60 MINUTOS Fechade primeraentrega:4 de mayode 214 • Teachingpoints: Animals:dog,cat, fishand rabbit. • Aimsorgoals: Duringthislesson,learnerswill be able torecognizethe differentanimals.
  2. 2. Language Focus LEXIS FUNCTIONS STRUCTURES PRONUNCIATION REV VOCABULAYRELATED THE WEATHER. WHAT´S THE WEATHER LIKE? Revisionof the pronunciationof the vocabularyrelatedto weather. NEW VOCABULARYRELATED TO ANIMALS. RECOGNIZINGTHE ANIMALS. WHAT´S THIS? THE CORRECT PRONUNCIATION OF THE WORDS BY REPETITION. SS WILL IMITATE THE TEACHER´S MODEL. WARM-UP(5 MINUTES) I will greetthe studentsandIwill playthe song“Hello”asinthe previousclassinordertomake themdo thisas a habit. song#sthash.RdN39X4r.F8O9uojL.dpbs Hello, hello, How are you today? Hello, hello, How are you today? I’m fine, thank you, I’m fine, thank you, I’m fine, thank you, And how about you?
  3. 3. Hello, hello, How are you today? I’m fine, thank you, And how about you? I will askthe studentstoseatin a semi-circleandsingalongthe song.I will encourage the students to clap theirhandsor use gesturesintime withthe music. PRESENTATION (5 minutes) I will revise whatthe studentsrememberaboutthe previousclassaboutthe weather. I will askthem: What´s the weatherlike? Andtheywill answer:It´ssunny! (theylookoutsidethe window sittingall together) DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY 1 (5 MINUTES) I will askthemaboutanimals,whichanimalstheyknow inEnglish,andmostof themanswer:CAT! Anotherstudentsays:DOG! I will say:VeryGood! So,I say themthat there are othersanimalsandwe will learnthemtoday! ACTIVITY 2 (10 MINUTES) I will stickapicture of the animalsonthe board. Each animal will have the name below them.
  4. 4. DOG CAT FISH RABBIT Afterthat,I will askthe studentstorepeatthe name of the animalsafterme. TRANSITION (2 MINUTES) I will tell the studentsthattheyare goingto workwithpuzzles inthe nextactivity.The students gethappy since theylike it.
  5. 5. ACTIVITY 3 (15 MINUTES) I will askthe studentstoseatin groupsof 3 or 2. There will be 4 groups. I will give adifferent puzzle of animals toeachof the group. The puzzleswillhave the same animalsasthe onesIstick on the board. Theywill have tojointhe puzzles inordertoform an animal.Each of the groups will have a differentanimal since theyare only 10. There will be 4animalsinthe class.Afterthat, I will ask the studentsto sticktheirpuzzlesonthe wallsof the classroom. Afterthat,I will ask a newquestion:  What´s this?(pointing tothe animal Istickon the board) I will write the questiononthe board.  The studentanswers:Dog! The studentsunderstandthe meaningof the questionwell.So, Iwill askthemtomake the same questionbetweentheminordertomake interactionbetweenmates. TRANSITION (2 MINUTES) I will tell the studentsthatthe nextactivityisagame!Enjoy it! ACTIVITY 4 (10 MINUTES) I will projectavideowithall the animalsbutIwill askthemto repeatonlythe soundsof the animalstheyrecognize. Afterwatchingthe video,Iwill ask the studentstoseatintwogroups of 5 eachone. I will askthemto choose one studentandI will askhimorher to make an animal´s sound.The rest of the groupshouldsaywhichanimal he or she is making.Theywill doitfive times;eachof them shouldpassto the front.The group whichmore correct answershave will win!
  6. 6. CLOSURE (3 MINUTES) I will playthe song“Goodbye”.Iwill askthemto singandclap theirhandsinthe firsttime Iplayit. In the secondtime, the studentsshoulduse the songgesturesimitatingthe teacher. Lyrics: Goodbye,goodbye, See you again. Goodbye,goodbye, See you again. It’stime to go, It’stime to go, It’stime to go, See you next time. Goodbye,goodbye, See you again. It’stime to go, See you next time.