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Final second evaluation


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Final second evaluation

  1. 1. Name: Klein, Natalia Soledad. Subject: Taller de la Práctica Docente. School: Escuela Primaria N° 90. Local observer: Albarracín, Alicia. Practicum Period: Primary. Final Evaluation Second Period “The Four Dimensions of the Reflective Learning” has showed me how to evaluate my second practicum period. I will develop that evaluation taking into account the different stages based on students´ learning. The report is based on the 1° Grade with 10 students in the primary school N° 90” situated in Buena Parada, Río Colorado. Thinkingback,whenIwas acceptedin the school I thought several things and there were many objectives to develop during my classes but I realized that I will focus my attention in the most important ones in order to motivate the learners and encourage their progresses. I shared with them two observation classes where I could evaluate what motivates them in learning and what encourages them in speaking the new language which was very difficult for them. The learnerscouldn´tspeakinEnglishandIrealizedthatIwill have touse several teachingstrategiesin order to make them understand my explanations. It was one of my principal objectives of my practicum.The use of visual aidssuchas flashcardsand pictures were essential to catch students´ attentionandI couldmotivate theminspeakingabouttheir own things or any topic of the class. I sharedwiththem beautiful classes teaching them new vocabulary and topics in the lessons. The learners made different types of activities and they enjoyed them. I made sure that they could checkthemcorrectly. I think the lesson plans were developed perfectly and the use of different
  2. 2. teaching strategies helped to make the students understand me and as a consequence they did the activities well. They could learn through the use of songs, descriptions, texts and flashcards. Also,I couldfosterinteractionamonglearners andtheycoulddoworkfreely.The students enjoyed the classes and they worked in groups because integration was essential during the classes. According to skills, I could develop the four ones and the learners became interested in each one doing the activities fantastically. Moreover, I could check every one activity, clarify doubtsand made correctionsatthe endof the classes. What´s more,the studentsacceptedall the activitiesproposedwell andtheydidthemwonderfully.The classespassedandthe learners could speak and express their ideas into English and they could do play-roles during the lessons. Finally,there were some problems such as timing and organization within the classroom but it was at the beginning, then it could be modified and the learners became more organized and they used the time more effectively. Furthermore, I think that good closures are vital, so I tried to give the students complete closures. A good closure gives the students confidence and motivation in continuing working with the language and learning new topics. Thinkingforward, if I had the chance to develop this practice again, I would change some activities for other ones making focus on listening and speaking ones in my lesson plans. The communicative activitiesimprove communicationandinteractionamongthemselvesandit makes themfeel more confidentandmotivatedinlearninganew language.Speakingaboutintrospective reflections,myexperience inthissecondperiodof my practicum was fantastic and I learnt a lot in planning my lesson plans since it was my problem in the first period. Also, I could manage the developmentof the activitiesproperly.Anyway,Iam happy and I learnt a lot from this period; my lessonplansimprovedandthe classroom management was good. Concluding, the students and I felt comfortable during the classes and they felt freely to express their doubts and ask for more explanations, information and materials. Thinking outward, I believe that I have to take into account others´ viewpoints and attitudesinorderto improve mylessonsinthe future.Itisveryimportanttolistenothersopinions and suggestionsfromthe tutorsandteachers. Furthermore,not only is central to listen and try to notice the students´ necessities and thoughts but also to give the students correct topics and develop good roles for their learnings.