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How To Change A Tyre


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A guide to how to change your tyre from

You can find the full guide here:

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How To Change A Tyre

  1. 1. How To Change A Tyre By
  2. 2. Equipment Needed • A jack • A wheel wrench • A clean cloth • A spare wheel and a car to put it on
  3. 3. Step One Safety • Park your vehicle on level ground as far away from traffic as possible. If on-road, pull over in a safe place like a lay-by, or find a car park or service station • If it's dark, ensure that you are wearing a high-visibility jacket and using a torch • If near traffic, turn on your hazard lights. Any passengers should also get out of the car, and any heavy luggage will need to be removed
  4. 4. Step Two Removing a wheel • Remove any wheel cover or centre cap to gain access to the wheel nuts, and give each one a ½ turn with your wheel wrench • Then place your jack under the jacking point nearest the wheel – these points vary from vehicle to vehicle and will be indicated in your owner’s manual, so it’s important to know where they are ahead of time
  5. 5. Removing a wheel Continued • Failure to place the jack properly can cause damage to the car and may provide an unstable lift. Turn the jack handle clockwise until you have raised the wheel completely off the ground • Remove the wheel nuts and remove the tyre
  6. 6. Step Three Fitting the replacement • Lift the replacement up onto the mounting surface and tighten all of the wheel nuts with your fingers • To ensure perfect alignment, you should tighten the nuts further (but not fully) in the order shown in the image below - if drawn out, the order looks like a five pointed star
  7. 7. Step Four Finishing up • Lower the car by turning the jack handle anti-clockwise until the wheel is resting on the ground and the jack can be removed • Give those nuts a last turn (using the same pattern in the previous slide) to ensure everything is secure • Make sure you pack everything back into the vehicle
  8. 8. Tyre Changing Video The Co-operative have produced a helpful video for you to follow, this can be found next
  9. 9. Want more information? Check out the full guide here: Ask us a question? ----------------- -----------------