Using Social Media to Fundraise


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This webcast will provide you with best practices and tips that will get you up and running with social media tools Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, email and website to engage your constituents and others on the world wide web. More importantly, this webcast will show you tools that will make this outreach efficient and effective using the human and financial resources you have now! Can we raise money using social media ? the answer is yes! How much and setting expectations is the issue. Bring your questions ? we have answers!

At the conclusion of this session, participants will know how to: Effectively use appropriate social media for their organization, engage others in using the social media, use social media to raise money. create effective messages for social media, integrate a social media plan as part of communications, marketing and fundraising

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Using Social Media to Fundraise

  1. 1. Barbara Talisman Barbara has more than 20 years of experience in fundraising and nonprofit consulting. As Vice President, serves as a strategic consultant to Ketchum and Pursuant Agency clients. Barbara brings her experience in fundraising, board development, executive coaching as well as facilitating workshops at conferences worldwide. Talisman clients include human service, healthcare, education, international affairs and arts organizations. She is a well-known and well-respected industry leader with expertise that includes board and membership development, donor cultivation programs, major gift solicitation and grant writing, volunteer recruitment and corporate partnership. A social media early adopter, she demonstrates her talents and proficiency in online communication through her presence on, Twitter, an e-mail newsletter, and her blog, Talisman Thinking Out Loud. Barbara also has a radio show called Making a Difference, where she interviews nonprofit thought leaders who share how they are inspiring change and rising to meet challenges with solutions that effectively advance their causes.
  2. 2. 1. Where R U in SM? 2. Part of a marketing/communication plan 3. All about relationships 4. Communication 5. Coordination 6. How to
  3. 3. Social Media – primarily Internet-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings. The term most often refers to activities that integrate technology and social interaction with the construction of words, pictures, audio and video. The industry might also refer to social media as “user generated content” Wikipedia
  4. 4. • If you are not actively involved in an online community already, you have nothing to leverage • Donor loyalty is about YOU being loyal to your donors, until you can operate from that premise – your organization will not use social media effectively • Social media is one of many cultivation tools you can/should be using
  5. 5. Curating Producing Commenting Sharing Watching
  6. 6. Used with Creative Commons permission from Beth Kanter Community Building & Social Share Networking Generate Content Buzz Listen Participate Tactics – Tools - Time 5hr 10hr 15hr 20hr Less Time More Time
  7. 7. Facebook Add This Widget Twitter Your Website & MySpace Conversation Email Blog LinkedIn Blog Flickr
  8. 8. Based on Constituent Interests • Listening • Google alerts • Monitor • Dialogue • Authenticity
  9. 9. Traditional Media New Media Email signatures Social media policy E-News with SM links Twitter – Tweeters Website updates Blog - Bloggers Collateral materials Facebook Fan Page Annual report Causes Page Press releases YouTube Calendar of events Photos
  10. 10. Selling to Leadership Risk of Ignoring Plan Willingness to let go Crisis Management Plan Measure/Evaluate People
  11. 11. September November 1st News/annual report Mail appeal Email appeal Blog to Fan page Fan page/Causes update Video to Fan page Blog to Fan page October Video to Fan page Email December Blog to Fan page News Video to Fan page Blog to Fan page Video to Fan page Fan page Thank you letters Holiday cards
  12. 12. @mikeyames @pursuant
  13. 13. Craft your message (video or written note) •Address your Facebook network specifically •Use the voice that your Facebook friends know •Don't "put on" a fundraiser voice •Be yourself, that's who people will give to Image by © Duncan Smith/Corbis View this video appeal example
  14. 14. • Group into lists where those friends know each other. • Commenting will grow a conversation. • Lists can only contain 20 people, so you might be titling these lists things like "workfriends1", "workfriends2", etc. Image by © Duncan Smith/Corbis
  15. 15. •Video or written note •You will likely have to upload it more than once •Tag as many as 50 of your friends in each video/note •Tagging your friends in the video not only causes the video to appear in their own notifications, but also sends it to the feeds of all their friends.
  16. 16. • Consider opening yourself to a chipin widget • Community Hunger Day had a very slick, custom sponsorship microsite that was built for them by Pursuant. • There are additional peer giving options • GiveForward • FirstGiving
  17. 17. Cultivate others comments by replying to and engaging with each comment.
  18. 18. Say “thank you” • Send private thanks right away • Send a public thank you • Send a corporate thank you View this video thank you example
  19. 19. Send Updates • Plan to update entire group at least twice • Upload the updates and “share” them with the distribution lists • “Shared” assets will show up in your friends inboxes instead of their notifications. Image by © Duncan Smith/Corbis
  20. 20. • Active Facebook users proceed • Passive Facebook users should spend three months commenting on friends photos, commenting on friends videos, uploading your own quality photos and videos, involving yourself in conversation around your friends notes and status updates. • Non-users of facebook...spend a month reading Beth Kanter’s blog before opening your profile.
  21. 21. Having used this precise method several times, he has never run into Facebook suspending he account. He knows of others who have deviated from this distribution plan and have been temporarily suspended. He doesn’t know what triggers a suspension. Anyone who does know the current, specific triggers for suspension, please tell Mikey!
  22. 22. Social Media Tech Hootsuite Thwirl Twibes TweetDeck
  23. 23. Thank You! @BTalisman