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Planning a media campaign nsp week


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This webinar will provide the basics for planning a media campaign around an agency event or announcement, using NSP Week as the example. The webinar will cover a suggested timeline, media venues and contacts to consider and appropriate language and formats to use in your media materials.

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Planning a media campaign nsp week

  1. 1. National Safe Place Week Hillary Bond Communications Coordinator National Safe Place
  2. 2.  Purpose of a Media Campaign Materials & Formats Media Outlets & Appropriate Contacts Social Media Suggested Timeline
  3. 3. • What is the goal ofyour media campaign?• Key message(s)?• Who do you want toinform—targetaudiences?• What communicationchannels will you use?
  4. 4.  Press Release Media Advisory PSAs Fact Sheet Media Kit
  5. 5.  From top to bottom:  Include agency and Safe Place logo  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE or EMBARGOED  Contact person’s name, title, phone, email address  Concise, informative headline  City, State and Date in bold—before lead sentence  Lead sentence or paragraph should aim to answer the five Ws—who, what, where, when, why  Quote(s) from noteworthy person in 2nd or 3rd paragraph  Boilerplate describing your agency at bottom of press release written in smaller/italicized text
  6. 6.  From top to bottom:  Agency and Safe Place logo  MEDIA ADVISORY FOR (date of event)  Contact person’s name, title, phone, email address  Include “Media Advisory” above headline  Clear, concise headline  Lead paragraph giving general information about event  Necessary information under the headings What, Who, Where, When, Why  Boilerplate describing your agency at bottom of media advisory written in smaller/italicized text
  7. 7.  From top to bottom:  Agency and Safe Place logo  PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT for (air date)  Contact person’s name, title, phone, email address  Title of announcement  Concise explanation of what you want aired or complete PSA script
  8. 8.  Event press release Media advisory Fact Sheet Agency and Safe Place logos (hi res) Promotional brochures (Safe Place and agency) TXT 4 HELP card Business card
  9. 9. Your media list should include:• Name of media outlet• Name of contact• Title/position• Mailing address• Phone numbers (main, direct)• Email (direct, not just general email)• Twitter handle (ie: @WLKYNews)• Notes
  10. 10. • Television stations: news directors,assignment editors, morning and/or noonproducers, PSA directors/communityrelations directors•Radio stations: news directors, talk showproducers and hosts•Magazines: Editors, photo editors,calendar editors, communityeditors/reporters, other reporters that coversubject matter relevant to your organization• Newspapers: Section editors (metro,business, education, lifestyle, etc.),community editors/reporters, calendareditors
  11. 11.  Send press release and PSA scripts at least two weeks in advance Send Media Advisory at least two days in advance  Most media contacts like to receive materials via email  Don’t send a group email with entire distribution list in the header  Craft a catchy, detailed subject line  Be sure to write brief “pitch” in body of email
  12. 12.  Follow up with your media contacts one week after initial contact
  13. 13.  Aim to post NSP Week content twice a week Communicate with media contacts via social media Use Twitter hashtag #SafePlaceWeek and #WhereisyourSafePlace Upload photos/videos during NSP Week
  14. 14. Questions?
  15. 15. Thank You!! Hillary Bond (502)