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Creating Balance - Professional Development Skills


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Published in: Education, Business
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Creating Balance - Professional Development Skills

  1. 1. Barbara Talisman 312.733.7520
  2. 2. Barbara Talisman Talisman Associates, Inc . is a full service consulting firm working with nonprofit organizations. Barbara has been in the development field since 1983. She has experience in:  Corporate partnership  Special events  Board/membership development  Grant writing  Major gift solicitation  Volunteer/staff development and training  Executive coaching  Interim staffing and search Barbara is a highly rated speaker and has facilitated workshops in North America, Europe the United Kingdom and Australia. She has published numerous articles and writes weekly for her blog Talisman Thinking Out Loud. Barbara holds a Bachelor’s degree from Case Western Reserve University. She has continued her education through workshops and classes at BoardSource,The Institute for Charitable Giving,Vanderbilt University, Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) regional and international conferences and Indiana University School of Philanthropy. Barbara is an AFP Master Trainer.
  3. 3. 1. Caring for yourself 2. Communication 3. Priorities 4. Teaming Up 5. Courage 6. Integrity
  4. 4. Taking Time for Yourself Exercise Meditation Setting priorities Slow down One thing at a time
  5. 5. Communication Styles Preferred method Email Phone Group/Meetings One on one Using it effectively You and the team Two-way
  6. 6. Q&A
  7. 7. Priorities – Personal and Professional Set them Monthly Weekly Daily Hourly Urgency v. Importance
  8. 8. Setting Priorities Important Urgent Not Urgent Urgent and Important but Not Important Urgent Not Important Urgent but Not Not important and Important Not Urgent
  9. 9. Teaming Up Permission Practice Pattern Managing
  10. 10. Q&A
  11. 11. Courage  Another way  Another time  Will review
  12. 12. Integrity  Practice what you preach  Lead by example  Set expectations  Determine goals
  13. 13. Thank you! Make a commitment Engage the others Practice Call or write with any questions!
  14. 14. Stay in Touch! Talisman Blog Making a Difference Radio @BTalisman Facebook