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This will be an opportunity to hear from other Safe Place agencies about the community events that are hosted for the purpose of raising awareness and/or fundraising. Examples of different events will be shared including a brief overview of the resources and time needed, and obstacles and challenges.

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Community Special Events

  1. 1. Sharing Our Ideas and Successes
  2. 2. The Plan  Specific Examples  Q & A of facilitators  Other stories  More Q & A 2
  3. 3. End of Summer Reading Party Carol Williams, Family Connection, Inc.  Target Audience: Children, youth and parents  Possible Supply Needs: Table, tablecloth, Safe Place sign, outreach cards, bracelets, stickers, brochures  Implementing in Your Community:  Who is in your Safe Place network?  Keep up-to-date on community events  Approach sites as a way for THEM to receive recognition  Take what you have available to reduce your cost 3
  4. 4. Safe Place Family Fun Day Michele Whelchel, Hamilton Centers Youth Service Bureau  Forming a Committee (Board participation) and partners for an event  Being creative : Ideas sheets  Family vs adult events  Safe Place Family Fun Day overview  Martini Party overview 4
  5. 5. Duck Derby Marian Barber, Advocates for Children Description: The Duck Derby is Advocates biggest fund raiser and attracts lots of media coverage each year. Imagine over 20,000 plastic ducks being released into the Etowah River and racing to the finish line, as hopeful derby winners cheer them on from the riverbanks …… you now have a vision of the derby. 5
  6. 6. Duck Derby Marian Barber, Advocates for Children Each duck is adopted (purchased) for a fee of $5 each or six ducks for $25, called a Quack Pack. The last duck over the line, even wins the purchaser a free membership to the gym to get in shape for next year. An annual Duck Derby parade kicked off the event. Choi Kwang Do participated & gave out Safe Place information cards, along with candy, to several hundred parade spectators. On race day, Choi Kwang Do provided an on-site demonstration, while our duck mascot cheered and handed out Safe Place information. 6
  7. 7. Skateboard Competition & Concert Event Amber Wilson, Skagit Valley Family YMCA Description: We held a late morning/afternoon skateboard competition with a DJ and then an evening concert with teen bands. With minimal advertising in a small, rural community, this event drew 38 competitors (ranging in age from 7 to 23) and more than 100 spectators. Results: It made the front page of the newspaper the next day. Not only was this an excellent outreach event, it also provided an empowering opportunity for skateboarding youth to be recognized for their talents. This is significant in a community that does not normally support or appreciate these youth. Problems: 1) The person setting up our bands, judges, and MC flaked on us; 2) 2) the event cost money instead of raising it; 3) 3) we had no girl competitors. 7
  8. 8. Skateboard Competition & Concert Event Amber Wilson, Skagit Valley Family YMCA To do: Secure the skate park with Parks and Rec  Parks and Rec requirements: Rent portapotties (unexpected expense), bring your own trash cans & recycling cans, clean up, music must end by 10pm  Partner with a local skate shop who provided all prizes & DJ’ed music for skating  Partner with local non-profit coffee shop/music venue: booked the bands, brought stage, canopy, & sound equipment, brought tables & chairs, sold refreshments  Create schedule of day: different levels of competitions & the concert afterward  Advertise: design flyers to put up at locations; write/send out press releases  Create/distribute registration forms with waiver to be signed by parents  Bring fully stocked first aid kit (call 911 for emergencies)  YMCA required us to hire a security guard (BIG unexpected expense)  Find 3 judges and an MC (local kids into skating are the best)  Recruit volunteers to collect money/stamp people at entrance ($5 fee with free entrance for competitors), collect registrations for competitors, run the raffle, set up and clean up  Solicit donations for raffle  Had a banner printed (for a discounted price at a local sign shop) 8
  9. 9. Skateboard Competition & Concert Event Amber Wilson, Skagit Valley Family YMCA Lessons Learned:  Use fencing and more volunteers to ensure people pay  Use a non-profit promotions company who will donate their time: advertising/marketing, organizing the bands, help with expenses: getting better donations for raffle, getting big name sponsors (from Seattle) to cover costs, getting fencing and security/bouncer donated  Use Oasis clients, their friends, and kids from skate shops to judge/MC  Include roller derby and roller skating somehow to include more girls 9
  10. 10. Youth Fashion Show ’09 - “Young Hollywood Glam” Deryk Clark, Bill Wilson Center  Identify Community Service Project  Identify and recruit youth-adult committee A. Youth buy–in B. Select youth leaders for planning committee. C. Identify other adult staff & volunteers to be part of planning committee  Project Goals A. Who will benefit from project? B. Theme C. Venue D. Determine financial budget - To support project - Identify recipient (s) of monies raised 10
  11. 11. Youth Fashion Show ’09 - “Young Hollywood Glam” Deryk Clark, Bill Wilson Center  Create Sub-committees and tasks  Fundraising ID and contact community stake holders Contact Bill Wilson Center’s donors for ticket sales Support letters to local Public Officials Create donor packages with level systems for companies and local businesses Research and write mini-grants  Recruitment Fashion Designers, Models, Hair and Make-up artists D.J /Entertainment/Local Artists Photographer Caterers  Marketing/ Public Relations Radio PSA/ Local News outlets Design outreach to community events to publicize event Set-up online ticket sales Design marketing materials 11
  12. 12. Youth Fashion Show ’09 - “Young Hollywood Glam” Deryk Clark, Bill Wilson Center  Determine successful outcomes Fundraising  Monies raised to meet goal  Identified potential donors for future events Marketing and Public Relations  Reached ticket sales goals  Reached target audience Recruitment  Developed community contacts to be used for future events  Youth data base for future community service projects 12
  13. 13. Domino Day Karen Bonnewell, Haven House Services Description: Each Year for 13 years, Haven House’s Safe Place Program with the help of Raleigh Parks and Recreation conducted a Safe Place//Domino Day at Pullen Park. The event attracted about 500 - 600 youth each year from area High Schools and Middle Schools  Secure location, set date & time & decide basic plan for the event.  Decide what your needs will be & send out donation requests to businesses (including sites), Board members, volunteers, etc.  Send information to school clubs and community clubs.  Arrange for food and beverages to be provided through donations.  Acquire Domino Game Pieces. These are for our giant hunt. 13
  14. 14. Domino Day Karen Bonnewell, Haven House Services  Contact area agencies to take part in the event.  Plan for additional activities.  Keeping accurate records is a must.  Arrange for staff and volunteers to assist with event.  Let the media know about the event!  Club $$ prizes are very important.  Thank you letters. 14
  15. 15. Q&A 15
  16. 16. Facilitator Contact Information Carol Williams, Family Connection, Inc. Michele Whelchel, Hamilton Centers Youth Service Bureau Marian Barber, Advocates for Bartow’s Children Amber Wilson, Skagit Valley Family YMCA Deryk Clark, Bill Wilson Center Karen Bonnewell, Haven House Services 16
  17. 17. How can NSP help you? Robin Donaldson, National Safe Place Sherry Elder, National Safe Place 17
  18. 18. What Next? Thank you for participating in this Safe Place Webinar. Please complete the short evaluation to help us understand the knowledge gained from this webinar. Please watch for updates on future distance learning opportunities including: Volunteer Recruitment and Maintenance and Safe Place Site Recruitment and Maintenance in July. All training opportunities are listed on the National Safe Place website at under Conference & Training 18
  19. 19. Thank You! The staff of the National Safe Place Program and the members of the National Safe Place Advisory Board appreciate your commitment, dedication and ongoing efforts on behalf of youth and families in every community. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance. Until next time – Best Wishes! “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead, American Anthropologist 19