Study reveals that what you do in college will have a serious effect on your life


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This presentation reports on how your behavior while in college can have a serious effect on your life. It also reveals habits you can develop while in school that can help optimize your success in business

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Study reveals that what you do in college will have a serious effect on your life

  1. 1. Helpful Financial Information from National Debt Relief … Study Reveals That What You Do In College Will Have A Serious Effect On Your Life If you want to keep college debt from crippling your financial future, you need to make sure that you act appropriately while you are in in school. There are people make the mistake of partying all the way through college and, once they start working, end up living like a student on a limited budget. This is because they are paying for the financial mistakes they made in the past. (Continued …) Brought To You By:
  2. 2. Helpful Financial Information from National Debt Relief … What you do in college will affect your life What you do in college have serious effects to your future. In fact, conducted a survey that proved how a student’s life in college affected them after graduation. It is interesting to note that your level of work engagement and your overall well-being will be affected by how you acted in college. The bottom line of the study revealed that college graduates would have been more engrossed in their work and would have better thrived in various areas of their life if: • Their school had prepared the for life after graduation • Their school was sincerely concerned about the long term success of its students • They had a mentor in college -- a professor who got him or her excited about learning and cared about them as a person • They had an internship in college, active in extracurricular activities and worked on a project that took the whole semester or more to complete Three important truths about college life and your future financial standing From the above study emerges three important truths about your college life that has a significant impact on your financial future. Let us discuss them one by one. Where you graduate is not important. The recently published an interview with Laszlo Bock, the VP of Google that is in charge of hiring people. He said that a person’s GPA and the school from which they graduated predicts nothing about how they will perform in the company. In fact, there is a growing number of people in the company that did not have any college degree. While good grades are still important, it has been observed that it is not the defining factor that will make a graduate successful. What is important are the skills that the student got from their school. That being said, you should know that you can be successful in big companies such as Google with just a degree from a community college while avoiding huge student loan debts. What happens to you in college will set you up for life after graduation. The Gallup study lao revealed that it is experience and skills that you get from college that will define your success in your work and will have a profound impact on your earning potential. Business owners are attracted to people of skill, not those who graduated from Ivy League schools. If you tap into the right influences like a mentor and social skills you get from extracurricular activities, you will find yourself more engaged to your work. The dedication that you will display can be evident in your output and that will make you shine in your work. What you spend in college will come haunt you after. This is not really directly indicated in the Gallup study but considering that we are trying to identify the factors that will affect your financial future, we need to incorporate this fact. It can be logically assumed that student loans, and credit card debts will haunt your paycheck for the next few years - even a decade. You need to be careful about how you use credit or if you use them at all in college. According to an article published on, the higher your student loan debt, the more of your lifetime wealth will be compromised. Instead of investing the money you get from your paycheck, you have to share that with your loan payments. This is true for both student loans and credit card debt.
  3. 3. Helpful Financial Information from National Debt Relief … Financial practices of a college student to set them up for success Given the truths we just discussed, you have to think how you should implement your financial practices in college to set up your future correctly. You can influence your financial future even as early as your high school days. If you start saving your college to avoid student loans, this can start you on building personal wealth early in life. But even if you failed to start while you were in high school, you still have time to correct your finances when you reach college. Here are five things that you could do to take care of your finances as early as now. • Implement a budget plan. Regardless if your parents are supporting you 100% or not, you need to have a budget. This is a habit that you will need your entire life. It will help you reach your financial goals and more importantly, it will keep you from getting into debt. A budget plan will allow you to prioritize your spending. It will help you make smart choices about your money while in college. • Learn about your debts. This is true for both student loans and credit card debt. A secure financial future does not necessarily mean you do not have debt. It means you may have debt but you have full control over it. Not only that, it also means you have a backup plan in case your main source of income is compromised. To create this plan, you need to understand your debts thoroughly. Your ignorance might lead you to make mistakes that could have been avoided if you only understood your debts. • Use your credit cards only for emergencies. Student loans are bad enough and your financial future will be much worse if you combine it with unnecessary credit card debt. You need to understand how this will jeopardize your financial future. Keep your debts low and if you have to use a credit card, make sure that you have a plan to pay it off before the grace period ends. • Get a job. If you need to get money for your college expenses, do not use your card or go running to your parents. Get a job and finance your own expenses. Not only will this teach you to be self-reliant, it will also give you the skills that will prove helpful when you start applying for jobs. Remember that internships and skills are major factors that Gallup mentioned you need in order to be engaged and to thrive in your future life. • Live a frugal life. When you are a student, you get all sorts of discounts. Make sure that you use them in a way that frugality won’t seem restricting. If you learn about the true practices of frugal living, you will realize that it is not about deprivation. It is learning how to have the things you enjoy but without spending too much for them, • Statistics show that many college graduates enter the business world with regrets about life. You do not have to be part of this statistic. Make sure that you learn how to set up your financial future so it will be ready to grow exponentially. If you want to avoid student loans, you should know that your skills and college experiences are more important than the expensive colleges that are so popularly preferred. The quality of college education is important - not where you got it.
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