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What is post box


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“41 Paisa per day, secure your privacy each day”, avail the Post Box. At just 150/- per year you can avail the facility of Post box.

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What is post box

  1. 1. POST  BOX   “41  Paisa  per  day,  secure  your  privacy  each  day”,  avail  the  Post  Box.   ! ————-­‐   Research  ar7cle  by  in  associa7on  with  
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  2. 2. My  Address  a:er  I  have  a  PO?   “YOUR  NAME”   Post  Box  No  ......................   Post  office  of  Delivery  .......................     Postal  Index  Number  (PIN)  …………………… ! ! Isn’t   it   cool!   Now   let   us   see   how   you   can   get   a   Post   Box   from   India   Post.   Le>er  box  Vs  Post  Box?   Are  they  same?  NO.  LeHer  Box  is  for  outgoing  mails  whereas  Post  box   is  for  incoming  mails.     You   deposit   your   mails   in   the   ‘LeHer   Box’   addressed  to  somebody  else  whereas  “Post  Box’   is  your  private  address  on  which  others  send  you   the  mails.     ‘LeHer   Box’   is   iden7fied   as   typical   red   colour   boxes   placed   across   the   city,   whereas   ‘Post   Box’   can   only   be   seen   inside   the   wall   of   a   post   office   Always visit Page 2 of 9
  3. 3. something  similar  to  the  bank  lockers.   Why  rent  a  PO  Box?        •          Privacy  –  Your  home  address  is  just  that,  your  home.  With  a  PO   Box,   you   can   keep   your   home   address   private.   PuZng   your   private   home   address   on   forms,   applica7ons,   Internet   orders   and  so  on  compromises  your  privacy  because  the  address  can  be   added   to   searchable   databases,   mailing   lists   and   other   publica7ons   without   your   knowledge.   By   using   a   post   box   address  instead,  you  safeguard  your  private  home  address.  
 RTI   and   Post   Box:   In   the   recent   decision   of   Avishek   Goenka   Vs   Union  of  India,  High  Court  of  Kolkata  in  writ  pe77on  No.  33290   of   2013   dated   20.11.2013   has   “allowed   the   use   of   Post   Box   in   Always visit Page 3 of 9
  4. 4. filing   RTI   which   shall   enable   contact   of   a   user   with   the   authority   without  revealing  personal  details  of  the  informa7on  seeker”.        •          ConfidenKality  –  Since  you  have  control  of  the  keys  to  your  PO   Box,   important   documents   and   personal   communica7ons   stay   confiden7al.   With   a   post   office   box,   your   mail   cannot   be   tampered  with  or  stolen  like  it  can  be  in  a  mailbox  at  your  home.   Since   you're   the   only   person   who   has   a   key,   you   can   maintain   complete  confiden7ality.        •          Efficiency   –   A   PO   Box   makes   it   easy   to   separate   business   mail   from   personal   mail.   The   Post   office   shall   accept   packages   for   you,  so  you  don’t  have  to  worry  about  missing  a  delivery.  If  you   move  (within  the  city),  you  won’t  have  to  change  your  address   or  anything  that  has  your  business  address  on  it.        •          Accessibility   &   Security   –   Control   when   and   where   you   get   your   mail.  A  PO  Box  gives  you  an  easy  way  to  control  who  sees  your   delivered   mail.   Many   Post   Office   loca7ons   have   extended   business  hours.   Eligibility  for  a  Post  Box?   • Any  person  (including  a  firm  or  other  body)  can  avail  this  service;   •A r 7 c l e s   a d d r e s s e d   t o   legi7mate   personnel   of   a   firm   ren7ng  a  post  box  and  ar7cles   Always visit Page 4 of 9
  5. 5. addressed   to   family   members   and   guests   of   the   renter   can   also   avail  this  facility.   • The   post   box   holders   who   receive   a   large   quan7ty   of   mail   which   cannot   be   conveniently   put   into   the   post   box   may   rent   an   addi7onal  post  box  on  the  same  terms  and  condi7ons  but  with  the   same  post  box  number  so  that  the  en7re  mail  may  be  placed  inside   post  box  instead  of  keeping  a  por7on  of  the  mail  under  or  above  or   away  from  the  Post  Box  cabinet.   What  does  Post  Box  Delivers?   • Only  leHers,  inland  leHer  cards,  postcards,  aerogrammes,  registered   newspapers,   books   of   the   post   bearing   the   Post   Box   No.   are   delivered  through  post  box.   •Registered,   insured,   V.P.   ar7cles   as   also  money  orders  addressed  payable   to   the   par7cular   person   or   firm   in   whose   name   the   post   box   stands   registered   will   be   delivered/paid   through  the  postman,  so  long  the  person/firm  rents  the  Post  Box   ! Where  is  the  Post  Box  available?   Always visit Page 5 of 9
  6. 6. • Post   Box   is   available   in   most   of   the   delivery   post   offices   across   India.   A   delivery   post   office   is   the   one   from   where   the   Postman   come  out  for  delivery  of  leHers.  Very  broadly  Head  Post  Offices  or   the  HSG  Sub  Post  Offices  of  a  District  may  have  the  Post  Box  facility.     • It   can   also   be   ascertained   from   outside   the   post   office   wall,   as   at   some   place   the   wall   shall   have   the   boxes   where   the   keys   can   be   placed  (Something  like  a  bank  locker).   • The   decision   of   which   post   office   shall   have   Post   Box   facility   rest   with  the  State  (In  Postal  Department  they  are  called  ‘Circle  Head’)   Head,  i.e.  Chief  Postmaster  General.  He  sits  at  the  state  capital  and   can  be  contacted  in  case  of  further  informa7on.     Which  Post  Box  to  choose?   • You  should  primarily  be  given  a  Post  box  in  the  jurisdic7on  of  post   office  who  deliver  mails  at  your  address.  Therefore  you  should  have   a   postal   address   in   the   delivery   zone   of   the   par7cular   post   office   where  you  have  rented  a  post  box.
 NOTE   :-­‐   In   towns   where   there   is   more   than   one  delivery  office  and  the  Post  Box  facili7es   are   not   available   in   all   delivery   office   Post   Box  may  be  rented  in  any  post  office  where   such   facili7es   may   be   available   irrespec7ve   of   the   considera7on   of   the   delivery   jurisdic7on.   If   and   when   Post   Always visit Page 6 of 9
  7. 7. Box   facili7es   are   provided   subsequently   at   other   offices   the   holders   of   Post   Box   facili7es   will   have   the   op7on   to   shin   the   Post   Box   facili7es  provided  in  their  own  delivery  jurisdic7on.   • You  do  not  have  any  choice  in  the  number  alloca7on  of  a  Post  box.   How  to  rent  a  Post  Box?   • You  should  submit  an  applica7on  in  wri7ng  in  the  form  prescribed   for  the  purpose  to  the  Postmaster  concerned;   • You   should   specifically   state   in   the   applica7on   the   exact   nature   of   the   business   which   should   be   duly   cer7fied   by   two   respectable   gentlemen   not   connected   with   you   in   any   way   and   furnish   full   par7culars  of  your  business  address.  (This  will  not  be  insisted  upon   in  case  of  Government  and  semi-­‐Government  ins7tu7ons  and  such   private   par7es   as   are   either   known   to   the   Postmaster   or   have   otherwise   established   their   iden7ty   to   the   sa7sfac7on   of   the   Postmaster.);   • When   the   Postmaster   allots   a   post   box   to   a   renter,   the   laHer   is   supplied  with  a  delivery  7cket  which  will  be  produced  by  him  or  his   messenger  on  demand.  The  7cket  bears  the  same  number  as  that   alloHed  to  the  post  box  and  is  not  transferable.   • Post  boxes  are  available  on  rent  at  most  of  the  Delivery  Post  offices   (where  the  postmen  goes  out  of  delivery)  in  the  town  areas.   Always visit Page 7 of 9
  8. 8. • The   prescribed   rent   is   to   be   paid   in   advance   along   with   the   applica7on  for  ren7ng  a  post  box  or  for  renewal  thereof.  As  of  now   the  rent  to  avail  Post  Box  is  Rs.  150/-­‐  per  year  or  50/-­‐  per  quarter.   • You  can  clear  your  post  box  at  any  7me  during  the  business  hours  of   the  post  office.   CondiKons  of  Post  Box?   • If  any  informa7on  furnished  by  you  is  found  to  be  incorrect,  or  if  it   is   found   that   the   Post   Box   is   being   misused   your   services   can   be   terminated;   • In  case  you  are  changing  your  business  address  or  shining  office  to   another  place,  you  should  invariably  inform  the  Postmaster  of  the   change  within  seven  days  of  such  change;   • The  period  of  rental  of  a  post  box  commences  from  the  first  day  of   month  in  which  the  post  box  is  alloHed  and  the  period  of  renewal   of  rental  commences  from  the  first  day  of  the  month  immediately   succeeding  the  period  of  previous  rental.   • If   the   renter   of   a   post   box   does   not   clear   it   for   a   week,   a   no7ce   requiring  him  to  clear  it  for  a  week,  a  no7ce  requiring  him  to  clear   it,  will  be  sent  by  the  Postmaster  by  registered  post;  and  when  the   ar7cles  are  not  cleared  even  aner  this  no7ce,  they  will  be  delivered   through  the  postman  if  the  postal  ar7cles  bear  the  address  of  the   renter  or  he  has  given  instruc7ons  to  this  effect.     Always visit Page 8 of 9
  9. 9. • If   for   any   reasons   the   ar7cles   cannot   be   delivered   through   the   postman   in   the   normal   manner,   they   will   be   treated   as   undeliverable   and   disposed   of   in   the   manner   prescribed   for   such   ar7cles.   ! References:   • Post   Office   Guide   Part   -­‐   1   (Downloaded   from   India   Post   website,   available   here:   hHp://­‐1.pdf  )   •  for  DoPT  Circular:  hHp://     • The  Indian  Post  Office  Act  1898 Always visit Page 9 of 9