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Preflight Inspection Checklist


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Preflight Inspection Checklist

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Preflight Inspection Checklist

  1. 1. Rest Easy! PREFLIGHT INSPECTION CHECKLIST 4 3 1 1 8 3 4 5 6 7 9 2 Cabin Inspection Exterior Inspection 4 Fuel quantity checked 5 Documents and paperwork 6 Cabin door fits snugly, opens and closes properly 5 2 Would you like to put your mind at ease before your next flight? In addition to regularly scheduled equipment and engine maintenance and repair, all airplanes undergo a thorough visual inspection before every flight. 1 Nose (windshield, engine oil, propeller/ spinner, alternator belt, landing light, gear, strut and switches) 2 Landing gear (exposed motors and cables) 3 Tire pressure and tread wear 4 Engines (structural hardware, fan blades, de-icing, de-contamination) 5 Right wing (flap, aileron, wingtip and lights, wing tie-down, trailing and leading edges, fuel vent, main tire/brake) 1 Windshield and windows clean and uncracked 2 Lights are operational 3 All switches and controls checked and properly positioned 6 Left wing (flap, aileron, wingtip and lights, wing tie-down, leading and trailing edges, fuel vent, main tire/brake) 7 Fuselage or body (missing rivets, loose bolts, missing antennae, dents, remove bird droppings and ice) 8 Baggage door is securely locked 9 Empannage or tail section (vertical stabilizer, rudder, tail tie-down) Here are some of the items that pilots and air crews must check before the aircraft is cleared for takeoff. 6