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Cll & suggestopedia


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Cll & suggestopedia

  1. 1. General Didactics Natalia Blanco
  2. 2.  CLL is the method developed by Charles A. Curran and his associates.  Curran was an specialist in counseling. His applications for psychological counseling techniques to learning is known as Counseling-Learning.
  3. 3. Counseling  Is a person who gives advices, assistance, and support to another who’s in need.  The teacher becomes the counselor and the students are the clients, in the language classroom.
  4. 4.  Interaction between knowers and learners is initially dependent. The learner tells the knower what they want to say in the native language and the knowers tell them how to say it.
  5. 5. CLL combines innovative and conventional activities.  Translation  Group work  Recording  Transcription  Analysis  Reflection and observation  Listening  Free conversation
  6. 6. Roles  Learner roles in CLL: they become part of a community, their fellow members and the teacher, and learn through interacting with the community  The teacher’s role is to respond calmly and without judging, in a supportive manner and help the student
  7. 7. CONS PROS  Works really well with  At the beginning some low levels who are learners feel difficult to struggling to produce speak on a tape spoken English  Learners like autonomy that gives them analyzing their conversations the CLL by own  Teachers feel awkward to give the students so much freedom and tend to intervene very often
  8. 8.  This method was developed by Georgi Lozanov a psychiatrist-educator
  9. 9.  Some of the characteristics of this method are the decoration, furniture, arrangement of the classroom, the authoritative behavior of the teacher and, especially the use of music.
  10. 10.  Lozanov acknowledges are related with :  Raja yoga and  Soviet psychology
  11. 11. Music as therapy  Facilitate the establishment of personal relations  Increase self-esteem through increased self- satisfaction in musical performance  Use the unique potential of rhythm to energize and bring order
  12. 12.  Infantilization, the authority is also used to suggest a teacher-student relation like a parent-child. Learners play games, songs and do other kind of exercises to help the student regain self-confidence.
  13. 13. The three parts of a suggestopedia class  An oral review section. The learned material is used in order to start a discussion about the topic, grammar and vocabulary  New material is presented. It consists of looking over a new dialogue and its native translation, and again, discuss about grammar vocabulary or content  The “concert section” this part is by which suggestopedia is well known.
  14. 14. Pros Cons Optimal language environment It takes long for teachers to prepare properly the classroom Students are more willingly to speak as teachers will not try to correct errors As teacher does not correct students' errors, speech will be inaccurate