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Nathan Young's Job And Education History


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This infographic shows my past education and job history, just making it easier for people to discover who I am! Contact me at

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Nathan Young's Job And Education History

  1. 1. Nathan Young’s Job / Education History Nathan Young here, and I have a very long list of my education then job history. Over the past 28 years, I have been to 10 schools and have held over 15 job/volunteer opportunities. For the many schools I have been too, it is because family moved around quite a bit, no they were not in the military. (that question is asked a lot) For my job history, all of my past jobs have been either temp/seasonal jobs or jobs where I have been fired/laid off from. So in this infographic, I am sharing my past education and job history! @GeekAlabama Plus.Google.Com/+GeekAlabama Infographic Brought To You By: Infographic Created By: Nathan Young 256-452-1565 @GeekAlabama Plus.Google.Com/+GeekAlabama Infographic Brought To You By: Infographic Created By: Nathan Young 1986 (Born)Education History Job History 2014 (Current) Editor/Publisher / Young’s Blog 2013 2012 2011 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Editor/Publisher / Geek Alabama Also Writer, Photographer, Videographer, and more! Freelance position for no money. (Current Position) There is my job and education history! As you can see, I just keep moving on and find other jobs after I am let go from the last job I did. If you know of any jobs or are looking to hire, take a look at my visual resume and cover letter on SlideShare, and e-mail me at: Summer 2005: Dockhand Russell Marine Seasonal job / laid off Summer 2006: Screenprinter Russell Corporation Seasonal job / laid off To find my first Summer job, it took over 50 job applications in a small town that lost over 10,000 jobs. And this was before the 2008 Great Recession impacted the economy. Late ‘06/Early ‘07: Shift Manager Popeye’s Chicken Fired Summer 2007: Desk Clerk/Server Soda Butte Lodge Seasonal job / laid offLate 2006: Temp Work Labor Ready Seasonal job / laid off Late 2006: Line Worker Staff Mark Seasonal job / laid off Late 2006: Fast Food Work McDonald’s Fired Late 2006: Prep Cook Applebee’s Left / New Job Late 2006: Line Worker Temp Company Fired Late ’07/Early ‘08: Driver Werner Enterprises Fired Late ’08/Summer ‘11: Driver Fed Ex Ground Fired (Then sued to try to get job back – unsuccessful) 1992-1995 Kindegarten-2nd Grade Jim Pearson Elem. School 1995-1997 3rd Grade-4th Grade Stephens Elem. School 1997-1998 5th Grade Radney Elem. School 1998-1999 6th Grade North Middle School 1999-2000 7th Grade Albion Middle School 2000 7th Grade Starr Commonwealth 1999 6th Grade Cleo Wallace Center 2000-2001 7th Grade (Repeated) Alex City Middle School 2001-2002 7th Grade-9th Grade Marion Academy 2003-2006 9th Grade-12th Grade Benjamin Russell H.S. Graduated High School