Geek Alabama Indiegogo Campaign Infographic


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This is the Geek Alabama Indiegogo campaign! Learn more about the campaign, see the great rewards, and to pledge, go to:

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Geek Alabama Indiegogo Campaign Infographic

  1. 1. Geek Alabama Indiegogo Campaign No matter if you are a longtime reader of Geek Alabama, or do not know about Geek Alabama, we need your support to continue the website! Geek Alabama has grown to become one of the top blogs/websites in Alabama, the southeast, and America. But it takes money to maintain the website, purchase the camera and other equipment, and to travel to events and cover them. If Geek Alabama is not successful in getting funding, the site might end, and I might become homeless! So please check out what we do below, and please consider supporting us towards our $20,000 goal! Thank you for reading! To watch our campaign video and to pledge money and choose a great reward, go to: and search for “Geek Alabama.” @GeekAlabama Plus.Google.Com/+GeekAlabama Infographic Brought To You By: Infographic Created By: Nathan Young 256-452-1565 @GeekAlabama Plus.Google.Com/+GeekAlabama Infographic Brought To You By: Infographic Created By: Nathan Young This is a all or nothing (fixed) campaign, meaning if we don’t reach the $20,000 goal, we get nothing, and no one is charged with no rewards being made or going out. Every single dollar helps us! If you can not donate or have donated, please share this campaign on social media and your website! Thank you! Social. Local. Smart. Geek Alabama is the main blog talking about the culture and events in Alabama, Georgia, and the Southeast. Geek Alabama also talks about and covers events in NE Alabama / NW Georgia and the Southeast. Geek Alabama also talks about current topics and topics that carries a geeky/technology tone to it. As you can see to the right, Geek Alabama has covered many events and other topics, mostly with a geeky/nerdy theme! About Geek Alabama How Popular Is Geek Alabama? Geek Alabama has grown to become a top rated blog/website in Alabama, Georgia, the southeast, and America! Our event and topic coverage that comes with plenty of great videos and photos, along with great reviews, interviews, Crowdsourcing coverage, recipes, drawings, artwork, vlogs, video shows, geeky/nerdy stories, weather coverage, and more; have turned Geek Alabama into a highly ranked website since it was launched in August 2011. Having an Alexa ranking of 109,000 out of around 30 million websites is cool! Geek Alabama has also worked with and have been featured with the companies below! Why Geek Alabama Needs The Funding Thank You For Pledging To Our Campaign! Whether you have already pledged to our campaign, or are thinking about pledging, thank you for helping out Geek Alabama! We would like to continue providing Alabama, Georgia, and the southeast with event and local coverage! We would also like to talk about stories that matter to people, especially the geeks and nerds! To thank you, here is a cute picture of me with some pets! Thanks for reading! Geek Alabama’s home city, Anniston/Oxford Alabama, has become the worst metro area in America for unemployment and economic problems. Meaning no one in this area can hire me or give me funding to expand. Yes, this metro area has worst problems than Detroit! Yes, one person (me Nathan Young) runs the entire site, writes all the posts, takes all the photos, and records all the videos! Yes, I have a mental disability, (Asperger’s Syndrome) but that does not stop me! Even though some have called the police on me for being weird. Geek Alabama wants to grow, but we need the funds to make it happen! From moving to self-hosted, purchasing new computer and camera equipment, and having the funds for travel and marketing. Gee Alabama needs the funds to grow and expand! Where Will The Funding Will Go Towards? Rewards For Pledging To Our Campaign! Website redesign & move to self-hosting More reviews More traveling Starting podcast Computer equipment Gaming reviews Science stuff Camera equipment Geek Alabama is offering some great rewards for pledging to our campaign! From posters, tote bags, tumbler cups, books, covering you, and a personalized road drawing! Geek Alabama is offering some great and cool pledge levels! But they only happen if we meet our $20,000 goal! These rewards are cool! Road drawings recipe book Geek Alabama photo book Geek Alabama special poster If we don’t raise $20,000 No rewards!