50 Geeky Nerdy Family Activities For Summer


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Summer is here! And if your family is looking for something to do before school starts again, check out 50 geeky/nerdy things your family can do this Summer!

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50 Geeky Nerdy Family Activities For Summer

  1. 50 Geeky/Nerdy Family Activities For Summer By: Nathan Young @nvyoung
  2. Summer Is Here!
  3. And Many Families Are Planning Summer Activities! So, here is your question?
  4. Are You Planning Family Summer Activities?
  5. If you or your family are searching for fun activities, check out this list of 50 geeky/nerdy activities! Are You Stumped?
  6. Create a homemade board game 1 Too hot or raining, let your kid’s imagination go wild by letting them create a homemade board game.
  7. Go geocaching 2 Grab a GPS device and take your family on a hunt for some great and interesting stuff.
  8. See a movie at a drive-in 3 A great Summer tradition, take your family and enjoy the open air at a drive-in theater.
  9. Watch a movie in your backyard 4 Gather your family and friends and enjoy a movie under the stars in your private backyard.
  10. Create your own comic strip 5 Kids have lots of cool stories to tell. Have them create a cool comic strip drawn by them!
  11. Make your own cartoon 6 Most kids love to draw. Have them create a short cartoon on those too hot and rainy Summer days.
  12. Write a small book 7 Too hot or stormy outside, have kids come up with a story to tell and have them write it!
  13. Collect fireflies 8 Have kids collect fireflies on those Summer nights. Don’t forget to release them from the bottle!
  14. Gardening/Composting 9 Have your family grow a small garden and compost some of your trash, it’s a great teachable moment!
  15. Fly a kite 10 Flying a kite is a popular Summer tradition. Make sure you choose a area free of obstacles.
  16. Create a backyard obstacle course 11 Have your kids come up with a backyard obstacle course the whole family can participate in!
  17. Create a cartography map 12 Your kids can come up with a cartography map. The map could lead you to some treasure!
  18. Make a homemade slip-n-slide 13 Instead of buying a slip-n-slide, make your own with a tarp, sandbags, and plenty of water!
  19. Make your own toys 14 Don’t put down big bucks for new toys, make your own with wood, or any other sturdy materials!
  20. Make a fort indoors 15 If you are stuck inside, stay cool by making your own fort with sheets, furniture, and other household stuff!
  21. Build stuff with Lego’s 16 If you are indoors, play with one of the geekiest toys, Lego’s! Your imagination can build anything!
  22. Play video games 17 Play video games with your family and friends. Don’t spend all Summer playing video games!
  23. Have a family game night 18 Spend some nights playing some games with your family. The entire family will have lots of fun!
  24. Play on the water 19 Go on the lake and play on the water! Tubing, skiing, or swimming, the lake is cool during the Summer!
  25. Hydroponics 20 Buy a small hydroponics kit and let your kids see the science behind how plants grow!
  26. Have your kids try coding 21 Coding is becoming a very important part of your child’s education. Have your kids try coding!
  27. Build a robot 22 Buy a robotic kit and let your kids build a robot this Summer when it’s too hot or stormy outside!
  28. Create an app 23 These days, it does not take much to build a app. Let your kids build a simple app this Summer!
  29. Have a grill out 24 Summer is meant to be outdoors. Cook a meal on a grill or campfire and eat dinner outdoors!
  30. Backyard camping 25 Don’t or can’t leave your home for a long period of time? Instead, have a backyard campout!
  31. Tell stories around a campfire 26 If you leave home for a camping adventure, make sure you spend a night with your friends around a campfire.
  32. Keep a blog/journal 27 Have your kids keep a blog or journal of their Summer adventures to keep their minds fresh!
  33. Have a family movie night 28 Spend a few nights this summer and have a family movie night at home or at a theater.
  34. Build sandcastles 29 At a beach, spend time building the most creative sandcastle you have ever built!
  35. Play in a band 30 Have your kids learn a musical instrument and play in a neighborhood band this Summer!
  36. Take some lessons 31 Music, dancing, sports, karate; learning does not stop! Have your kids take lessons during the Summer.
  37. Stargazing in the sky 32 Spend some nights looking up into the sky and looking at the stars. Be away from city lights!
  38. Play in the rain 33 Let your kids play in the rain and splash in the puddles. If you hear thunder or see lightning, get them inside!
  39. Get dirty 34 Summer is meant to get dirty. Let your kids play in the dirt, or get paint on them, baths are always next!
  40. Visit a museum 35 Learning does not stop during the Summer. Take your family to a museum during the Summer break.
  41. Go to a air show 36 Take your family to an air show during the Summer. And watch your kids smile and be amazed!
  42. Go on a road trip 37 Take your family on a road trip. And visit national parks, attractions, events, special places, and more!
  43. Go bird watching 38 Take your kids to a park or lake and let them use binoculars and they will see a variety of birds!
  44. Go to a baseball game 39 Take your family to a professional baseball game. Baseball is America’s pastime and very popular!
  45. Go to a country fair 40 Go to your nearest country fair or carnival this Summer. And let your kids play the games and enjoy the rides!
  46. Attend a concert 41 Summer is all about the outdoor concerts! Take your family to an outdoor concert nearest you!
  47. Have a pie eating contest 42 Get your family and friends together and hold a pie eating contest. Don’t forget to take pictures and video!
  48. Draw with sidewalk chalk 43 Let your kids draw with sidewalk chalk on the pavement. Take pictures of their cool artwork!
  49. Go to a geek/nerd convention 44 Take your family to a geek/nerd convention nearest you! Everyone in your family will have a blast!
  50. Go fishing 45 Every kid should have the chance of getting to fish. Take your kids to the nearest lake and go fishing!
  51. Open a lemonade stand 46 Every kid should have the chance of running a lemonade stand, let them do it this Summer!
  52. Make puppets 47 Let everyone in the family make their own puppets. And then perform a puppet show inside your home!
  53. Play disc golf 48 Take your family and play a game of disc golf. Frisbees are much easier than golf clubs!
  54. Make family movies 49 Make short family movies or vlogs, and upload them to YouTube, it could lead to something big!
  55. Family Photography 50 Families like creating memories, let your kids create memories by letting them use a camera!
  56. In Closing Get out there and enjoy your Summer! Soon, school is going to be back in session. And if you did nothing during your vacation, you are going to be kicking yourself!
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