QGIS - How does it work?


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A quick overview of the growth of QGIS, new features, and basic intro on how people contribute to QGIS.

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  • Greetings, Nathan. You have a wonderful blog.

    I’m a current MapInfo user and I’m looking to replace MapInfo with an open-source alternative if possible.

    I have just one application which is written in MapBasic. Basically, it's a bunch of functions that are selected from custom menus.

    First, a county is selected (via a custom menu item with a drop-down list). This opens a map window and adds street, city boundary, county boundary, and zip code boundary layers.

    Then, the user draws a site (point, polygon, or polyline) and selects a boundary size (via a custom menu item with a drop-down list). This adds a boundary which is a fixed distance around the site's border (or the point).

    A custom group of tables are selected (via a custom menu item with a drop-down list). Each table selected is added as layer to the map. Not all of the rows are geocoded

    A table is generated which contains the streets, cities, counties, and zip codes that are within the boundary and is passed to a Visual FoxPro Program. The VFP program produces a report that is used to determine if there are pertinent rows that need to be geocoded.

    After the pertinent rows have been geocoded, the rows that have objects within the boundary are assigned an ID number and a map is produced and saved as a PDF file.

    A table with the ID and attribute information is passed to a VFP program which produces a final report, including the map.

    My main question is…can all this be done using QGIS?

    Is there a way to create a custom menu that calls functions? What language would I need to use to write these functions?

    Is there an open-source equivalent to VFP that could be used to analyze the data and produce the reports? Or, could I call a VFP program from QGIS?

    Is there a QGIS equivalent to MapMarker (to geocode an entire table)?

    I hope my questions aren’t too rudimentary. I have zero experience with any GIS other than MapInfo.

    I've been playing around with QGIS. It seems to be a whole lot better than MapInfo, which, in my opion is an overpriced piece of junk.

    If QGIS doesn't fit my needs, is there an open-source alternative that would?
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QGIS - How does it work?

  1. 1. How does it work?QGIS – The Open Source ModelNathan Woodrownathanw.netTechnical Consultant/QGIS Specialist at Digital Mapping SolutionsQGIS Core developer
  2. 2. How are we going?Quick QGIS growth overview
  3. 3. CommitsAll Time 12 Month 30 DayCommits: 18,486 4,461 546Files Modified: 19,983 10,749 3,823Lines Added: 4,592,516 1,695,883 116,838Lines Removed: 2,455,957 915,023 107,611
  4. 4. ContributorsAll Time 12 Month 30 DayContributors: 131 93 38
  5. 5. Contributing
  6. 6. It’s NOT
  7. 7. But also NOT
  8. 8. Main RepoCore developers Non Core developersPull RequestReview& Merge
  9. 9. CommunityMailing listsgis.stackexchange.comIRCUser groups•OZ QGIS User Group•UK User Group•Swiss User GroupFacebookTwitterGoogle+
  10. 10. All good but who pays for thisstuff?
  11. 11. DonationsAnd lots of VolunteersSponsorshipand moreGovernment GrantsPrivate developersand heaps more
  12. 12. but who is using it?
  13. 13. Everyone!Ok not everyone. But lots of people.
  14. 14. Australian Local governmenthttp://www.qgis.org/en/community/qgis-case-studies.htmlOther case storiesCity of Belmont - WATree Canopy
  15. 15. Projects at SDRCKerb mappingGPS photo processingPlanning MapsFlood damage mapshttp://nathanw.net/2012/04/23/using-qgis-in-local-government/Australian Local governmenthttp://www.qgis.org/en/community/qgis-case-studies.htmlOther case stories
  16. 16. Around the world• InaSAFE• Funded by AusAID and World Bank• http://inasafe.org/• State of Vorarlberg, Austria• 400 desktop installs• Contributed Oracle support,plus $50,000 worth ofdevelopment work• Windsor & Maidenhead council UK• 60 QGIS installs• Simon started UK QGIS user group
  17. 17. What about support?
  18. 18. Heaps to pick fromhttp://www.qgis.org/en/commercial-support.html
  19. 19. Or use the communityMailing listsgis.stackexchange.comIRCUser groups•OZ QGIS User Group•UK User Group•Swiss User GroupFacebookTwitterGoogle+
  20. 20. Some new stuffa very short list
  21. 21. Blend modes
  22. 22. Symbol Manager
  23. 23. Map book generationSnap and guide lines
  24. 24. Data defined symbols
  25. 25. Thanks