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All the New Cool Stuff in QGIS 2.0


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A quick presentation about all the new developments and features in QGIS 2.0

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All the New Cool Stuff in QGIS 2.0

  1. 1. QGIS 2.0All the New Cool Stuffmore free awesomeness
  2. 2. MeNathan Woodrownathanw.netTechnical Consultant/QGIS Specialist at Digital Mapping SolutionsQGIS Core developer
  3. 3. ComposerWho doesn’t love new printing stuff?
  4. 4. Atlas/Mapbook generation Core feature. No longer a plugin Export to PDF, JPG, PNG, or theprinter Export to series or single PDF Sorting and filtering on coverage layer Filter based on expression
  5. 5. Auto Snap andGuide Lines Snap to Edge and centers of page Edge and centers elements User defined grid lines
  6. 6. HTML labels and HTML item Full HTML (and Javascript) Full style sheet support Inline Expressions Same expressions as labels, rules Replaced at print time Load data from current atlascoverage object HTML item can load full websites
  7. 7. New expanding group boxsOld Really badUX. HiddenControlsDon’t movethe cheese.New Easier to access options Ctrl + Click expands/collapsesall options. View only the options you need.
  8. 8. Other noteworthy stuff Better support for EPSG:4326 scale bars Multipage in one composer Automatic overview frame in map frame HTML frame Zebra style grid frame border More control of grid labels. Inside, outside, disabled Load from template for new composer Duplicate composer
  9. 9. SymbologyThe making of great maps
  10. 10. Improved label options and dialog Transparent buffers Letter and word spacing Pixel size visibility Expanding groupboxes Force labels More data defined properties New vertical style dialog
  11. 11. Style manager Tagging and Grouping Smart groupsCreate a dynamic group based ontags, symbol names, groups,symbols with a tag Import/Export to file Import from URL Style repository planned Google Summer of Code project
  12. 12. Symbol selector Build complex symbols in onedialog Filter based on smart groups andgroups Search for symbol by name
  13. 13. Data defined symbols Connect fields to properties suchas color, size, border color Expressions supported
  14. 14. New raster engine and dialog Faster raster rendering engine Image resampling Export image via Save As..
  15. 15. Blend modes Supports Raster Vector Labels Composer Items
  16. 16. Other noteworthy stuff New diagram engine and types SLD style export support Dynamic Map grid decoration Better OpenStreetMap provider No edit support at the moment HTML annotations
  17. 17. Data and processing“nom nom nom” said QGIS to the data
  18. 18. SEXTANTE! Now a core feature Intergrates QGIS, SAGA GIS, GRASS,Python, GDAL/OGR, GeoServer, RTauDEM, LASTools, Orfeo Toolbox Drag and drop modeler with addedPython scripting Supports new providers built usingPython and installed as normalQGIS plugins. Access to SEXTANTE in Pythonimport sextantsextante.runalg(…)
  19. 19. New attribute table New filtering options Select using Expression Filter and map selection Show only edited features Dual View. Table and form Bulk form based updating coming New UI
  20. 20. Other noteworthy stuff Oracle support QGIS Server WFS
  21. 21. User Interface
  22. 22. Redesigned UI for better experience
  23. 23. API and Dev
  24. 24. New Python Console Autocomplete methods for PyQt4,gdal-python, pyqgis Syntax highlighting Load/Save file Access to SEXTANTEimport sextantsextante.runalg(…)
  25. 25. New Vector API Get and set data using name orindex of columnFeature[“Asset_Type”]Feature[“Asset_Type”] = “Foo”Feature[1]Feature[1] = “Foo” Allows for multi threading in futurerelease
  26. 26. CommunityGroup hug!
  27. 27. Public Interface New PDF and HTML manuals HTML Redesign of main site (planned) Redesign/Renew of QGIS logo (planned) Higher presence on Blogs! Blogs! Blogs! (never mind me just pimping my own stuff)
  28. 28. Adoption InaSAFE (INDONESIA SCENARIO ASSESSMENT FOR EMERGENCIES) Funded by AusAID and World Bank State of Vorarlberg, Austria 400 desktop installs Contributed Oracle support, plus $50,000worth of development work Windsor & Maidenhead council UK 60 QGIS installs Simon started UK QGIS user group
  29. 29. ReleaseGive it to me now!
  30. 30. Current Release planSubject to change1st April – Feature FreezeBug hunting and killing30th April – UI freezeBug hunting and killing1st June - Call for packaging7th June – Public Release of 2.0 – YAY!
  31. 31. What didn’t make it? 1:n relationship support for layer and forms Multithreading rendering support More UI clean up New Add Layer dialog Stuff I don’t know people are working on 
  32. 32. Ahh bugz! HELP!Don’t panic! Now is your chance to help us Bugs can be reported at Don’t be afraid to file bug tickets Don’t forget nightly builds for testing OSGeo4W (Windows) (OS X)
  33. 33. Thanks!