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Initial ideas

  2. 2. We had a group discussion over Facebook, because it is easily accessible, and also we are able to record what we are wanting to do. As you can see from the chat, we decided that we wanted a Rock genre straight off, as all of us in the group are interested about that genre, and all listen to it. We looked at two different bands, System, and Avenged, however outside of the group conversation, we decided that Bullet For My Valentine would be a better band to look into. From there, we were thinking more about songs for Avenged Sevenfold, and then what sort of things we can include in the music videos and locations we could use for certain songs.
  3. 3. Initial Ideas - Genre Genres Dance Rock PopRock & Roll Rap Hip Hop Electronic Trap Jazz House Skiffle RnB Soul Reggae Metal
  4. 4. • For our Genres, we narrowed it down to Rock and Metal, this is because it is on the rise with the youths of modern society, also, as all the members of the group listen to it, it would be good to cater for our tastes, rather than swaying out of the comfort zone. Another reason we did this, is that there are many parts to the music videos of this genre, most of which we can replicate in our own music video. We also thought, that artists of this style have become very popular with a younger audience, by having “sex appeal”, as they are now marketing points within the style, and they are helping boost the genre of music.
  5. 5. Initial Ideas - Bands Bands Avenged Sevenfold Slipknot Cancer Bats Five Finger Death Punch Bring Me the Horizon Bullet for My Valentine Down Korn Trivium Parkway Drive Stone Sour The Blackout Rammstein Escape the Fate Enter Shikari Falling in Reverse You Me At Six System of a Down
  6. 6. • We then listed bands within the genre, that all of us listen to, or know about that we could possibly do a music video of. The discussion came down to “Avenged Sevenfold” and “Bullet for my valentine”, based on previous music videos for that band. We also all agreed that the sound of each band were to the stereotypes (violent, wild, loud, heavy guitar/drums), but also that these bands are seen as the “driving force” of the genre, and are the face of the style as of now, we know this as “Avenged Sevenfold” with their new album went straight in at #1 in the UK album charts.
  7. 7. Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold have been an active band since 1999, and have had 6 studio albums, and 1 live album. They are a predominantly metal band, however they started out as a metalcore band, but progressively got tamer, with genres like country and folk making an appearance in later albums. The band has 5 current members, with only 3 been in the band the whole of their career, they are: M Shadows – Lead Singer Zacky Vengence – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals Synister Gates – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals. The only other member who had a large run in the band was James “The Rev” Sullivan who died in 2009 from overdosing on drugs. The Bands 5th album “Nightmare” was highly dedicated to his death, and included the song “Fiction” which he wrote 3 days before his death.
  8. 8. • The band have performed at many large festivals such as: Rock am Ring, Aftershock and Download. There last album “Hail To The King” went straight to 1# in the UK album charts, US charts and many other countries around the world, it is their most successful album to date. • They have received many awards such as “Best Live Band”, “Best album” and “Best Newcomer band”, as well as being nominated for “Best single – Nightmare” and “Best International Band” • Some of their tracks have been featured on games, as “Nightmare”, “Not ready to die” and “carry on” have all been featured in “Call of Duty – Zombies Mode” Where the players have to find certain parts to set off the song.
  9. 9. Bullet For My Valentine Bullet For my Valentine are a British band from Brigend, Wales, and have been an active band since 1998, with 4 Studio albums to date. They are a heavy/thrash metal band who have influences of Korn, Slayer and Megadeath. The Band has 4 Current members, with 3 of which been in since the beginning: Matt Tuck – Lead Singer/ Rhythm Guitar Michael Paget – Lead Guitarist/ Backing Vocals Michael Thomas – Drums/Percussion The basist (Jason James) joined in 2003, but has been an active member since his patching in. The 3 members of the band since the beginning, were originally in a college band “Jeff Killed John” who were a tribute band to Nivarna and Metallica.
  10. 10. • The band have performed at many large festivals such as: Leeds/Reading festivals, Download, Warped Tour, Rock am Ring. Their studio albums “Scream Aim Fire” and “Fever” respectively got #5 in the UK album charts, however there 2013 album “Temper Temper” had a huge downfall, without even making the charts. • They have received many awards, such as 3 time winner of “Best British Band”, “Best Single – Tears Don’t Fall” and “Best Live Band”. • Lead Singer Matt Tuck, is also part of a band called “Axewound” which is a band combined of artists from other bands, to create a “super band” with members coming from: Cancer Bats, Glamour of the Kill, Rise to Remain and Pitchshifter.
  11. 11. • We decided to choose “Avenged Sevenfold” as our band, as many of the songs have lyrics that can easily be put into a music video, and they have many conventions in there music video, that would be easy to replicate. • Looking at all of their history too, they have many different influences, such as System of a Down, and Korn, which contain many unusual things in their music videos. The reason we decided on Avenged over Bullet, is because Avenged are currently on the up, and more people are likely to have heard of them, so looking into audience research, it is much easier to have a band that is more known, so people are more likely to have some knowledge on certain songs, and things that could be relevant to the music video that we will create.
  12. 12. Initial Ideas - Songs Albums Hail to the KingNightmare Avenged Sevenfold City of Evil Sounding the Seventh Trumpet Waking the Fallen Nightmare So Far Away Victim Natural Born Killer Hail to the King Crimson Day Acid Rain Shepherds of Fire Critical Acclaim Dear God Afterlife Almost Easy Bat Country Betrayed M.I.A.Trashed & Scatted Forgotten Faces Streets Lips of DeceitThick and Thin Chapter 4 Unholy confessions Eternal Rest Waking the Fallen