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Edmodo pp


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Tech Final

Published in: Education
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Edmodo pp

  1. 1. By: Nathan Trubiano
  2. 2. What is Edmodo? Allows for Communication to students andparents Built in Library to bookmark useful sties orsend them to students Create and Correct Assignments Create Reward Badges to improve studentmorale RSS and Google Docs Connect with other teachers Add apps for students to use
  3. 3. Communication A lot like Facebook Allows students to contact the teacher or the classas a whole Students can save documents to their onlinebackpack if they do not have email Parents can be full participants or can be made forread-only Can post files, or links so students and teachers cancomment on them Do not need an email to sign up! Can receiveupdates to phone
  4. 4. Library Can add any links or documents to the onlineLibrary Can be moved into folders that students canaccess Can move documents straight from GoogleDocs to the library Upload any files from your home, or any,computer straight to the library
  5. 5. Assignments Can create quizzes and polls directly on to thewall of the group Create Assignments on any computer andupload them to Edmodo Edit, Correct, and Grade assignments onEdmodo Keeps track of grades Students can download and answer directly onyour worksheet or can answer on Edmodo
  6. 6. Badges Edmodo allows teachers to award badgesto students for work Can create own badges or use pre-made Can be given for work or in class behavior Cannot be taken away which I like Cool motivator, could have students createsome badges with you
  7. 7. RSS and Google Docs Can add blogs to any group Super easy to do, students can commentdirectly on the post Can make a group dedicated to just blogs Can connect Edmodo with your personalGoogle Docs Upload anything from Google to Edmodo Students can edit, or read work and youwill see changes in Edmodo and Google
  8. 8. Teaching Connections Thousands of other teachers are usingEdmodo Join Communities for specific subjects Ask questions or check out lesson plansother teachers have posted Keep in touch with teachers who teachsimilar subjects
  9. 9. Apps Awesome apps about different subjects Range from Free to about 150 dollars Free apps are actually pretty good Some apps are full lessons Common Core Standards free withspecific search capabilities
  10. 10. Try it out!