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Nathan Trimbach - Digital Marketing Portfolio 2016


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Nathan Trimbach's business and digital marketing portfolio for 2016.

Published in: Marketing

Nathan Trimbach - Digital Marketing Portfolio 2016

  1. 1. nathantrimbach 2016 DIGITAL MARKETING PORTFOLIO
  2. 2. nathan trimbach's digital  marketing  portfolio 2 Using Mobile-Centric Ad Campaigns & Landing Pages to Acquire Local Customers • Problem: New local massage franchise needed to increase appointments in stores • Solution: Create mobile-centric geo-specific campaigns giving away a service • Outcome: 43% average lead capture rate. Over 30k leads across 25 local markets. • My Part: Owned and executed every part of these campaigns.
  3. 3. nathan trimbach's digital  marketing  portfolio 3 Using Facebook Video Ads to Educate & Warm Leads and Increase Conversion Rate on Lead Capture • Problem: Learned that 85% of people advertising to hadn’t used the infrared sauna service • Solution: Create short video ads explaining the benefits and differences of infrared sauna • Outcome: Retargeted audiences from Video views had an average 8-12% increase in CR • My Part: Owned and executed every part of these campaigns.
  4. 4. nathan trimbach's digital  marketing  portfolio 4 Over 30k Leads Collected in 4 Months with an Average Conversion Rate of 43.88% • Problem: Paid Social ad campaigns can lose effectiveness quickly with banner blindness • Solution: Create near evergreen campaigns and rotatable product offering campaigns • Outcome: Highly consistent and above average lead capture rates • My Part: Owned and executed every part of these campaigns.
  5. 5. Highly Targeted Facebook Ad Campaign Decreases CPA from $36.11 to $8.05 • Problem: The client’s traditional average cost for acquiring new leads was $36.11 • Solution: Create highly targeted ads based on gender, location, interests and behaviors • Outcome: New record of $8.05 CPA. First time making it below $10. • My Part: Strategy Lead, Ad Campaign Manager, Created Ads, Bidding and Optimization nathan trimbach's digital  marketing  portfolio 5
  6. 6. Facebook Ads Compete with Google AdWords Campaigns in Conversion Effectiveness • Problem: SEO & SEM Campaigns were effectively recruiting prospects actively looking but could not capture needs in local regions. Previous method was newspaper ads. • Solution: Create Lookalike Audience Facebook Ads from current customer database • Outcome: Interruption based Facebook ads closely matched SEM conversion rates. • My Part: Strategy Lead, Ad Campaign Manager, Created Ads, Bidding and Optimization nathan trimbach's digital  marketing  portfolio 6
  7. 7. New YouTube Strategy and Optimization Increases Subscriber Growth Rate by 300% • Problem: YouTube channel receiving high volume of organic traffic, but low engagement, subscriber rates and lacked descriptions, tags and linkable annotations. • Solution: Update tags, descriptions, annotations. Create more Q&A style videos. • Outcome: Increased subscriber growth rate by over 300% and retention rate by 50% • My Part: Strategy Lead, Produced Video Content, Promoted Videos across social media nathan trimbach's digital  marketing  portfolio 7
  8. 8. Charm Giveaway Campaign Increases Email Opt-ins by 2.5k+ and New Page fans by 500 nathan trimbach's digital  marketing  portfolio 8 • Campaign Goal: Use contest to increase wider fan base and email leads • Ad Spend:$2,814.73 (total) | $0.17 (CPC) | $1.05 (CPL) • Outcome: 2,685 Giveaway Participants - 495 new page fans from Giveaway alone • My Part: Strategy Lead, Managed Ads, Scheduled Content & Provided ROI Analytics
  9. 9. Targeted Boston Ads Reaches over 200k Non- Page Fans with Buy 3 Get 1 Free Promotion • Campaign Goal: Reach Boston women with similar interests to fans with ad targeting • Ad Spend:$1,081.75 (total) | $0.22 (CPC) | $5.01 (CPM) • Outcome: 223,808 People Reached (221,312 reached with ads & 2,496 organic reach) • My Part: Strategy Lead, Managed Ads, Scheduled Content & Provided ROI Analytics nathan trimbach's digital  marketing  portfolio 9
  10. 10. Introduced Instagram for Photo Contest and Increased Participation by 7x over Twitter • Problem: Find a way to increase participation on a slow moving contest on Twitter • Solution: Move contest to Instagram and auto-post images to Facebook Page • Outcome: Increased participation by 7X & average daily page likes from 42 to 198 • My Part: Strategy Lead, Posted Content, Monitored Engagement & Provided ROI Analytics nathan trimbach's digital  marketing  portfolio 10
  11. 11. Brand New Local Facebook Page Bypasses Corporate Facebook Page Within 3 Months • Problem: New local safety retailer wanted to reach out to Oil Industry workers • Solution: Create a local page managed by the Store Manager to increase store traffic • Outcome: Store manger new to Pages bypasses company Page and runs her own ads • My Part: Provided training & strategy for new page likes, managing ads & hosting events nathan trimbach's digital  marketing  portfolio 11
  12. 12. A/B Split Testing Email Subject Lines Increases Open Rate by 22.8% and Doubled CTRs • Problem: Email open and click through rates were struggling in the low teens • Solution: Implement split testing to determine open and click through rates • Outcome: • SUBJ: Having Trouble With Your New Year's Resolution? Mama Can Help! 31.4% Open Rate • SUBJ: Looking For Tasty Recipes? Here Are Mama's Favorites From Around The Web! 8.6% Open Rate • My Part: Provided email marketing best practices training and Analytics Reports nathan trimbach's digital  marketing  portfolio 12
  13. 13. Creating List, Recipe and Holiday Blog Posts to Increase Coupon Downloads • Campaign Goal: Increase coupon downloads to be redeemed in grocery stores • Solution: Share blog posts with social channels to download coupons • My Part: Wrote Blog Content, Posted to Social Media Channels and Provided Analytics nathan trimbach's digital  marketing  portfolio 13
  14. 14. Growing a YouTube Channel from Scratch with In-Store Interviews and Product Unboxings • Campaign Goal: Create Videos centered around new products & customer experiences • Outcome: Built a subscriber base from scratch for a brand new online community forum • My Part: Owned content creation & strategy, executed production & channel management nathan trimbach's digital  marketing  portfolio 14
  15. 15. Using YouTube Videos for Nutrition Coach to Increase Sales in Wellness Workshops • Campaign Goal: Create Educational Videos to promote wellness workshop sales • Outcome: Increased email open rates and sales conversions using video • My Part: Provided content strategy, production and YouTube management nathan trimbach's digital  marketing  portfolio 15
  16. 16. Using Display & Video To Increase Signups for Nutrition and Weight Loss Promotions • Campaign Goal: Create Fun and Educational Videos to promote signups for classes • Outcome: Increased Facebook Page engagement, presale signups and promo inquires • My Part: Provided content strategy, production and design and YouTube management nathan trimbach's digital  marketing  portfolio 16