ILTA Powerful LinkedIn Profiles presentation july 24 2013 Nathan Rosen


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LinkedIn - how to develop powerful profiles. Presentation to International Legal Technologies Association New York chapter and webcasts to Boston,Burlington, and Portland chapters.

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ILTA Powerful LinkedIn Profiles presentation july 24 2013 Nathan Rosen

  1. 1. Powerful LinkedIn Profiles Nathan Aaron Rosen Library Research Manager © 2012 Dechert LLP© 2012 Dechert LLP© 2012 Dechert LLP Library Research Manager Dechert LLP July 24, 2013
  2. 2. All the opinions and statements within this presentation are mine alone and do not in any way, shape or form, reflect the opinion or position of any of my past or © 2012 Dechert LLP© 2012 Dechert LLP© 2012 Dechert LLP or position of any of my past or current employers, ILTA, or the sponsor of this program.
  3. 3. Road to success
  4. 4. Agenda • How to prepare powerful persuasive LinkedIn profiles • LinkedIn components• LinkedIn components best practices • Steps to start taking today
  5. 5. Summary
  6. 6. Background
  7. 7. Experienc e
  8. 8. Recommendations
  9. 9. Skills & Expertise
  10. 10. Publications
  11. 11. Certifications
  12. 12. Education
  13. 13. Honors & Awards
  14. 14. OrganizationsOrganizations
  15. 15. Groups
  16. 16. Who and what are you following
  17. 17. Must set preferences
  18. 18. Email preferences
  19. 19. Groups, Companies & Applications
  20. 20. Account settings
  21. 21. Utilize the power of LinkedIn
  22. 22. WOW! Group connections LinkedIn 500,000 225,000,000 My connections 804 Friend of friends connections Group connections 21,300 500,000
  23. 23. Your developing web Personal Proskauer Rose Credit Suisse MoFo Librarians
  24. 24. Reach out and connect
  25. 25. Tag your connections
  26. 26. Personalize your invitation to connect
  27. 27. Know who is looking at you
  28. 28. Find people by searching
  29. 29. Find people by group membership
  30. 30. Find people by companycompany
  31. 31. Learn about the company & staff
  32. 32. Getting Recommendations
  33. 33. Update your status &status & contribute
  34. 34. Social media = personal product advertising • Maximize digital footprint for greatest impact • Design profile as marketing brochure • Showcase specific accomplishments, measureable successes, unique talents &measureable successes, unique talents & knowledge • Double check consistency of message & information – resume vs digital image
  35. 35. Coordinate with other social media sites • ZoomInfo • Naymz• Naymz • Brand Yourself • Google+
  36. 36. ZoominfoZoominfo
  37. 37. NaymzNaymz
  38. 38. Brand Yourself
  39. 39. To do when you get home  Join Linkedin  Complete your profile – carefully and accurately. If you’re currently unemployed, list your current position as “Open to opportunities.”  Include a photo – cropped headshot is best with a smile.  Write a professional summary – Your headline at the top is important. Highlight experience.  Look around to see what others in your field are doing.  Include Keywords & Skills - Use words for which you want to be found and show up in search results.  Contact Settings – List your availability: career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries, and reference requests.  Website Links – Link to a personal blog, other social network profiles.  Personal URL – Pick something you want to live with and include it in email signature.  Grow your Network! – Find connections, fellow employees at previous employment, current coworkers, friends & members of all organizations that you are connected to.  Consider recommendations & add skills – Weigh the pros vs cons. Consider waiting until more comfortable with Linkedin.  Invest time every week – Build & maintain network. Keep at it.
  40. 40. Uploading articles/presentations 1. Prepare pdf versions of the articles you would like to include or ppt versions of the PowerPoint presentations. Save them with filename that helps to clearly identify the article. 2. Sign up for SlideShare ( 3. Upload your articles as pdf or presentations as pdf or PowerPoint. 4. Add full title, tags, choose category and add useful search terms or citation in the description field. 5. When completed all uploading — go to top right icon of person - My Uploads. Locate the item you want to load on LinkedIn. Click on item and then Edit Setting. Move mouse over the title (top of screen), right click and select Properties. Go to Address and copy the url via right click starting with www, making sure that include all of it as it may be more than two lines. Keep Slideshare open. 6. Sign in to Linkedln ( 7. From menu bar — Profiles — Edit Profile then choose – Publications or – Background — Summary I recommend Publications as Background Summary provides images and link to the full text while Publications provides citations and the link to the full text. 8. Click on Add (top right of Publications section or little rectangle in top right of Background - Summary section) 9. Complete information & Save 10. Go to top and click on Done editing button 11. View item - should have a little right arrow at the end of the title which is the link to the full text. Click on the title to make sure that it opens
  41. 41. Articles • LinkedIn: Job Seekers, • Bryce Christiansen, How To Get Noticed By Recruiters on LinkedIn, • Nathan Rosen , Lessons learned, lessons relearned, and lessons learned the hard way, • Blue Sky Resumes, How to Write a LinkedIn Profile, linkedin-profile/ • The Savvy Intern, The Top 5 Ways to Get Noticed on LinkedIn, • 7 Tips to Help You Stand Out On LinkedIn,Tim's Strategy, linkedin/ • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering Linkedin - Cheat-Sheet-for-Mastering-LinkedIn.aspx • Nancy Fawley, LinkedIn as an Information Source for Human Resources, Competitive Intelligence, Online Searcher, March/April 2013. • How recruiters use social networks to make hiring decisions now, Time, July 9, 2012, • Social recruiting guide: How to effectively use social networks, Oracle, July 2012. • Social job seeker survey: 2012, Jobvite,
  42. 42. Books • Daryoosh Dehestani, Social Recruiting for Employers and Job Seekers: Investigation behaviors and perspectives of employers and job seekers among Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter • Robert Hellman, Your Social Media Job Search: Use LinkedIn, Twitter, and other tools to Get the Job You Want! • Kristen Jacoway, I'm in a Job Search--Now What?: Using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as Part of Your Job Search Strategy • Tim Kitchen, How To Get Your Ideal Job: Using LinkedIn, Social Media and the Internet • Chris Perry, LinkedUp: The Ultimate LinkedIn Job Search Guide • Brad Schepp & Debra Schepp, How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+• Brad Schepp & Debra Schepp, How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ • Donna Serdula, LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a Powerful LinkedIn Profile. • Dan Sherman, Maximum Success with LinkedIn: Dominate Your Market, Build a Global Brand, and Create the Career of Your Dreams... • Michele Somody and Claire Hunter, A Simple Guide to Finding a Job with LinkedIn • Steve Weber, Wired for Work: Get a Job FAST using LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter • Greig Wells & Jonathan Green, LinkedIn Insider Secrets to your Job Search
  43. 43. Web Programs • Social Media for Career Enhancement, Laura Young & April Kessler, April 13, 2012, Dallas Association of Law Libraries, • How to REALLY use LinkedIn (2nd edition), book & videos - • Building Your Professional Network with LinkedIn and How To Use It For Your Job Search by John Crant, New York Public Library, April 22, 2010. your-professional-network-linkedin-and-how-use-it-your-job-search with live session on June 5, 2013 and August 29, 2013. • Getting Interviews 2.0: Using LinkedIn and other social media on April 10, 2013, May 1, 2013 and upcoming on August 7, 2013 at SIBL. See generally the NYPL Job Seekers site at • Shlomo Gewirtz, How to Succeed When Everything’s Stacked Against You (audiocast),
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