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Ella's Totem Pole


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Published in: Business, Education
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Ella's Totem Pole

  1. 1. Ella
  2. 2. N .Z Flag I choose the NZ flagbecause 7 8ths ofmy familycome fromhere and I
  3. 3. Norwegian Flag I choose theNorwegian flag because my dads mums (mygrandma)
  4. 4. UnitedKingdom FlagI choose thisbecausemy mums dadsdads(my great-
  5. 5. Anderson Family TartanI choose this becausemy mumsmums (my Nana)
  6. 6. Family I choose this becausemy family is one of the mostimportant things in
  7. 7. Ballet Shoes I chose ballet shoesbecause Ihave been doing ballet since I
  8. 8. CheeseI choose thisbecause this is myabsolute
  9. 9. MyTote mPole