Devin Tonkin Yo Shark Bait


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Devin Tonkin Yo Shark Bait

  1. 1. Yo , Shark Bait !<br />
  2. 2. She got sent to a boarding school when she was 12<br /> She won the Storylines Tom Fitzgibbon Award in 2006 for her story Yo Shark Bait<br />Vicki Simpson<br />Vicki Simpson grew up on a farm in Marton<br />As a child Vicki’s favourite book was The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton<br />
  3. 3. Prediction<br />I predict that this book will be about a boy who goes swimming and runs into a shark.<br />I also predict that after this he has a fear of the water because of that day when he swam with the shark.<br />He might get asked to do something that involves the sea and he might be scared.<br />
  4. 4. Chapter Summary<br />Chapter 1: Rory , his sister , his dad and their Uncle Eddie are going fishing to compete in a competition.<br />Chapter 2: A Mako shark jumps out of the water , Uncle Eddie hooks it with his rod.The shark attacked the boat and Rory fell out of the boat and into the ocean with the Mako Shark.<br />
  5. 5. Chapter Summary(2)<br />Chapter 3:Rory landed headfirst into the ocean he panicked a lot then the Mako shark brushed past his leg . His dad pulled him onto the boat and wrapped a towel around him.They left the competition and went home.<br />Chapter 4:Rory goes to school and while he is walking there with his friend Sam , this kid named Bart yells out “Yo shark bait” to Rory.Bart also says “I heard you took a swim with a big scary shark yesterday “.<br />
  6. 6. Chapter Summary (3)<br />Chapter 4 continued: His friend says “What is he talking about”. Rory says “ Dunno” .Rory wonders how the heck did Bart know?<br />Chapter 5 : Rory arrived at school and got sent to the principals office . The principal asked him to be the head of a fishing tournament . His mum rang the school and had a long chat with the principal . After the call the principal looks at Rory , Rory held his breath.<br />Chapter 6 :Rory found out that his mum had just called to notify him of the details for a gardening day . Rory accepts the job of the head of the fishing tournament. Rory goes back to class and tells Sam <br />
  7. 7. Chapter Summary(4)<br />Chapter 6 continued :about the Mako Shark and the fishing tournament , Rory gives Sam the job of Vice President.<br />Chapter 7 :Rory and Sam got 2 girls to be in the fishing tournament comitee . He found out that Liana(his sister) called Danny(Bart’s brother) and told him about the fishing accident involving Rory.Danny told Bart about Rory and the Mako shark.That is how Bart knew about Rory and the shark.Rory’s family are going to the fishing prizegiving.Rory’s dad turned on the t.v and heard about black fish marketeers selling their fish to the local fish and chips shop.They arrived at the<br />
  8. 8. Chapter Summary(5)<br />Chapter 7 continued :fishing prizegiving.At the prizegiving the principal talked to them about the fishing tournament at Rory’s intermediate.<br />Chapter 8 :Rory had to go up the front so they all knew who was head of the comitee.The winner of the heaviest shark was Susi’s dad.Sam thinks there is something going on at Barts place.They spyed on Barts house and they noticed a truck parking on the lawn.A guy came out of the truck that looks like Bart’s dad.They go outside to take a closer look.<br />Chapter 9 : They peeked through the fence and saw him unload something but he caught them looking and scared them away!After they got home Christine and Adele showed up.They talked about the tournament.Sam decided to go on a fishing trip with the girls,Rory chickened <br />
  9. 9. Chapter Summary(6)<br />Chapter 9 continued : out and stayed home.Rory walks to school with Susi the next day and says she can be on the comitee.When he gets to school he gets called to the principals office.<br />Chapter 10 :Bart is in the pricipals office as well,thepricipal wants Bart on the comitee so he joins.Sam thinks Barts dad is selling snapper on the black market to the fish and chip shops.After school when Rory went home there was a police car parked outside his house.<br />Chapter 11 : His dad said the police were here because they were tring to catch the black marketeer.Rory and the comitee have another meeting.Rory and Sam have a look in the sheds at Bart’s house to try and find evidence.They were just finishing looking when they heard someone yell “Bart!” outside.<br />
  10. 10. Chapter Summary(7)<br />Chapter 12 : It was Barts dad that yelled “Bart!” He let Rory and Sam go.Thecomitee went to get sponsorship.Rory is fustrated with everyone talking about sharks.<br />Chapter 13 : The host of Rory’s favouritet.v show is going to film the tournament on his fishing show.Rory’s dad wont take his boat to the tournament because of the black fish marketeersuspicions.Rory and Susi go to the beach and they hear Uncle Spider above them walking.<br />Chapter 14 :They hear someone else talking to Uncle Spider about black fish marketeering.Rory doesn’t know who it is.He goes home and his dad shows him a baby dogfish that he caught.Rory thought that it was a Mako.<br />Chapter 15 : Rory and his dad go on a fishing trip on the boat.They catch heaps of snapper.Rory hooks a big fish,he thinks it’s a shark.<br />
  11. 11. Chapter Summary(8)<br />Chapter 16 : The fish that Rory caught was a stingray.Rory Sam and Bart are on Susi’s dads boat for the tournament.The next day Grant Simpson the presenter talks to the school.Rory arrives at the tournament and gets called over for an interview.Rory wants to know who was talking to Uncle Spider.<br />Chapter 17 : Rory hops on the boat and goes out tso the harbour.They catch some fish.Rory sees a black shadow in the water for a couple of seconds.<br />Chapter 18 : Two mako sharks start swimming towards the boat.Susi falls in and Rory jumps in after her.They make it back to the boat.Susi has a big cut on her arm.They go into the closest wharf so they can get her to hospital.<br />Chapter 19 : They see Old Man Henley’s boat next to the wharf tied up.They found out that the person who is helping Uncle Spider is Old Man Henley.Susi’s arm gets worse.They<br />
  12. 12. Chapter Summary(9)<br />Chapter 19 Continued : hear a noise that sounds like a Black Eyed Peas song.<br />Chapter 20 : The noise was Liana’s phone.Rory,Susi,Adele and Bart get locked in the cabin of the boat.They call Grant Simpson,the presenter of Rory’s favouritet.v show and ask him for help.Rory and Bart kick the door of the cabin so it makes a hole in the middle.Barts leg is covered in splinters.Bart goes through the hole and starts the boat.He takes it into the harbour.Grant Simpson shows up along with Susi’s mum.They put Susi and Bart into an ambulance.<br />Chapter 21 : At the tornamentprizegiving Rory won a trip for two on Grant Simpson’s boat to go fishing on his show.Uncle Spider and Old Man Henley are in jail.Rory chose Bart to go with him on the trip.<br />