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Charlotte's Totem Pole


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Published in: Travel, Business
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Charlotte's Totem Pole

  1. 1. The silver fernis one of newzealand specialsymbols
  2. 2. I chose this symbol because my family is manly all from new zealand and all myfamily live here, Im an almost fully kiwi kid
  3. 3. This type of hat ispretty popular in theAustralian outbackthe corks are usedfor keeping the flysaway
  4. 4. I choose thispicture becauseI love playingnetball andpulse is thewellingtonnetball team
  5. 5. The is the Australiancrest it symbolisesAussie, like we haveour crest on policebadges
  6. 6. Taylor swift is myhero if you know mewell enough youwould know that Ilove Taylor swift!!!!!