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Cam's Totem Pole


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Published in: Business, Travel
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Cam's Totem Pole

  2. 2. Cam’sTotem Pole
  3. 3. New Zealand
  4. 4. One of the mostpopular icon for NZis the silver fern. All of my family was born in NZ except one person New Zealand
  5. 5. I picked thispicture because the Koru Represents our culture (English/NZ) NZ Maori
  6. 6. English/UK
  7. 7. The UK flag I picked because mygreat nana wasborn in the UK. UK
  8. 8. Russian
  9. 9. This picture I picked becauseI am part Russian in the mum’s side. My great great, great, Gr andmother Is part Russian Russia
  10. 10. This RussianPicture I picked because I amquite interesting about Russia Russia