Oracle on VMware Licensing Plugin for Oracle EM12c Beta Overview


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Oracle on VMware Licensing Plugin for Oracle EM12c Beta Overview

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Oracle on VMware Licensing Plugin for Oracle EM12c Beta Overview

  1. 1. Oracle Enterprise Manager Pluginfor Oracle on VMware Licensing (OVL)The leader in extending Oracle Enterprise Manager
  2. 2. Plugin forFile andDirectoriesIn depth filesystemmonitoringand alertingPlugin forVMwareExtend EM12cto VMwarePlugin forPing ProbeICMP basedhostavailabilitymonitoringPlugin forSSLCertificatesSSLcertificateexpirationmonitoringPlugin forTime DriftTime serverdrift andavailabilitymonitoringPlugin forSAPExtendEM12c toSAPPlugin forHyper-VExtendEM12c toHyper-VMonitorOracle onVMwarelicenseviolationsPartnerPluginsHardwareand softwarepartnersponsoredpluginsBlue Medora EM12cSolutionsToday SoonPlugin forOracle onVMwareLicensing
  3. 3. Plugin forVMwareExtendEM12c toVMwarePlugin forOracle onVMwareLicensingMonitorOracle onVMwarelicenseviolationsNOW YOU CAN…Monitor Oracle on VMwareManage the virtual layerMonitor Oracle on VMware LicensesENTIRELY FROM EM12C
  4. 4. • “Plug-in” that extends Oracle Enterprise Manager andprovides ‘Oracle on VMware’ license monitoring andalerting from within the preferred Oracle managementtool• Interrogates both the Oracle and VMware infrastructuresto identify current ‘Oracle on VMware’ license violationsor the potential for violations• Generates historical reports on historical complianceOVLPLUG-IN:WHAT IS IT?
  6. 6. • Oracle on VMware adoption has been slowed due toFear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) re: Oracle licensingconcerns around virtual machine mobility• Customers who <have> adopted Oracle on VMware havehave typically silo’d off their Oracle workloads due tolicensing concerns – forcing admins to manage Oracledifferently than the rest of their workloads• The fear of an Oracle audit has forced many IT execs todecide running on VMware is too riskyOVLPLUG-IN:WHAT’S THE CONCERN?
  7. 7. OVLPLUGIN:YOUR GOAL –NO EXPOSURENo Oracle VMs are onunlicensed ESX hostsANDAll the Oracle VMs arelocked down toprevent moving tounlicensed ESX hosts
  8. 8. 1. Oracle EM-based Alerts when violations haveoccurred1. Oracle EM-based Warnings when violations havethe possibility of occurring due tomisconfiguration1. “Look back” reporting capability to tell youwhen violations occurred last week, month,quarter, etcOVLPLUGIN:HOW DOES OVLPROTECT YOU?
  9. 9. REAL TIME ORACLE EMALERTING OF LICENSE VIOLATIONSBe alerted immediately when amonitored VM with an Oracleworkload moves to a non-licensedESX server, an Oracle EM critical“Incident” fires and emails, texts,SNMP traps, etc sent
  10. 10. • Oracle on VMware IS supported• Oracle software is typically licensed by processor• VMware is always considered Soft Partitioning• Improperly configured VMware environments introduceOracle licensing exposureORACLE ON VMWARE:WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW
  11. 11. Improper configuration could costyou millions of dollarsin Oracle software audits
  12. 12. LICENSING ORACLE ON VMWARE:THE RISKS“One large enterprise virtualizedOracle using VMware productsbut didn’t put much thought intohow they were doing it,”“Oracle was going to conduct anaudit at this company and itsown audits beforehand showedthat there was a $14.8m licensingcompliance issue.”
  13. 13. • By design VMware environments are constantly changing• Oracle workloads running on unlicensed ESX hosts exposeyour organization to increased Oracle licensing costs• Every change represents additional risk• At audit time, Oracle will challenge you to proof yourOracle workloads have not migrated to non-licensed ESXhostsLICENSING ORACLE ON VMWARE:THE RISKS
  14. 14. THE SOLUTION:OVLPLUGINOracleEnterpriseManager 12cOracleVMwareThe Plugin for Oracle on VMware licensing connects directlyto your Oracle and VMware estates and provide automatedalerting and reporting of licensing violations and risks
  15. 15. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cManagement Server (OMS)VMware (vCenter)Oracle on VMware Licensing Plug-inOracleManagementAgent (OMA)Connects to VMware -remote agentless connectionto VMware environment viavSphere APIConnects to Oracle EM -Since it is Oracle EM plug-in,the plug-in can interrogatethe Oracle ManagementRepository (OMR) for detailson the Oracle managedenvironmentNo agents required onVMware ESX servers or VMsOracleManagementRepositoryTHE SOLUTION:OVLPLUGIN
  16. 16. Key ComponentsMonitor Report
  18. 18. PARTI:MONITORVirtual Machine Metrics Hypervisor MetricsNameUUIDWorkloadsIs CompliantViolationsStateConfig LockedVMotion EnabledHost Affinity SetIP AddressHypervisorClusterNameUUIDLicensedWorkloadsCPU CountTotal Core CountHardware ModelHardware VendorCPU ModelVMotion EnabledStateCluster
  19. 19. ORACLE ON VMWARE LICENSE STATUS DASHBOARDHow many VMs with Oracleworkloads are on unlicensedESX servers?How many VMs with Oracleworkloads are on licensedESX servers, however, basedon the vMotion or DRS hostaffinity configuration, are indanger of moving anunlicensed host?
  20. 20. ARE MY VMS ON LICENSED ESXSERVERS –YES OR NO?‘Is Compliant?’ indicateswhether the VM containing anOracle workload currently on alicensed ESX host
  21. 21. CAN THE ORACLE VMMOVE TO A UNLICENSED HOST?‘Config Locked?’ indicates whether the VM containing an Oracleworkload is configured in a manner that could allow the VM tomove to an unlicensed ESX server. The plug-in calculates this byanalyzing and evaluating all of the Host, VM, and Cluster DRSAffinity and vMotion rules and settings
  22. 22. HAVE DRSAFFINITY RULES BEEN APPLIED?‘Host Affinity Set?’ indicates whetherthe VM containing an Oracle workloadis governed by host affinity rules whichdictate which ESX servers the VM canmove to
  23. 23. IS VMOTION ENABLED ON THE ESXSERVER‘vMotion Enabled?’ indicates whetherthe VM containing an Oracle workloadis on a ESX server that has vMotionenabled
  24. 24. WHERE IN THE VMWARE INFRASTRUCTURE IS THE VM?‘ESX Host’ indicates which ESX serverthe VM is currently residing on
  25. 25. REAL TIME ORACLE EMALERTING OF LICENSE VIOLATIONSBe alerted immediately when amonitored VM with an Oracleworkload moves to a non-licensedESX server, an Oracle EM critical“Incident” fires and emails, texts,SNMP traps, etc sent
  26. 26. • Know when Oracle onVMware license violationsoccurred• Easily consumable andinteractive• Weekly/quarterly/yearlyaudit reportsPARTII:REPORT
  27. 27. • Full report of Oracle onVMware VM travelhistory activity• Understand whereevery ESX host anOracle VM has been onalong with when andhow longPARTII:REPORT
  28. 28. How to contact usAvailable via Trial DownloadContact us for more info:Twitter:
  29. 29. The leader in extending Oracle Enterprise ManagerINFO@BLUEMEDORA.COM · 1.616.504.1708 (NORTH AMERICAN) · 1.800.851.9485 (OUTSIDE OF NORTH AMERICA)