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All Things Open - Monitor Your City with Open Source IoT

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All Things Open - Monitor Your City with Open Source IoT

  2. 2. • A perfect storm of high pressure and no wind created life threatening conditions. • Nov 18, 1971, Judge Sam Pointer invokes emergency powers of Clean Air Act, shuts down 23 smokestack industries in Bham. • First use of emergency powers granted by the Clean Air Act
  3. 3. • Mission: To reduce air pollution through education and advocacy • Challenge: Not enough street level data about pollution in Birmingham • Solution: Deploy a network of air quality monitors to gather better, more granular data
  4. 4. 9 A SMART CITY PLATFORM BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE Imagine a city driven by information. A place where decision making is supported by a city-wide sensor network that provides real time data about the state of things. Imagine the platform that runs the network, built and owned by the citizens, measuring the things that we think are important and giving us the insights we need to make our city the best it can be.
  5. 5. 10 Zurich Barcelona Sentilo Platform: Open Source IoT OPEN IOT AROUND THE WORLD This isn’t a new idea, and we aren’t conquering new territory. Other cities around the world have successfully deployed varying types of open IoT networks, platforms and data policies, building and releasing open source tools along the way. Barcelona developed Sentilo as an open IoT platform, and The Things Network has community run IoT LoRa infrastructure operating in hundreds of cities. London makes a trove of data from their Transport for London IoT deployment available to all. Amsterdam The Things Network Communities London Transport for London Open IoT Data
  6. 6. 11 We are a diverse and experienced team of engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, user experience experts, technology leaders, financial wizards and interested community members united around the goal of using technology and data to improve the lives of those in our city. We are creating a community run open IoT platform for smart cities projects. We will pair this with a participatory governance model and open source / data policy to spread the benefit of our work as broadly as possible. Smart cities applications have the potential to improve health, services and quality of life in the city, while at the same time improving efficiency. By doing it in an open fashion we can encourage the community to participate in shaping the future of their city. INTRODUCING SMARTERBHAM WHO ARE WE? WHAT ARE WE DOING? WHY ARE WE DOING IT?
  7. 7. 12WHY NOW? A SMARTER CITY IoT is Getting Easier Birmingham is an Ideal PilotSmart Cities are Maturing Cloud Reduces Costs Open standards and open hardware platforms are mature and accessible. Cloud capabilities around IoT, data management, analytics and intelligence have driven costs down. •Practices for building smarter cities are becoming more widely understood and embraced. A smaller city like Birmingham presents a unique opportunity to test concepts in citizen driven IoT.
  8. 8. 13POTENTIAL USE CASES Street level monitoring of environmental factors affecting quality of life, including temporary or flexible deployments. Measure spot occupancy for routing, city planning and ease of navigation purposes. Smart light solutions that automatically report status for maintenance, soil sensors that monitor watering status. An open platform provides opportunities for our citizens to learn about smart cities and participate in that new part of the economy. Collect spot data on how people move through and interact with the city, can we measure “gross domestic happiness”? ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING PARKING IMPROVEMENTS SMARTER INFRASTRUCTURE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT EDUCATION Can we use an open IoT platform to enable new types of public engagement via connected artworks? PUBLIC ART
  9. 9. 14 OPEN PLATFOR M Open source is the foundation for open access smart cities platforms. Open hardware and protocols keep barriers low. Open platforms generate enormous volumes of data, making this data open empowers the citizens of a city to explore novel approaches to problems. By opening smart city data to all, we can synthesize new insights and share them with each other. OPEN DATA OPEN INSIGHTS BEYOND OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE OPEN PLATFORMS POWERED BY OPEN SOURCE OPEN PLATFORMS GENERATE OPEN DATA OPEN DATA LEADS TO OPEN INSIGHTS
  10. 10. Many city scale open data platforms are for “dead data”. Static stuff that is only updated monthly, quarterly, etc. How can we bring real time IoT data to city open data platforms?
  11. 11. 18 THE EQUATION Open Software Open Hardware Open Network Open Data Open Smart City+ + + =
  12. 12. 19VERSION ONE / TWO Base platform: Raspberry Pi Zero W Sensor Platform: V1: Custom interface board carrying an Adafruit Trinket V2: Custom AT328PB Interface board Sensors Particle: Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F Temp / Humidity: DHT22 Light level: Adafruit TSL2561 Sound level: Adafruit 2492 UI: React + Node.js Connectivity: WiFi only Power: Mains power (no battery) Backend: AWS IoT
  13. 13. 20
  14. 14. 21 LONG RANGE OPTIONS REUSABLE Goals Low power operation, extended on battery or indefinite on solar Eliminate the requirement for WiFi, deploy when and where needed A readily available set of hardware that we can re-use to build many applications We needed a sensor suite that was more accurate than the original design RETHINKING OUR DESIGN MORE ACCURATE LOW POWER OPTIONS
  15. 15. 22 THE LAST MILE We assumed that we would have WiFi access and mains power. That turned out to be wrong in many cases. How can we make it cheap and easy to get sensors connected to the Internet, and run on battery / small solar?
  16. 16. 23 Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead Everything that carries power will be connected to Internet eventually. Controlling the network that makes this possible means controlling the world. We believe that this power should not be restricted to a few people, companies or nations. Instead this should be distributed over as many people as possible without the possibility to be taken away by anyone.
  17. 17. 24 47829 Contributors 4445 Gateways 29401 Applications 1 Global Community
  18. 18. Idea arose WHAT IF...
  19. 19. 32BIRMINGHAM
  20. 20. 33RALEIGH
  21. 21. 34 • Three levels of coverage we hope to validate: • Building level – Covering a single large building • Block level – A several block radius • Neighborhood level – What does it take to cover a whole neighborhood? Image:
  22. 22. 35
  23. 23. 36 Purchased or built (workshops, DIY) Provided by SmarterBham and partners Provided by TTN Global Provided by SmarterBham
  24. 24. 37 A FEW OF OUR GATEWAY PARTNERS RED MOUNTAIN MAKERS An open IoT network supports their nonprofit mission. RMM members provide valuable design help. GASP ALABAMA GASP is using the network for citizen science initiatives, education, and data gathering. MAKEBHM MAKEbhm is a multi-use makerspace and is interested in IoT to gather data to understand aspects of their space THE TOWER IoT is a key component of smart buildings. The Tower is exploring these projects and hosting an open access gateway.
  25. 25. 38 Advantages: Low power capable, reported results of a few microamps draw when in deep sleep Multi-bearer, WiFi, BT(LE) and LoRaWAN Toolchain choices (Arduino lowers barriers to entry) Readily available dev boards with schematics Espressif ESP32 + Semtech SX1276
  26. 26. 39VERSION THREE Base platform: Espressif ESP32 + Semtech SX1276 Sensors Particle: Plantower PMS5003 Temp / Humidity: DHT22 UI: Preact + Milligram + ESP32 HTTP Server Connectivity: LoRaWAN / Wifi / BT (eventually) Power: Mains, battery, solar Backend: Node.js, Mosquitto, NiFi, Elasticsearch
  28. 28. 41THE OPEN IOT STACK End Node • Arduino • LMIC • Preact • Milligram • Open Hardware • Open Enclosures Network • The Things Network • TTN Stack • Eclipse Mosquitto • Node.js Processing • Apache NiFi • Alfresco Activiti Destination • Multiple destination support • Elasticsearch • InfluxDB • Graphite?
  29. 29. THE END NODE Arduino •Easy for new builders to learn •Excellent sensor support LMIC •Implementation of LoRaWAN in C •IBM lib ported to Arduino Preact •Familiar UI tools •Lightweight Milligram •Familiar UI tools •Lightweight Open Designs •Board designs •Schematics •Enclosures
  30. 30. 43 CONNECTING TO SMARTERBHAM Tell us about your device • What it is • Where it is • What it does Tell us how it will connect • TTN • WiFi • Cellular • Bluetooth Get your keys • TTN keys / EUIs • Client Certificates • Other per device credentials / secrets Get connected!
  31. 31. SENDING DATA The Things Network •Excellent global community •Easy to integrate with back end services TTN Stack •Runs the Things Network back end •Use TTN or host your own Eclipse Mosquitto •MQTT broker •Used when devices do not connect via TTN Node.js •Provides the SmarterBham API •Serves as an API / HTTPS message gateway
  32. 32. ROUTING AND PROCESSING Apache NiFi •Receives messages from TTN / Mosquitto / HTTPS gateway •Routing, transformation, decoration •Data provenance Activiti •Workflows related to device registration •Managing human processes that arise from device data
  33. 33. Automated flows Human flows
  34. 34. DATA DESTINATIONS Agnostic, but opinionated.
  35. 35. 48WHAT COMES NEXT? Put a governance structure in place Continue meetups, workshops, hack-a-thons Release a final version of the sensor framework Grow The Things Network
  36. 36. 49 HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED? 1. Bring your ideas! What frustrates you about city life? 2. Support partner organizations 3. Host a TTN Gateway 4. Help us test the network 5. Attend a workshop 6. Spread the word (#SmarterBham)