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Digital Experience is a technology & design consultancy. We create value through technology & design

We help startup and enterprise level businesses navigate complex change to create growth, drive innovation, reduce costs and enhance customer value.

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  • Digital Experience Consultancy

    1. 1. DIGITAL EXPERIENCE ABOUT US SERVICES PROJECTS CONTACT Digital Experience is a technology & design consultancy We create value through technology & design
    2. 2. ABOUT DIGITAL EXPERIENCE As a technology and design consultancy.. We help startup and enterprise level businesses navigate complex change to create growth, reduce costs and enhance customer value with technology and design solutions.
    3. 3. CLIENTS We’ve been fortunate to work with the following companies and more..
    4. 4. SERVICES CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE DESIGN We innovate customer experiences to improve customer value PRODUCT & SERVICE DESIGN We develop new areas of growth with digital products and services GROWTH MARKETING We accelerate customer acquisition and retain customer value We partner with technology firms, digital partners and industry experts to deliver 3 core services for our clients.
    5. 5. DESIGN THINKING OUR APPROACH We draw upon 3 core disciplines to create solutions for our clients: combining insights, strategy and design thinking. INSIGHTS Research, human factors and behavioral principles for design Strategic modelling, data analytics, testing and optimisation STRATEGY Creative strategies for solution thinking & problem solving
    6. 6. Nathan, Senior Consultant is fascinated by people, the future and big ideas. Understanding the challenges people face and creating solutions that combine technology and design in creative, valuable ways is what excites him. He has been fortunate to work with industry leaders and change makers at the startup and enterprise level across markets in the UK, US and Australia. NATHAN MAGUIRE SENIOR CONSULTANT B.COMM, B.ARTS, DIP.INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY OUR FOUNDER • Product Design • Service Design • Innovation Consulting • Research & Analytics • Design Thinking • Lean Startup • Business Model Design • Product Management • Project Management • Digital Marketing Strategy
    7. 7. There aren't many people who intuitively understand user experience so when you meet someone like Nathan who has both extensive hands on experience and an instinct for what works it is like a breath of fresh air. IAIN MCDONALD CO-FOUNDER, AMNESIA RAZORFISH CHAIR OF AD.TECH, SYDNEY BOARD OF COMMUNICATIONS COUNCIL Nathan and I have worked together on a number of projects and I look forward to the next one! His strategic thinking, process, depthful knowledge and creativity combined with his ability to handle multiple projects, deadlines and last minute changes from clients are what is required - and he delivers. LAURA PECK DIGITAL DIRECTOR, STARCOM MEDIAVEST GROUP, SYDNEY “ “ WHAT OTHERS SAY
    8. 8. PROJECTS Technology & design solutions
    9. 9. CUSTOMER GROWTH STRATEGY PROJECT SUMMARY CLIENT:CommonwealthBank(Innovation Lab) PARTNER: M&CSaatchi PROJECT: Research,CustomerJourneyMapping,Ideation BUSINESS CHALLENGE How might the CBA grow its customer base by better understanding how consumers choose between complex financial products and the futures they represent for them and the lives of those close to them. To understand this complex challenge and create strategic initiatives to support consumers in their financial journey we partnered with M&C Saatchi’s Innovation arm, Tricky Jigsaw and the Commonwealth Bank’s Innovation Lab. BUSINESS IMPACT By mapping the customer decision journeys that lead to product switching using a ‘Jobs-To-Be-Done’ research framework favoured amongst start up's and innovators, we were able to unearth the triggers, habits and anxieties that lead to decision making and ultimately switching behaviours. Ideating on the core insights we developed strategic recommendations that feed into the CBA’s product development pipeline. We look forward to seeing the coming changes across a range of CBA product and service initiatives.
    10. 10. DIGITAL SERVICES & COMMERCIALISATION PROJECT SUMMARY CLIENT:PacificMagazines 20sub-brands includingMarieClaire,InStyle,Who,Famous,Men’sand Women’sHealth,BetterHomesandGardens. PARTNER: Razorfish PROJECT: Digitalservice developmentandcommercialisation BUSINESS CHALLENGE How might Australia’s second largest publisher with over 20 titles and a combined print audience of 8.6 million manage the transition to a multiform content and publishing business model? To help manage this transition Pacific Magazines engaged Razorfish in partnership with Digital Experience to define the strategic direction, develop new digital services, operational capabilities, pricing models and revenue opportunities to deliver excellence in digital publishing. BUSINESS IMPACT To uncover the nascent opportunities for growth we benchmarked digital performance against industry and competitive players. Working with publishers and senior executives we developed new commercial models and pricing strategies. We created partnerships and operational processes to ensure ongoing success, with first phase implementation set to deliver over $1M in new revenue within 12 months.
    11. 11. ENTERPRISE CLOUD PROJECT SUMMARY CLIENT:Canon PARTNER: HowToImpact PROJECT: Businessservicesinnovation BUSINESS CHALLENGE How might Canon innovate its business model to develop of new revenue streams in the face of declining hardware sales and technology disruption? Digital Experience partnered with innovation consultancy How to Impact to deliver a digital services platform and prototype to lead Canon’s global business into new markets. BUSINESS IMPACT To identify opportunities and understand technology driven changes in consumer behavior we built expert teams to conduct extensive research in consumer’s homes and develop new business models and services to meet the competitive challenges from technology disruptors. We developed working prototypes, validated business models, go to market strategies and digital product architectures for Canon’s entrance into the cloud services and storage market with the Irista product now live in 56 countries.
    12. 12. OMNICHANNEL RETAIL PROJECT SUMMARY CLIENT:Sportsgirl PARTNER: Razorfish PROJECT: Omnichannel retail andengagementstrategy BUSINESS CHALLENGE How might Sportsgirl regain a leadership position in a global and fiercely competitive fashion market whilst retaining brand and customer loyalty? To deliver a leading omni channel retail experience, customer engagement and global market strategy Digital Experience partnered with Razorfish to re-launch Sportsgirl’s web and mobile ecommerce platforms. BUSINESS IMPACT We developed a customer engagement strategy informed by qualitative and quantitative research to deliver a suite of digital tools, business process optimisation and customer service initiatives. A relaunched web and mobile ecommerce platform delivered a leading digital customer experience with increased engagement and ongoing improvements in ARPU (average revenue per user) and laid the foundation for expansion into regional and international markets.
    13. 13. DISRUPTIVE PLATFORMS PROJECT SUMMARY CLIENT:WorldVision PARTNER: E&LConsultancy PROJECT: Productdevelopmentandgotomarketstrategy BUSINESS CHALLENGE How might world vision more effectively address global poverty and help fund developing communities to create sustainable models that change lives? In partnership with E&L Consultancy, Digital Experience came together to lead an international stakeholder team based in the US, UK and Australia to address this challenge and bring new ideas to World Vision’s efforts. BUSINESS IMPACT Inspired by the crowdsourcing models of Silicon Valley, we designed a micro-finance funding platform to facilitate loans between lenders and low-income entrepreneurs in developing countries. We developed an online prototype, pricing, market and communications strategy. This innovative model created new funding sources, efficiencies in distribution and communications and delivered over 24772 donations totaling $2 million in the 12 months since launch. The platform has been rolled out across the globe.
    14. 14. EMERGING EXPERIENCES PROJECT SUMMARY CLIENT:Samsung PARTNER: Razorfish PROJECT: Emergingtechnologyexperiences BUSINESS CHALLENGE How can Samsung help consumers navigate the technical complexity of purchasing high tech products and demonstrate technology leadership without the vast retail presence of competitors? BUSINESS IMPACT Working with Razorfish, we set about creating an omnichannel experience to consolidate retail and digital customer journeys. Informed by consumer research, analytics and in store experience maps we devised a program of work to develop new tools and enhance social, online and mobile experiences and connect unattended retail environments. By rethinking the way consumers move around a retail space we were able to optimise the path to purchase and enable consumers to learn, play and self serve whilst delivering a low cost and high conversion solution.
    15. 15. DIGITAL PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT PROJECT SUMMARY CLIENT:AustereoInteractive (SouthernCrossAustereo) PROJECT: Digitalplatformdevelopment,web,digitalradioandvideo services PARTNER: AustereoInteractive, FairfaxDigital BUSINESS CHALLENGE How can Austereo move beyond broadcast radio services to engage and build new niche digital audiences whilst offering brands and partners new compelling digital advertising asset? BUSINESS IMPACT In partnership with Fairfax Digital and Austereo interactive, we led a program of work developing a suite of digital products from business case through to digital operations. These products included the Triple M/Today FM web site and ad- serving platform resulting in Triple M growing 104% to 1.4 million impressions per month and 30% in unique visitors in 6 months. The Brightcove steaming media player and video production unit debuting with 124,000 video streams in the first month and enhancements to the station’s podcasting services and breaking 1 million podcasts and the launch of Australia’s first digital & streaming radio station.
    16. 16. Thank You +61 405 280 125 Skype: nathanmaguire @nathanmaguire PO BOX 7753 Bondi Beach, 2026. GET IN CONTACT