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A summary of what I learned at SXSW 2010. Shared at London Web - March 18th 2010.

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SXSW After Party

  1. 1. SXSW After Party<br />London Web Meetup<br />3rd Thursday of every month<br />Sponsored by:<br />
  2. 2. Tonight's Agenda<br />CMS’s (Content Management Systems)<br />By Joe Lee from Artemis8<br />With an introduction to MODx<br />SXSW Take Homes (including CSS frameworks)<br />Open discussion<br />Topics including<br />iPad<br />Q & A on SXSW <br />
  3. 3. Talks Attended - 1<br />Friday<br />History of the button<br />Jacks of all Trades or Masters of One<br />Eight Ways to Deal with Bastards<br />Saturday<br />Pain Free Design Signoff<br />The Right Way to Wireframe<br />Designing the first 15 minutes<br />CSS Framework Shootout<br />CSS3 Design with HTML5<br />Everything I Didn't Learn About Startups in VC<br />
  4. 4. Talks Attended - 2<br />Sunday<br />HTML5: Tales from the Development Trenches<br />Panel with VC Seed Funders – a new way<br />Search Patterns: Tangible Futures for Discovery<br />Monday<br />The Art & Science of Seductive Interactions<br />Making Content Relevant To Me, Here And Now<br />Who Needs Venture Capital?<br />'Seed Combinators': Startup Incubators 2.0<br />Coconut Valley - Building a Tech Community on the Beach<br />
  5. 5. Talks Attended – 3<br />Tuesday<br />Way Cool Maps: Beyond Simple Mashups<br />Twitter and An Airline: Our Story<br />Mapping and Geolocation: Turnkey Approaches You Need to Know<br />
  6. 6. Some overviews of talks<br />History of the Button - Showed first buttons<br />Radio tuner<br />Virtual buttons – apple<br />Apple CEO Steve Jobs – dislikes using buttons now<br />Video of baby using an iPhone<br />
  7. 7. Jacks of All Trades / Masters of One<br />3 circles interlinked:<br />Business, Design, Technology<br />User Experience guy in the middle<br />Referenced Elliott Jay Stocks comments about web designers who can’t code their own designs<br />Hot topic including CIO Mag<br />T Shaped specialists (Skills on X, Depth of knowledge on Y<br />Generalist<br />duct tape<br />Works OK on any job<br />See big picture from the trees<br />Makes links – eg Illegal Wine = Organised Crime<br />Easily pivot in careers<br />Specialist<br />good for specific job<br />Isn’t limited by external constraints<br />Take advantages of opportunities<br />Work on new hip projects more<br />Asked you questions – to find out if you are a generalist or specialist<br /><br />Define latest products you worked on as what you do – hard to change back to generalist after being a specialist.<br />
  8. 8. 8 Ways to Deal with Bastards<br />Let them off lightly, but show them they were mistaken subtly – coffee girl example<br />
  9. 9. Pain Free Design Signoff<br />The Client wants:<br />To understand the process (intro meeting)<br />Reassured about decisions<br />Feel in control<br />Confident of end result<br />Personally like the website – they have to live with it<br />Use Collaboration, not Confrontation<br />Client understands role in project<br />In introductory meeting, with all stakeholders say:<br />“Your job is to find problems, our job is to find solutions”<br />Can you change the color to pink, changes to:<br />It is a site for girls<br />May result in having flowers and ponies and lighter shade of blue instead<br />Have a strong methodology<br />Include the client often and early<br />Educate the client about decisions being made – white space, typography, colour theory etc<br />Avoid saying “No” – put the client in place to say no, not you.<br />Kickoff meeting<br />Everyone in the room<br />If your website was a famous person, who would it be<br />Don’t ask “What websites do you like”, pick some that fit and ask out of those<br />Mood boards – about an hour – typography, imagery, colour, style,<br />Discuss differences between their oppinion and clients oppinion<br />Wireframes are for:<br />Content, Business objectives, user tasks<br />Design mockup<br />Present this to specific person, the main contact – otherwise will do compromise sessions on the fly design<br />Record a video of discussion based on what inputs there were – use this to pass it around, other wise get “What daya think?” email.<br />Design testing – 5 minute view – what did you see, what stood out?<br />Cut out bottle neck with project manager – allow designer to attend meetings<br />Drip feed little bits to the CEO – or rubbish it at the end<br />Talk to stake holders, report on “Excelent ideas”, leaving out crap<br />
  10. 10. VC Funding And Seed Funding - #seedacc<br />Lean Startups London - @saintsal<br /> –<br />Atlas ventures - life science and IT – London, Europe - Germany, Boston, the Valley<br />Seed Funding<br />regular events<br />move to where you are<br />pitch to whole lot of investors to get more money<br />Goals:<br />Early stage startups<br />membership<br />ready to raise money<br />Real value comes from other entrepreneurs Graduate school for entrepreneurs.<br />Angels at this meeting were:<br />@techstars, @capitalfactory, @venturehacks, @ycombinator<br />
  11. 11.<br />In Isreal, very high adoption<br />Pacman style game while driving, reporting back on traffic jams and slow downs and being rewarded<br />People wanted to route their cars to pick up maximum points<br />Sell the data to the government for traffic tracking<br />
  12. 12. HTML5: Tales from the Development Trenches – Bruce Lawson - Opera<br />This was really good, download this - @bricel & @kliehm#html5developmenttrenches<br />Links are at:<br />Flash and HTML5 will co-exist<br />HTML5 extends the language to support web applications<br />3.5million pages looked at by Opera - top 20 were:footer, content, header, logo, container, main, menu, search, nav, wrapper, top, sidebar, banner, navigation.<br />ARIA overlaps:header = role="banner"footer = role="contentinfo” etc<br /><input name=foo type=date> renders date picker<br /><input type="email"> puts in @ button on iphone<br /><video src="vid.ogv" controls></video> - OGV is open standard for video but MP4 or other will work<br />Can script your own video controls<br />with webkit (safari and chrome) don't support styling within search yet.<br />File api allows manipulation before upload !<br />drag icon in<br />HTML5 - 900 pages long<br />H.TML - html, the markup language – a better document for developers/designers<br />
  13. 13. Hash Tag Shortener – anyone?<br />The hash tags chosen were really long<br />A couple of groups crossed out parts of it<br />
  14. 14. Beyond Algorithms: Search and the Semantic Web<br />Panels are sometimes full of arguing and not much real direction<br />
  15. 15. Search Patterns: Tangible Futures for Discovery<br />Got a book: Search Patterns by Morville and Callender<br />Autocomplete examples<br />Speed of results matter - .12 seconds<br />Interestingness Algorithm<br />Faceted Navigation – his favorite - next step to defining query<br />UI for search is a hard problem - a hybrid with engineering, marketing and design<br />Search Patterns -<br />Semantic Studios - semantic<br /><br />
  16. 16. The Art & Science of Seductive Interactions<br /> – get adicted into finding music you like<br />what do we know about people?<br />lazy,<br />curious,<br />seek out patterns<br />Like testimonials -<br />Wave of avatars showing tweets – showing others are interested in a cause.<br />The CPK (Cal Pi Kit) “Don’t open it” thankyou card. <br />Know you have won a prize, can only redeem when coming back to restaurant<br />Hot wheels mystery car – kids always buy this<br />Teasers – LinkedIn – who is looking at your profile?<br />Scarcity<br /> of characters in twitter – makes you think<br />Spend limits – see a battery – can’t use it all on everything<br />Record - you have read the license in 2.3 seconds!<br />Fun things<br />Dopplr – how fast are you (hare or squirel)<br />Facination:<br />Dopplr – colour code for user based on where they have been<br />
  17. 17. Making Content Relevant To Me, Here And Now - #contentme<br />By Navteq, who build advertising into sat nav devices.<br />Location based advertising is a powerful mobile avertising service which combines prximity, contextual and demographic targetting<br />Navteq - shows advertisement or coupons as you move around<br />expect advertising in exchange for content<br />consumers seek value-added information in the right context<br />consumers most desired POI (point of interest) content is offers and sales events. discounts or sweepstakes<br />Consumers value ads that are seamlessly integrated with what they are doing<br />72% accept advertising in new device<br />50% recall seeing the brand<br />Results:<br />7% of people who reported seeing an add on nav device clicked on that ad for information on near by locations.<br />19% clicking through for information on nearby locations<br />6% visit a business location because of seeing advert in navdevice<br />NAVTEQ LocationPoint - lead generation source for advertisers.<br />Advertising are looking for ways to gain a bigger impact for their ad dollars.<br />Stats:<br />50% of handsets have GPS by 2013.<br />7billion in global LBS spending by 2013<br />Geo fencing = marketing messages to shoppers<br />Location will become more important to social media - 12/2/2010.<br />
  18. 18. Way Cool Maps: Beyond Simple Mashups - @adamd<br />mapstraction - switch between a dozen mapping apis<br />Map providers are:<br />Google, Yahoo, Bing, MapQuests, multimap, poly9<br />var map = new mxn.mapstraction(mymap,google)<br />varpt = new mxn.latlongpoint(930,26,-123)<br /><br />all pizza within 5 miles:<br />mapstraction.addImageOverlay('searchradius', 'circle.png', 100, w, s, e, n)<br />varpoly = new mxn.Polyline(pt1, pt2, …)<br />mapstraction.addPolyline(poly)<br /> see click of updateszip codes for city, county, sensus data.<br />8 bit maps - one for austin.<br /> themes for googlemaps - different imagry at every zoom level<br /> - imagery of maps changes CSS.<br />Geo Data - javascript standard for finding users location - chrome, firefox and iphone supports.<br />MaxMind, IPinfoDB, = provides ip to location detail.<br />Everyone using google maps, only 1 or 2 people for any others<br />Driving directions - mapquest provides data for entire route - can use this in google with route points - free data that you can overlay on others.<br />API’s for Foursquare data – give grants based on vote if a business has a lot of patronage – Intuit Small Business<br /><br />
  19. 19. Mapping and Geolocation: Turnkey Approaches You Need to Know<br />500 million to get a satellite into orbit – images are really hard to get<br />In the UK, a Latitude, Longitude and Timestamp are considered “very” personal information - legal protection rights<br />stickybits - scan and attach audio, video, comments, concepts on to it<br />Joe Stump -<br />Someone is going to own presence. Either: Foursquare,Gowalla,Facebook, Twitter – my bet: Facebook<br />real-time population density<br />latitude api - phone can turn heat on in your house when you are within 3 miles<br />geo fencing = I only want to check in on foursquare, when I walk through the door of a public space - Checks you into this venue<br />Someone is in the same town/suburb as you<br />
  20. 20. SXSW After Party<br />London Web Meetup<br />3rd Thursday of every month<br />SPONSOR US!<br />