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Webstock 2010 Company Preso


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I attended Webstock 2010 held in Wellington in mid Feb. So inspired by the conference, I did a presentation about it at my work Redvespa Consultants. This is the material for my presentation. The first 8 slide is done by Warren who attend the mobile design workshop, and the rest of it was drew from my memory and 60 pages note. Enjoy.

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Webstock 2010 Company Preso

  1. 1. Webstock Day 1 – social networking, facebook, group-think, interactions Day 2 – entrepreneurship and start-up learnings Sites of interest keyword ‘webstock’ Rives:
  2. 2. Designing Mobile Experiences
  3. 3. Stages of Mobile Experience Design
  4. 4. Balance Business Goals Technical Goals Sweet Spot Mobile channels need to use all 3 learning types: User Goals - Kinesthetic (hand-eye movement) - visual - auditory
  5. 5. Considerations – mobile vs non-mobile - The time the user has - Data charges - Speed and rendering time  efficiency of interfaces (websites have got lazy) - Screen size - Main principle – keeping things simple
  6. 6. Devices Average project is USD 40k per device per project Mobile: not just cellphones and iphones – also e-readers, tablets, and household devices with sim cards Porting: PC  iphone  Android etc etc  costs$! Can’t support everything
  7. 7. E-Readers Changing form factor – short ownership period Kindle One device, owned for a longer period, but different APPS updated over tim iPad
  8. 8. "Fall in love with something that is made with love" - Mike Brown
  9. 9. Yes, we can!!!
  10. 10. Design a website that can have a conversation with your users.
  11. 11. Why build a start-up?
  12. 12. To change the world
  13. 13. Build a organization of last value
  14. 14. Make customers life better
  15. 15. 3 shallow believes
  16. 16. We know what customers want
  17. 17. We can accurately predict future
  18. 18. Advancing the plan is progress
  19. 19. Getting the feedback and build the expectation of changing - Daniel Burka
  20. 20. Do not waste time predict everything
  21. 21. Listen to your user
  22. 22. Got it out there, add sophistications later and keep revisiting
  23. 23. Software should be up-lifting - Amy Hoy
  24. 24. It’s all about U!!!
  25. 25. Note the evenly distributed streams of water down both the front and back of my shirt. This is a skill you just can't practice - Mike Davidson
  26. 26. 10 tips for entrepreneurs
  27. 27. Hack the press
  28. 28. Connect with the community
  29. 29. Leverage your user base to spread the word
  30. 30. Analyze your traffic