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What Should You Know about Great Dane Auctions


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Great Dane Auctions is owned by Nathan Isen, and it is a well-known art gallery in the Philadelphia area. Learn about the auction house and how to find great art here.

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What Should You Know about Great Dane Auctions

  1. 1. What Should You Know about Great Dane Auctions?
  2. 2. Nathan Isen  Nathan Isen is the founder and owner of Great Dane Auctions.  Nathan Isen is a world-renowned art dealer who resides in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area.  Those in the art community respect his encyclopedic knowledge of the industry and which pieces will go for what.
  3. 3. Great Dane Auctions  Great Dane Auctions is a Philadelphia art gallery and auction house.  It has more than 52,000 pieces of art that are valued at over $20 million.  Its collection of works include originals and limited prints from Warhol, Picasso, Grooms, Dali, and Basquiat.
  4. 4. Buying Art from Great Dane Auctions  Great Dane Auctions holds auctions every two weeks that includes work from well-known and emerging artists.  Great Dane Auctions actually has an app you can download so you can bid anywhere with a supported device.
  5. 5. Selling Your Art  Nathan Isen wants you to know that you can sell your art at Great Dane Auctions as well.  Great Dane Auctions buys artwork from all artists that show promise.  If you are tired of not receiving a reply on your portfolio submissions and want to find a buyer, please fill out a seller’s inquiry form here.