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  • Hunting has been a way of life and survival for people for many centuries. There are many different types of hunting. I personally love to upland game hunt. This type of hunting involves usually a rough terrain with a lot of walking. Upland game hunting is grouse, quail, pheasant and many others. Most upland game hunters use dogs to flush the birds. The two types of dogs are pointers and flushers. I have a yellow lab who is a flusher. With flush dogs it is constant walking because you have to keep up with them.
  • The ruffed grouse is a beautiful bird. Ruffed Grouse are one of 10 species of grouse native to North America and are one of the smaller birds in the group, ranging from 17 to 25 oz. Ruffed Grouse are brownish colored birds somewhat larger than pigeons, living their entire lives in wooded areas. The males are usually slightly larger than the females, although an occasional adult female will exceed a young male in size. The Ruffed Grouse is the Pennsylvania state bird.
  • The eastern bobwhite quail is about 10 in. Its Feathers are mixed brown, black, and white in the male and brown and buff in the female, making it almost invisible against the vegetation of weedy fields and edges of woodland. Bobwhites feed on insects and weed seeds. During much of the year they travel in coveys, sleeping at night in a compact circle. They sleep with their tails to the center. This is so they can fly out in all directions if alarmed by a predator. A covey is just a pack of quail ranging from 10 to 100’s of birds.

  • The main wild rabbit in North America is the cottontail. It grows from 14 to 18 inches and weighs from 2 to 3 pounds. They are brown with tan sides and white under parts. My Pop-Pop would tell me every winter to wait for the first frost to go rabbit hunting because the first frost kills the many bacteria and parasites that wild rabbits carry.
  • Upland game hunting is a very tough physical task. It involves constant walking and constant alertness. Usually when you upland hunt it is with dogs, either pointing or flushing dogs. Upland hunting is usually for Ruffed Grouse, Quail, Pheasant, or partridge. The proper gun to use when upland hunting is either a 20, or 12 gauge shotgun.
    When hunting in a tree stand it is all about being quiet and staying still. Hunting in a tree stand can get very boring and strenuous. When hunting in a stand you are usually hunting Turkey, Deer, Boar... etc. The proper weapons to use when tree stand hunting is either a rifle, shotgun, or bow and arrow.
  • Trapping may be seen as a cruel way to hunt. I do not trap but it is a part of hunting for many. Trapping involves usually setting a leg catch and coming back the next day to see if you caught something. You usually set these traps up in used animal trails or place bait or food next to the trap. Many people sell the fur of their catch and make money off of it.
  • I love to fish. I almost always catch and release. There are two ways to fish, fly fishing or using just a regular rod and reel. Fly fishing involves precision casting and great technique. It is very easy to tangle your line when fly fishing. I love to just use a regular rod and reel because its easy and fun. Fresh water fishing is either in a creek, stream, river, or lake. I have fished on all and all involve different tactics.
  • The average length of a rainbow trout is 12-18 inches. Rainbow trout are one of the most highly prized game fish for anglers throughout their native and introduced ranges. This is because of their widespread availability, acrobatic fighting ability and delicious meat make them one of the most popular freshwater fish. Rainbow trout can live in streams, rivers, lakes, or ponds.
  • The bass is broken up into either the smallmouth bass or the largemouth bass. The smallmouth bass is more aggressive and usually gets longer than the largemouth. The largemouth bass has a distinctive black strip down the middle. They get a more football shape and weigh more than the smallmouth.
  • These are some Bear Grylls quotes on surviving in all climates:
    The way out of jungle or mountains? Find a stream or river and follow it.
    You never know how steep something is until you “rub noses with it.” From far away, you can’t really judge.
    Survival is about playing the odds. Expect to fail before you succeed.
    Building a fire is a great way to boost morale. And keeping morale up is the key to survival.
    Never rely on one source for catching food. If you set up a fishing net, go out and start hunting for something else.

  • When I cook my catch in the wild i usually just roast it over an open fire. Sometimes i will wrap it in leaves and let it smoke which tastes great because green leaves wont burn. When eating wild game always make sure it is cooked through all the way. This is because you want to make sure that you killed all the bacteria and parasites.
  • Processed foods have been altered from their natural state for safety reasons and for convenience. The methods used for processing foods include canning, freezing, refrigeration, dehydration and aseptic processing.
    We tend to think of processed foods as bad, but it turns out that some processed foods are not unhealthy. For example, milk would be considered a processed food because it is pasteurized to kill bacteria and homogenized to keep fats from separating.
    However this does not mean all processed food are made for the better.
  • Natural and fresh meats are better for you in many ways. When food gets processed it goes through treatments that actually suck out the nutrients and vitamins that are in the product. When you eat a fresh meal or fresh game it is still full of nutrients and vitamins from the wilderness. This is great for your body and helps you stay healthy.
  • Many River fish are good to eat, small mouth bass, largemouth bass, perch, trout, crappies, catfish etc.. Fishing on rivers is more about finding the hidden covers under the water. These structures are like sunken trees, boulders, run offs. The banks are also a very good spot to fish.

  • Deep sea fishing is much different then fresh water fishing. The equipment is different, the fish are different, and the boat is different or you are using a boat in general. Salt water fish are generally much bigger than fresh water fish. The way of fishing is much different as well. You usually strap into a seat because the fish are BIG.
  • Pollution is getting better in rivers, lakes and streams since the passing of the clean water act in 1972. However about half of Americas watersheds are still to polluted to fish or swim in. This is because of sediment, sewage, disease-causing bacteria, fertilizers, manure, toxic metals, and oil and grease. polluted storm water runoff is the source of most of the contamination
  • Hunting and fishing are not a way of life for my family. It is a hobby to get out and explore. I have always been taught that its not about killing as many things as you can. Its just more about being out in the wilderness and being free. I love to be in the woods or on a river. It makes me think of good times with my brothers and dad.
  • Watershed hunting or fowl hunting is probably my most favorite way to hunt. I love the sounds and the way you hunt. You have decoys and call in the ducks with a duck call, decoys are in the water and you stay still. Ducks are beautiful birds and they taste great.
  • Predators for many birds are hawks, crows, cats, bobcats, owls, raccoons, coyotes..etc. This is just part of mother nature and the food chain. Obviously small game birds are going to be at the bottom of the food chain. Most of these predators actually get hunted as well, which I dont do.
  • Habitats have been getting destroyed for buildings and new developments. I for once have seen first hand upstate land getting destroyed for oil drilling. When habitats get destroyed it either kills the wild life or forces them to move to closer areas to humans. it is a lose lose situation.
  • The ruffed grouse conservation plan is all about keeping the ruffed grouse well populated in America. It is Pennsylvania's state bird, which means we need to keep it around. THe ruffed grouse society is an organization that collects profits and runs events to keep this bird in the population by, fixing habitats or building habitats. They are a tough bird to help grow the population with because they only live in the wild. When in captivity they die.
  • My application is a cooking show. This show demonstrates the basic cooking methods and styles of natural cuisines. I will show natural herbs and other spices to mix around in the food. I also made some videos of me hunting and fishing.
  • Ice fishing is very cold and usually boring. I have only gone a couple times when i was younger and caught nothing. Ice fishing is an area specific type of fishing. This is because you obviously cant do it where there is no ice. You can ice fish for really any type of fish. You just have to make sure the water is deep enough for the fish.
  • I conclusion Knowledge is power. I choose this topic to inform everyone how to catch and prepare natural foods. I gave this information because it causes no harm to know it. With this information people know more about their wildlife as well and what is going on in the wilderness.
  • Senior Grad Key Note

    1. 1. Wilderness Cuisine a naturalist approach to cooking by. Nathan Hare
    2. 2. PERSONAL RELEVANCE I have always been a big fan of the outdoors. Fishing, hunting and survival in general are good trades to learn. I have been fortunate enough to have a father teach me all of these things. Using my knowledge and the help of some other people I make it my goal to share it will everyone else.
    3. 3. Hunting
    4. 4. Ruffed Grouse Pennsylvania state bird
    5. 5. Quail Covey
    6. 6. *1st Frost* Rabbit
    8. 8. TRAPPING
    9. 9. Fishing Fly Fishing
    10. 10. Trout
    11. 11. BASS Smallmouth Largemouth
    12. 12. Survival techniques
    13. 13. Survival Interview/Video
    14. 14. Cooking *Smoking *Use of fire
    15. 15. Processed Meat You wouldn't believe!
    16. 16. Natural Meat Why is it better?
    17. 17. River Fish
    18. 18. Deep Sea Fishing Thank goodness for this big boat!
    19. 19. Water Pollution Pollution is just as bad for us as it is for the fish
    20. 20. My Outdoor experiences Father Son is the way to go
    21. 21. Watershed Hunting Blind Boat
    23. 23. Habitats
    24. 24. Populations
    25. 25. Application NATURAL CUISINE COOKING 101
    26. 26. Ice Fishing Canada
    27. 27. IN CONCLUSION