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Community of inquiry presentation

  1. 1. Utilizing technology to developa community of inquiryNathan Hall and Michael BurriTESL Canada 2012 Twitter hashtag: #coi12
  2. 2. IntroductionTechnology in the classroom - bestpracticesCross section of technology tools and howto put them into practiceGeneral classroom frameworksGroup sessionExperienceQuestions
  3. 3. Technology in the classroom- best practicesTeach English, nottechnologyDon’t add technologyjust to add technologyEnhance, not replaceEncouragecollaborationSupport the learners
  4. 4. "The essential feature of e-learning extendsbeyond its access to information andbuilds on its communicative and interactivefeatures. The goal of quality e-learning is toblend diversity and cohesiveness into adynamic and intellectually challenginglearning ecology. ... We now can providefreedom and control within a vibrantcommunity of inquiry." Garrison and Anderson (2003)
  5. 5. TitanPad• Real-time collaborative • Registration-free webpagewriting document creation• Can be password • Can embed images,protected videos, etc.• Free • Free
  6. 6. Vocaroo VideoMessageOnline• Online audio recorder • Online video recording via• Can host audio in unique webcamweb address • Can record up to 2• Can upload audio files minutes•Free • Hosts the video • Free
  7. 7. Screencast-O-Matic Reel• Creates a video recording • Upload PowerPoint orof your screen (screencast) PDF files to share• Video can be uploaded to • Viewers can vote onYouTube or downloaded slides• Can record up to 15 • Can embed presentationsminutes • Free•Free
  8. 8. Evernote Dropbox• Take your notes with you • Creates a folder on ‘theeverywhere cloud’• Webpages, audio, • Sync with phone, tabletsimages, files • Share files• Sync with phone, tablets • Free(mium)•Free(mium)
  9. 9. TodaysMeet MeBeam• Instant private chat • Online video conferencing• Set time limit for unlimited users• Free • Create a private room to meet with students • Allows for text chat • Free
  10. 10. Markkit Webklipper• Highlight text on a web • Markup a web page, PDF,page text file, or image• Share annotation with • Share annotations withothers others• Free • Free
  11. 11. Aww Wallwisher• Create an online • Create an onlinewhiteboard ‘corkboard’• Draw, type, and share • Others can add ‘stickywith others notes’• Collaborate with others • Can be used with tablets• Free and phones • Free
  12. 12. Clunic Poll Everywhere• Create an online • Create an online real-timediscussion thread poll• Ask questions and others • People can vote viacan reply phone or computer• Free • Free
  13. 13. Edublogs Google Forms• Create a class or student • Create an online formblog • Others can enter in• Can be monitored and is information through websafe for students page• Powered by Wordpress • Free(mium)• Free(mium)
  14. 14. Wordle AirMail• Create a ‘word cloud’ • Create a temporary emailonline account• Download and print • Can be used to register• Free for accounts • Free
  15. 15. Framework exampleBusiness English Students discuss and then watch a video on the etiquette of Japanese Business meetings - streaming video (remembering) Students answer questions based on the video - TitanPad (understanding) Students write about business meetings in their country using the same framework - TitanPad (creating)
  16. 16. Framework exampleBusiness English Students read and comment on other students’ writing using a rubric - TitanPad (peer evaluation) Students audio record their writing - Vocaroo (speaking and pronunciation) Students listen and comment on other students’ recordings - Picosong (listening and peer evaluation) Students add their writing and recording to their eportfolio - blog (formative assessment)
  17. 17. Framework exampleBusiness English Possible additions or changes: Use video recording instead of just audio - VideoMessageOnline Create a presentation and screencast - PowerPoint and Screencast-O- Matic Create a class website on business meeting etiquette from different countries - blog
  18. 18. Framework exampleSkills-based class: Reading 500 Students read unit on Scientific Method (reading) Students apply 6 steps of Scientific Method (application of reading skills/ strategies and content knowledge) In lab, students in groups of 3 research a problem: e.g. why can people in downtown Vancouver smoke marijuana in public? – search engines (e.g. google)
  19. 19. Framework exampleSkills-based class: Reading 500 Students watch clip on creating voice- over PPT – youtube (listening) Students design PPT with voice-over feature – PPT (creating) Groups play clips instead of face-to- face presentations (speaking & listening skills; teacher & peer evaluation)
  20. 20. Framework exampleSkills-based class: Reading 500
  21. 21. Frameworks Task-based Situational Content-based Structural Functional Integrated Skills-based Text-based Lexical
  22. 22. Things we have learned... Hardware Software Knowledge Attitudes Integration
  23. 23. TY :-) Nathan Hall Michael Burri