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Myths pp


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Power Point on Mythology

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Myths pp

  1. 1. MythsBy Nathan Little
  2. 2. Myths• What are myths• Greeks• Romans• Egyptians• Viking• Modern
  3. 3. What are myths• Myths are stories that are created to explain the world around us.
  4. 4. Greeks• Greek myths are the most well known in the western world.• They include Gods like: Zeus, Ares, Hera, and Hades
  5. 5. Romans• The Romans adopted Greek myths and made them their own.• They used the names of their Gods to name planets, such as Mars and Jupiter
  6. 6. Egyptians• Egyptian Gods normally had the body of a man and the head of an animal.• Some famous Egyptian Gods include: Ra, Horus, and Anibus
  7. 7. Viking• Viking or Norse Mythology has ever changing stories. Recently their mythology has become popular thanks to Marvel Comic’s THOR
  8. 8. Modern• A modern version of mythology is the works of JRR Tolkien.• His works in the Lord of the Rings was an attempt to create a mythology for England
  9. 9. Modern• Other modern myths include the monsters that have been made popular through pop culture• Vampires are an example of pop culture myths
  10. 10. Modern• Another pop culture myth is that of Zombies.• These myths crop up in books, movies, and video games