Human league – don’t you want me


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Human league – don’t you want me

  1. 1. Scene 1Crane shot to show car’s arrival where a girlis stood. Multiple cuts while girl is enteringthe car.The car drives off to reveal another carwaiting in the dark (headlights turn on).
  2. 2. The shot then changes to close up of PhilipOakey (lead singer) lip syncing the words.This shot is continuously cut to throughoutthe video.The shot changes back to the car thathas followed her pulling up into screen This then changes to a long shot ofafter seeing her enter a house. her returning to her car to retrieve a bag.
  3. 3. There is then a medium shot showing the perpetrator inside the car pulling out the gun whilst looking at her (intent of killing her is presumed)This shot zooms out to reveal that itis on an editing screen being viewedby a man at a desk. The images onthe screen then begin to rewind(through what we have seen) thisshows that she is editing/analysingthe images.
  4. 4. The shot changes to a two-shot to revealthat Oakey is behind the man looking atthe images on screen. The shot cuts to a close up of a woman in the exact lighting as Oakey was in his close up and similar dark make-up. This brings forward the assumption that this is the woman Oakey is singing about.
  5. 5. The shot turns back to the editing room door where the girl from the previous shot enters the room and takes of her coat.Her entrance causes a glance from theeditor (shown via close up) but mostimportantly a look from Oakey whoalmost stares at her showing that there arefeelings he has for her The scene changes to a theatre where (by the looks of the characters on screne) they have been studying the shots they have taken for a long time.
  6. 6. The shot changes to show Oakey (in focus in the background) looking at the previously mentioned woman whilst in the theatre.The shot changes focus to show thewoman in the foreground not noticingOakey. This shot shows therelationship and importance of thesetwo characters (possible idea of himloving her but she does not like himback). The importance of thesecharacters is also highlighted when incontrast to the previous men whowere slumped and messy when boththe woman and Oakey look neat andconcentrated.
  7. 7. There are a couple more shots shown inthe theatre room of people watchingand working before the shot changesback to the original scene where it isscene this time as a movie take. The shot pans round to see the woman and it tracks her as she walks towards the camera and sings.
  8. 8. She walks right out of the filming area whilst being tracked the whole way. The womanturns back to look at the film sight (were Okey is stood) to sing the line “I still love you”were the shot cuts to a medium shot of Oakey looking out at her then back to herwalking.
  9. 9. Previous shots are then repeated until the shot changes back to the editing roomwhere the process of making/editing the film is shown (cutting the reel and sticking ittogether)The woman is then seen again in the dark close up but this time singing. The shot cutsfrom her to Oakey as the sing together.
  10. 10. Shots from the video are repeated from all scenes some are slowed down and some new shots of people cutting and reviewing film reels. A close of shot of the male cutting the film tracks backwards to reveal behind the scenes of filming him in the editing room (irony of showing behind the scenes of him behind the scenes.This shot goes further when thecamera man turns the camera to facea mirror to show those working onthe video about people working on avideo. It is after this shot that themusic video ends.
  11. 11. I picked this music video as firstly, I liked the irony of analysing a music video about making a video in preparation for my music video. The second reason I picked this video is because it stuck out in my memory from when I was a kid, it is interesting and in my opinion very well filmed despite its’ age disadvantage of any recent music video. This video only contains 4/5 scenes (film set, editing room, theatre, dark room for close ups and behind the actual scenes at the end) despite looking very busy the whole way through. This exercise has shown that only a few scenes are needed to create an exciting video which is important to us as we are limited in time for the creation of our course work. This exercise has also brought to light the importance of filming as much as we can in these locations as an important part of making a good music video is being able to cut to and from different scenes. This will be hard for us to do if we only film what we feel we might want rather than filming as much as possible for choice and for inspired changes whilst editing.